Insanity Revisited

Dear Jane — Insanity

More on Dear Jane – My Insanity Revisited – Only a little more to work on it last night and then on to the scallops on that border.  Someone asked about the Insanity theme going on and what was with that!  LOL.  Well back in 2005 I started to work on my first Dear Jane quilt – that journey took me 5 years and 9 months before it was completed in 2009 (all hand pieced and hand quilted) – by time I was about half way through with it I said it was making me go “insane” hence the name of the quilt “Insanity”.  (photo at that link)  (numerous postings on this quilt while I was quilting it in 2009 lots of photos if you wish to wander on back and look through posts) When I finished piecing the quilt in 2008 within a month I kind of missed working on all those small blocks and I started a second one – well no sooner had I got started with it that I started to think of a name for it – that’s right “Insanity Revisited” as quickly I was thinking what the heck was I doing making a second one.

When I started to cut all the pieces needed for the mini tumbler quilt I had only been quilting on Insanity Revisited for a short while and someone who had been following the adventures of the Dear Jane quilts suggested the name “Tumbling into Insanity” for the tumblers quilt – so that is how that name was selected – I had intended to hand piece it but then with the arthritis in the hands  acting up more and more over the last six months I changed my mind and I am machine piecing it instead and it will be machine quilted also (I think) – so it really isn’t going to be driving me insane after all so there might be a name change going on with that quilt.  I am linking to Freemotion by the River today.

So anyhow here are the triangles that I worked on Sunday –



I intend to get done with this area last night – I am writing this post to schedule before I get busy with it so I don’t know if I got it done or not.  My hands have not been bothering me too much this week and I do lot’s of finger stretches and take breaks too.


yesterday was a busy day full of doing laundry, getting some house cleaning done, yearly mammogram, exercise and then back home to relax and read a little bit while I had a pot of chili simmering on the stove.  In between other things this past week I did pick up Floral Fantasy for 5 minutes here and there and started applique on the 3rd border  with the blue flower – a lot of work on these borders still to be done.


The cutting table is pretty much cleaned off – all the scraps have been cut up from the Kansas Twister quilt and put in the appropriate boxes.


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  • Gretchen Dec 30, 2014

    It’s hard to stop quilting when it’s almost finished. I think every quilter has that problem. Your Floral Fantasy looks beautiful.

  • Mary Dec 30, 2014

    I so enjoy watching your progress on all your “insane” projects. I share in your insanity so at least we know we’re in this together!
    Mary recently posted…An Early ArrivalMy Profile

  • Ruth Dec 30, 2014

    I have visions of an Insanity 3. Just take good care of your hands. As someone with cranky wrists (knitting), I can truly sympathize with the desire to stitch vs the hand issues.
    Ruth recently posted…Ocean quiltMy Profile

  • Kathy Dec 30, 2014

    I’m so glad that your hands aren’t bothering you too much … hopefully the routine you’ve developed is enough to allow you to continue to do handwork without trouble.

    I’ll be getting the orders for my mammogram today … I have my annual check up this afternoon. Yippee! (Seriously, breast cancer runs in my family, so I really don’t take my mammograms lightly.)
    Kathy recently posted…Sore Slow Sunday StitchingMy Profile

  • Connie Campbell Dec 30, 2014

    Beautiful quilt and quilting Karen! I hope your hands won’t hurt too much. Your quilt room looks wonderful and the new design wall is perfect, love that bundle of fabrics too!
    Connie Campbell recently posted…Linky TuesdayMy Profile

  • Andrea Dec 30, 2014

    There’s nothing so lovely as beautiful hand quilting, and yours is just superb. Love your floral fantasy quilt…simply stunning. Very much enjoyed seeing it, thank you for sharing. Happy New Year to you!

  • Kristie Dec 30, 2014

    I love your quilts….and your insanity! LOL!
    Kristie recently posted…Pink Baby 4 Patch Flip!My Profile

  • Mary Dec 30, 2014

    I love your insanity projects. People have called me insane and worse for making three Dutch Treat quilts. And yes, I still miss working on them and may make another.
    Mary recently posted…Hexie Quilt is FinishedMy Profile

  • audrey Dec 30, 2014

    Your insanity projects seem to work so very well for you though! Love seeing the wonderful progress.:)

  • Lara B. Dec 30, 2014

    It all looks so great Karen! I would love to tackle something so challenging as a DJ / Insanity quilt someday. Love the floral fantasy peek and the scrappy tumbler by your cutting table!
    Lara B. recently posted…Free Puppy Patterns # 3 – Vintage 1940’s Embroidery DesignsMy Profile

  • Marianne Dec 30, 2014

    I am still dragging my heels sewing the binding down on my Loyal Union Sampler/Nearly Insane quilt – just one side to go. Today I finished a smaller sampler (48″ x 48″) by machine sewing the binding on the back first and then to the front. It’s satisfying to finish, and I don’t think I did too badly by machine all the way. The bindings are my biggest hangup!

  • Astrid Dec 30, 2014

    Good progress on your IR. Not sure I ever will do such a challenge, but who knows…
    Astrid recently posted…Christmas and a few finishesMy Profile

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