Mini Tumblers & Floral Fantasy

Mini Tumblers – “Tumbling Into Insanity”, putting together sections of tumbler blocks, quilts, TUTORIALS, William Morris in Applique-Floral Fantasy

I was asked did I sew the sets of tumblers  for “Tumbling into Insanity” that I have finished by hand to the main body of the quilt or did it by machine — how did I do that? – so here goes –

First I sew 10 rows x 10 rows together by machine – I had meant to do this whole quilt by hand but arthritis got in the way so now it is machine work instead.  Here I line my rows up that I just finished to the section of 20 that I had on the wall.  First a mention – I am sewing the 10×10 rows as I find it easier than sewing a row of 102 mini tumblers and then having to sew those very long rows together – my preference.


I pin the first tumblers together just at the seam – 1 pin only


I do take a couple back stitches to make it stronger and sew to the seam.  Use your fingers as much as you need to – to keep your fabric straight.  Keep the needle in the down position throughout.



Then I lift up the presser foot and turn the fabric just a tad – it doesn’t need much turning and sew to the next seam – I don’t even bother with pins now – it is easy to hold the seams together these are small pieces.  Sew to the next one.


Lift the presser foot and put the fabric together to the next seam – you have to turn the fabric just a little bit at the end of each tumbler.


Here the 10 rows are sewed to the body of the quilt –


Press it and lays nice and flat and you can’t even see where you joined them.  The point is to go slowly and just joint to joint turning the fabric slightly as you go – and like I say no pins are even needed after the first one that just holds the two pieces together until you get started.

Easy – peasy!!  I am linking to Cozy Little House today who has a lot of very interesting links today.


Some have forgotten what Floral Fantasy looks like as I have not shown the whole quilt for awhile now – here is the quilt  I have 3rd border almost completed – one more leaf to do and then the 4th border!  almost done.  Next time I try one of Michelle Hill’s patterns I will use her tutorial on machine applique which you can see here.  Michelle is from Adelaide, Australia and  does spectacular machine applique and her quilts are award winners – she has 2 books — William Morris in Applique and More William Morris in Applique and she now has a fabric line as well.  The books are wonderful  – besides the patterns you get some history of William Morris too – I only have one book right now but plan on getting the other one soon.  The patterns really are meant for machine applique – but you know me – I have to be different so I did mine needle turn – but with the darn arthritis I will be trying machine applique next!  It has been so much fun for me to correspond with Michelle over the last couple of years and get pointers from her.  She must think I am never going to finish this quilt.

The border at the top needs to be completely done and the border on the right side I am almost finished with.  I am linking up to Patchwork Times today


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  • Gretchen Jan 19, 2015

    How beautiful, the Floral Fantasy is simply beautiful. You can be proud of her.

  • Mary Jan 19, 2015

    Thanks for the pointers on sewing tumblers. I bought a template recently and will bookmark this post!
    Mary recently posted…Multitasking?My Profile

  • Bonnie in Va Jan 19, 2015

    Nice way of doing those little tumblers. Hum, I think I have a little tumbler template….

  • Ramona Jan 19, 2015

    Your Floral Fantasy is stunning. I love applique and need to start a new project. I’m sorry your arthritis is keeping you from being able to applique. Your work is beautiful.

  • Dolores Jan 19, 2015

    Thank you for showing us how you put your mini tumblers together. It makes sense and looks very doable. Your Morris quilt is beautiful and I commend you on doing it by hand. I hope your arthritis abates long enough for you to finish it.
    Dolores recently posted…Another pair and some findsMy Profile

  • Kathy Jan 19, 2015

    Wow, I love your FF … I don’t remember if I’ve seen it in its entirety of not, but I love it! I just cannot get the hang of needleturn applique. I’m thinking maybe I should give machine applique a try.
    Kathy recently posted…Catching UpMy Profile

  • Karen Jan 19, 2015

    I am still doing my applique – just slower than I used to. I find I need to start to be choosier about what I do by hand – the days of doing all my work by hand are over but by no means does that mean I am giving it up – I am just doing less by hand now then I used to

  • Kate Jan 19, 2015

    Your Floral Fantasy is gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial on how to sew the tumbler rows together. I’d never finish anything if the only option was hand piecing.
    Kate recently posted…Monday Design Wall – Progress on Both Design WallsMy Profile

  • Alison Jan 19, 2015

    I am so fortunate to have spent a whole day with Michele as she guided my husband and I around some historic spots in and around Adelaide. She is the most generous, giving and fun person to be with. Michele is self publishing a new book which we hope will be available this year – it is a combination of smaller projects and afternoon tea recipes.

  • Julierose Jan 19, 2015

    Your mini tumblers are so cute; I just sent for a template to make some from my
    mini charm packs I have leftover from Sleigh Bells Ring quilt. And your Floral fantasy is a dream!! So beautiful…love it…hugs, Julierose
    Julierose recently posted…STASH IS CACHEDMy Profile

  • MartiDIY Jan 19, 2015

    Thank you for posting how you do the tumblers. I’ve never tried that pattern. Your Floral Fantasy is gorgeous! Love the dramatic colors and all the intricate work on it. Makes my hands hurt just to think about it. lol

  • Rhonda R. Jan 19, 2015

    What a good idea to sew shorter rows of tumblers, then join them together. I think a tumbler quilt may be in my future so I’ll have to remember your great tutorial. Your Floral Fantasy quilt is breathtaking!

  • Brenda Hulsey Jan 19, 2015

    Beautiful Floral quilt! Wonderful job on it! I like the tumbler quilt and the tutorial on how you do it. I don’t like sewing long rows together either.

  • audrey Jan 19, 2015

    Floral Fantasy is looking amazing! And of course, the little tumblers are just the perfect size. They really do go together well.:)

  • Vivian Jan 20, 2015

    Your quilt tops are looking good. I was just thinking of all the work that is going into the Floral Fantasy. I have been so busy around the house that I haven’t sewed in a week or two.
    Vivian recently posted…Sometimes . . .My Profile

  • Kathi Jan 20, 2015

    Love seeing your progress and how you are doing your tumbling into insanity… Loving a full updated shot of your applique too… Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…A Binding QuandaryMy Profile

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