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Mini Tumblers – “Tumbling Into Insanity”

I admit to being a bit lazy yesterday and didn’t get around to getting the binding on the quilt until late afternoon.  Then I cleaned up the sewing room a bit, getting tables folded back up and put back in the closet and got the room vacuumed – it sure needed it. So nice to have room  to walk through without squeezing past tables!


I had mentioned that the background fabric in the tumblers isn’t white but a batik – I took these two photos when I was getting ready to fold the binding in half to press I think the colors show up fairly well.  This was a Hoffman Bali Water Color Batik but I do not remember the name of it – I have a big color chart but I am too lazy to pull it out to look but if anyone wants to know let me know and I will look.  I love that kind of batik for using as solids as they have just enough color texture to really make it interesting.



The quilt is now folded nice and neatly so I can get to work on it. I know some have asked why fold it to sew on the binding when I mentioned it with past quilts – I find the quilts awkward to work with if they are bunched up all over the place when I am sewing binding on.  I know some of you like to drape it all over you – I guess that would be ok if I was really cold but it is almost 100 every day lately and this feels better LOL in the summer even with the AC on a quilt draped all over me is too hot.


I fold the quilt front side to front side as I work from the back, I fold it several times until I get the long length to work with.  Then I fold it a bit like above and sit almost to the middle of the couch and as I sew I unfold and have it on each side of me – it flows really nice and neatly and I can get my binding done rather quickly.


On the couch with it and stuck the first couple of clips on.  Then I looked at it last night and thought – I need a night off!  I didn’t do any sewing or quilting last night – I read a book instead – I will for sure sit down and quilt tonight – I need to get back to my routine – two nights of no quilting – I don’t want to start that habit – I want to get the stars done, maybe by the end of August? Not sure – would be nice if I could get it done after only two months and get the black applique Floral Fantasy on the frame.


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  • Deb Jul 30, 2015

    LOL I think you deserved that break! 🙂

  • Kathy Jul 30, 2015

    Even when it’s hot, I don’t mind the quilt draped over me. I guess because we have the A/C on … if it’s comfortable enough for DH, then a quilt over the top of me feels good. 😉 I love that batik … I’m not a fan of true solids … they’re just too “flat”. I’m using a primitive muslin for the background for my EPP bow tie quilts. It definitely reads as a solid (especially in the smaller pieces I’m using), but there’s just enough mottling to give it a little texture.
    Kathy recently posted…More Tuesday TrivialitiesMy Profile

  • Kathi Jul 30, 2015

    Love your shot of your quilting room all in order again… no more machine and hand quilting in the same space for a while 🙂 I do love your little space though.
    I also keep work off of me and off to the side.. in fact I just wrote about a table my honey made me… I am very excited about it! I split my sewing between my indoor sewing room and outdoor screened in porch. I hand quilt outside and machine piece and cut inside.
    Thanks for a shot of that beautiful batik you used… I also prefer not much plain fabrics. lol!
    Have a good weekend! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Rustic Bulls Eye ~ A FINISH!!!My Profile

  • Lorna McMahon Jul 30, 2015

    Good for you getting things back in order and vacuuming your sewing space! I always feel better working in a tidy area. That is one LONG binding to sit and stitch. Hope it goes smoothly and you can keep cool!
    Lorna McMahon recently posted…Let’s Bee Social #83My Profile

  • Kristie Jul 30, 2015

    Neat! I’ve never thought of folding a quilt like that do sew the binding. I’ll have to remember that for next time. Your sewing room looks wonderful!
    Kristie recently posted…Busy, busy, busy!My Profile

  • swooze Jul 30, 2015

    I fold my quilt too and I also start just before a corner on a long side. To me it just makes the home stretch a lot easier! I try using the arm length thread but it is too long and tangles and is fiddly. 6′ tall….long arms…. After stitching a few lengths I noticed I had machine quilting thread. I will have to dig out the thread heaven or wax to help me control my thread. But I am on the way! Yeah!

  • audrey Jul 30, 2015

    Your quilt looks so good! I fold my quilt a little bit in the summer when it’s hot, but not as much as you. If the a/c is on then I’m usually a bit chilly so the weight of the quilt doesn’t bother me too much. Nice to get your quilting room tidied back up too! That always feels good!

  • Hilda Jul 30, 2015

    Very interesting how you sew on the binding – might give that a try! It looks lovely folded – with all that quilting giving it so much texture. Enjoy the binding!

  • Elzaan Jul 30, 2015

    Your machine quilting shows really well on the back of the quilt. The almost zig-zag lines play well with the circles.
    I prefer to have my quilts draped over me, but here it can get super hot as well, so I am motivated to get the binding on as quickly as possible LOL
    Now you can enjoy your sewing area again, it all being neat and tidy. It opens up the mind as well.

  • Carla Dean Jul 31, 2015

    Oh my word…I can’t imagine having a quilt draped over me right now. What a great idea!

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