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First the Diamonds are Forever is growing – I didn’t work on it yesterday though as I said I might – instead I worked on  the old quilt repair.  I didn’t want to move furniture so the quilt is just folded over a bit to show the sides.  I just have a tiny bit left to do on the top of the right side then one more row of white I think then I will start working on the other two sides.  I am linking up to Freshly Pieced today & Sew Fresh Quilts.


I think some of you think it is harder to repair an old quilt then I do.  Once you get fabric figured out it really isn’t that hard – if the spot is small and you want to cover it with an applique flower or something like that -that is what you do – if it is a big spot you still do it the same way just use a larger piece of fabric.   You still use an applique technique to do the fix.  Now if you want the quilt restored for historic accuracy then go to a historical repair search for quilts, historical society ect  do not follow my directions – this is for a family member that  wants to use the quilt and is not concerned with value or perfection.  She just wants to use the quilt.

Step 1 – for this area with the red in the fabric – this is the new patch.  Check and see if your piece will fit and then cut it if needed.


Step 2 – I iron the edges under so the stitching goes easier.


Step 3 – pin in place and use an applique stitch using thread closely matching  – take small stitches.


Step 4 – the smaller the stitch the less it will show up (boy I need a manicure Smile )


Step 5 – after you have it stitched in place quilt through the top two layers – not all the way through all layers as your stitches will not match exactly to what is already there from years ago.  Try to match your quilt thread to what is already there – most old quilts are done in white so a cream color (aged look) should match.  If you pull your stitches slightly it will help the new area to have the same “shrinkage” as the old fabric does.


Obviously not a perfect match but if it is just for keeping the quilt together and not to be displayed in a perfect quilt atmosphere it should do just fine.  I am not going to stress over this as I know my sister in law will be happy to get the quilt back and to be able to use it – I’m not worried about it winning any prizes!


Next patch is stitched in place and now needs to be quilted in place and on to the next one.  This bigger patch I decided to use the back of the fabric – it is a small flower print with the front being a yellow color so this should look ok.  I’m still looking through my fabric for something to cover the long piece of blue print next to it.


Everyone needs to decide how to repair old quilts their own way – in my opinion there is no right or wrong way – just what you like and why you are preserving it.

About the dessert recipe the other day – questions about using frozen instead of fresh:  – I use frozen rhubarb because the only plant I have growing right now is too new to use – it was planted last year and I do not know if it will come back and keep growing.  I think the cooler summer we had really helped it – it is grown from my daughters plant in Wisconsin – I chopped off a good size hunk of root from her plant last year and put it in a bag of soil until we got home and then planted it here in Arkansas – you do not see it planted here often and I only know of one person that said she has a plant.   When we visit our daughter in Wisconsin I get rhubarb from her plant and chop it the day before we leave and get about 4 ziplock quart bags full to put in the camper freezer to take home with us.

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  • Kathy Nov 5, 2014

    I used to know several gardeners who grew rhubarb … not so many any more. It seems to be out of favor with the young-uns. 😉

    I wish I’d known about repairing quilts as the first quilt I ever made (for DD … a log cabin – imagine that) could have stood to have been repaired … about 10 years ago! The wear is so widespread that it would be easier to count the logs that don’t need to be replaced. On the one hand, I would have liked to have kept it in better condition as a keepsake, but on the other hand, seeing like that means that it’s been loved and used, which is why I make quilts in the first place!
    Kathy recently posted…Woo Hoo!!My Profile

  • Carla Nov 5, 2014

    How wonderful that you saved that quilt! I have a couple of real old worn quilts and may just have to do that. Lovely hexagons too. I’m a bit addicted myself : )
    Carla recently posted…I SCREAM – YOU SCREAMMy Profile

  • Debbie Rogowski Nov 5, 2014

    Why not try using 2 pieces of fabric to replace the one big one? It may be easier to find smaller pieces that won’t stand out too much.
    Rhubarb is something I don’t know very much about but my MIL had some in her garden and told me that most parts are poisonous and you have to know which parts to eat…. Maybe she was scaring me LOL

  • Thimbleanna Nov 5, 2014

    Great job Karen! You’re more careful than I would be on a quilt that you just want to use everyday LOL. I have an everyday quit (not fine hand quilted, but big-stitch hand quilted) that is falling apart all over — I’m debating whether to spend the time repairing, or just chuck the whole thing!

  • Deb Nov 5, 2014

    nice to see this restoration 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Indoors / Outdoors : Slice of LifeMy Profile

  • Rachel Nov 5, 2014

    Great progress on your hexies! That restoration piece that you turned upside down blends in so well, I couldn’t tell you had replaced it at first. Very impressive!
    Rachel recently posted…Card Trick OneMy Profile

  • Nedra Nov 5, 2014

    Thanks for the patching tutorial! That is good to know!
    Nedra recently posted…I’m Still HereMy Profile

  • Julierose Nov 5, 2014

    Oh really nice tutorial on how you repaired it! Also great pick on the fabric–it just looks as if it were original to that quilt…hugs, Julierose
    Julierose recently posted…GOODIES FROM A BLOGGING BUDDYMy Profile

  • Mary Nov 5, 2014

    Great job. So happy you and your sister care enough to restore the quilt and continue using it.

  • Ann Nov 5, 2014

    Your repair job looks great! And I love the hexies.

  • Carla Nov 5, 2014

    I have done repairs the same way. I am sure the owner will be thrilled to be able to use it again and if I was the original maker I would be happy someone took the time to repair it so that it can be enjoyed a bit longer.

  • kaholly Nov 6, 2014

    Your timing is impeccable! (Is that spelled right? Looks funny.) When I get to TX, restoring an old quilt is on the agenda.
    kaholly recently posted…My Daughter-My HeroMy Profile

  • Kathi Nov 6, 2014

    Thanks for showing HOW you are repairing this precious old quilt… You are doing a magnificent job and I agree with you that the recipient will be pleased for sure! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Goals Exceeded!My Profile

  • Colleen Nov 6, 2014

    I am so glad you told and showed how you repaired a well loved everyday quilt. My 4 year old granddaughter has a store bought baby blanket (from birth) that she is loving to death I repair it regularly. I started hand stitching the seams back to gather, than she cut a hole in the backing (she is # four of five children ) so I machine sewed a patch then she showed me a new seam that needed repair on the front. I used a machine zigzag to repair it. As I am no longer worried about what shows on the back. Yesterday she showed me a new seam to repair on the front, so next week ? will I machine sew it or hand? Depends on if I need to set up their sewing machine for other repairs/sewing while I am on my weekly visit. At this point I have remade this little quilt several times over, seam by seam……this granddaughter works at opening a seam for me to repair…..I don’t know what it might mean, but she is always happy to show me the whole and happy when I give her blanket back and say it’s fixed.
    Her mother says it’s for attention and it might be
    I’d like to think her blanket repairs are a way of her telling me I am important to her in the same kind of way her blanket is.
    N California
    Where we have had rain but it’s still too dry

  • Sartenada Nov 7, 2014

    Seems so great. Thank You for this interesting post.
    Sartenada recently posted…Statues of Paupers1 / Estatuas de pobres1 / Statues de miséreux1 / Estátuas de pobre-homem1My Profile

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