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Dear Jane – “Insanity Revisited”

Slowly but surely the binding on Insanity Revisited is getting done – only one more side left to do – I think I will get it done today but I don’t know for sure.  I got another one and a half sides done on it last night while our daughter was over visiting.  I had recorded Downton Abbey and I worked on it while we watched that and then NCIS was next up.  Here is just a peak –


I am linking to Freshly Pieced Modern today and Sew Fresh Quilt’s. (Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts had an excellent post recently on quilting with your walking foot – if you scroll back in her blog you will find it.)  Yesterday morning two different times I sat down for 15 minutes to work on the little Four Patch Delight – it is coming along nicely but a little slower than I had hoped for – remember I had intended it to be machine quilted – the backing is white on white – that kind with the painted white on white!! yuck – never a good choice for hand quilting – that stuff is tough!!  At least it is a little quilt LOL.


Today the temperature we start the day out with is going to be our high!  I get cold just thinking of the temperature dropping later today down to about 12 degrees tonight – so glad that is supposed to be the coldest it will be.  Right now they are saying only one night that cold thank goodness.  I guess we will find out.

Someone asked yesterday how do I do 10,000 steps exercise and still have time to quilt – I don’t quilt or sew a lot in the daytime hours – I don’t know why but I do most of that in the evening while watching tv.  I spend the day doing my household chores, run errands, exercise, cook etc – that kind of stuff.  If I am doing sewing machine work I normally do that in the daytime but I am constantly getting up and down while doing that.  Quilting & hand work gets done in the evening while the tv is on.  One way to get more steps is to walk around the house, carry laundry to the bedroom in two arm loads instead of one, if you have steps in your house go up and down a couple extra times for exercise.  While waiting for a pot on the stove to boil instead of sitting down walk back and forth in the kitchen and the dining room.  Anything to get in some extra steps and not spend it sitting down – anyhow that is what I do.  Also when I go shopping I do not park next to the store I park at the end of the lane and walk to the store – that kind of stuff helps.  I got in my 10,000+ again yesterday!  Two of my readers told me that I can add in house hold chores to the fitbit and things like yoga class or other activities – I have to check that out.

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  • Kathy Jan 7, 2015

    I’ve used white on white before and didn’t really have too much trouble with hand quilting it. I was rather shocked when I’ve heard so many others mention how difficult it is to hand quilt.

    Our temperatures are dropping dramatically. I’ve been up 2 1/2 hours and the temps are down 5 degrees already. We too have already reached our high for the day. I already committed to go to the Y to walk with Lois (my neighbor) … otherwise I think I’d just stay inside where it’s warm. Even though I need to get back into the habit of walking, it’s just too stinking cold for me.

    I did some grocery shopping with DD last night, so I taped NCIS. I’m hoping to be able to watch it this afternoon while quilting.
    Kathy recently posted…Monday Morning MusingsMy Profile

  • Doreen Jan 7, 2015

    Those white-on-white fabrics aren’t that great for machine quilting either! The “drag” on the quilt sandwich really gets to be very noticeable as the process goes on……feels “heavy”/sticky.
    The cold (brutal) has caused all area schools to close today. Wind chills of -45F are too serious for everyone and especially for unsupervised/latch-key kids who would stand and wait for the bus (country or in town). Quilting today……..staying indoors for sure. Headed your direction next Wednesday!!!!!!!

  • Thimbleanna Jan 7, 2015

    Jane is looking good — it’s so fun to think that she’ll be done today — what an accomplishment! My kids gave me a fitbit for Christmas but I haven’t opened it yet. They said a new one is coming out which will measure heartrate and I’m thinking I’d like to get that one for my aerobics classes. One day, our instructor had us on the treadmill for an hour and she almost killed us — I sure wish I’d had a heart rate for that session. Not sure she’ll ever do that again, but just in case, I might like to be prepared LOL!

  • Gretchen Jan 7, 2015

    I have a question. When you were piecing your Dear Jane, after you sewed seams, did you trim to 1/8th inch to reduce bulk?

    She is looking beautiful and you can be proud of your work. Your daughter will be delighted to have her.

  • Rachel Jan 7, 2015

    Insanity Revisited is looking lovely. I would like to make a two color quilt with red someday. Good luck finishing it up, I can’t wait to see it!
    Rachel recently posted…Scrappy Hearts – In ProgressMy Profile

  • Kristie Jan 7, 2015

    Looking at your Dear Jane I am in awe on how you have finished 2 of them and I only have about 20 blocks done and that was years ago and they are the easiest blocks. 🙂
    Kristie recently posted…Getting some sewing in…My Profile

  • Colleen Jan 7, 2015

    I got the fit bit one it links to my iPad and iPhone. It recharges similar to the phone/iPad. I have sleep apnea and use a Cpap machine the fit bit let me know I was “waking” up in the night not awake enough to know I was waking but enough to keep me from getting proper rest.this type of lack of rest leads to other medical issues. So I was able to know I needed to contact my sleep center and get my Cpap reset. I haven’t looked into all the other stuff the fit bit does this one thing is a real life saver for me. It also tells me how many hours I sleep a night….I thought I was a lazy slug 8-10 hours but I found it was really 7 on average so that was an up lifting thing too

  • Carla Jan 7, 2015

    First off, love the scalloped border. I was sewing some 4 inch squares together today to use as the center of a backing for my granddaughter’s quilt today. I was thinking what a work out. Getting up and down and then bending to pick up the pieces two at a time. LOL I hope we don’t reach 12 tonight but not much we can do. Sure hope you don’t lose power!
    Carla recently posted…Back to NormalMy Profile

  • Carla Jan 7, 2015

    Oh I keep forgetting to ask and maybe you said and I don’t remember but what size are the blocks in insanity revisted!
    Carla recently posted…Back to NormalMy Profile

  • Erlinda Jan 7, 2015

    Beautiful quilt. Thank you for the info on binding. I really needed that as I am struggling with the binding on a doll quilt. Stay warm.

  • Mary Ann Jan 8, 2015

    Your quilt is coming along, can’t wait to see it finished. If you don’t mind me asking, what brand fitbit did you purchase? I want one like you have to monitor my steps. There are so many to choose from. I enjoy your blog, it inspires me.

  • Lorna McMahon Jan 8, 2015

    Mmmm-mmm-good! Love that rich red binding against the cream! It’s been bitterly cold here, too. Good weather for sewing while it’s snowing!
    Lorna McMahon recently posted…Let’s Bee Social #54My Profile

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