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After busily working on the binding off and on for 5 days or so I got the Star Garden complete and washed and dried.  No purple bleeding – in fact the color catchers the first time came out kind of a light green color which surprised me – the second wash they came out white.  This is about 70 inches square – I say about because no matter how much I tried to square it up it isn’t square.   The stars are hand pieced using Inklingo, the quilt is hand quilted.  I started making the stars about a year ago so I made good time on it considering I made quite a few other quilts at the same time.  It took 77 hours to hand quilt and this was over a 7 week time frame, which is amazing to me, I rarely work that fast.


I used the Deluxe weight Quilters Dream batting on this one 100% cotton.  The top is all batiks and the backing is a cotton of some brand I don’t remember which.




I got done with a lot yesterday  – I finished the varnishing in the kitchen yesterday morning while the quilt was washing!   This is one of my favorite table toppers – ignore the extra things on the table – until all the varnish in the kitchen dries the drawers for the cupboard are on the countertop and things are not put away.


This quilt was made back in 2011 – 4 years ago.  We have been using it on the table off and on since then.  I will fold it back when we sit down to eat and yesterday I guess I just happened to look at it differently and saw this one line of quilting missing!  How odd that you can fold something back for years and all of a sudden see something missing.


Maybe you can see it missing on the orange rectangle from the front!


Now fixed!!  I couldn’t wait to fix it and as soon as our evening meal was cleared up out came the thread and got it done before I forgot where it was!


This corner of Floral Fantasy got finished on Tuesday night and so the first border is now half way done.


This is where I picked up on it last night.


The light  color stack of squares are squared up leaving me two more stacks to work on.


I decided to start on the applique for this 3rd Caswell Block late yesterday afternoon –  I was going to bring it with us on our upcoming trip this fall to work on but decided that seeing as some of the pieces were coming loose I would leave it home instead.  I discovered that using this wash away fusible makes the square a bit awkward to work with – you can not really roll the fabric up between your fingers like usual because of the stiff pieces.  I really want to give this stuff a chance and see if I like it – I do like the neat appearance it gives.  (I did not use it on all the pieces in Love Entwined so this is fairly new to me still).  I needed to glue some pieces back  down so I wouldn’t loose them and I have one stem and one leave stitched.  The block is about 1 1/2 inches larger than it will be when trimmed to size – they are small blocks – it will be trimmed to 11.5 inches, I’m pretty sure I cut my block at 13 inches.  I think the future blocks I will be only glue basting a few pieces down at a time which means I will have to constantly be working on placement for pieces but that might be how you have to do this kind of work.


And as if I don’t have enough to work on I am starting a winter shawl with my crochet hook.  I have tried knitting with poor results and I have known how to crochet very simple, simple stitches for years and thought I would start a shawl mainly for working while Mike is driving the motorhome on our upcoming trip – sometimes I sew but over the years it has gotten harder to sew while in a moving vehicle (maybe because I’m always working with small pieces?) and I thought maybe the crocheting would work better.  I thought I would get started on it though just so it is easier to hang on to rather than start it while traveling.  A bigger piece to hold in my mind is easier.  I also want to see how far the first skein of yarn goes so I can try to figure out how much I will need and be able to purchase the rest before we take off.  I am making this up as I go – no pattern.  This yarn is about 56% wool and 44% polyester.


I am so glad to be done with the varnishing chore in the kitchen – it was a pain in the butt – not my favorite thing to do.  Now that it is done I can get back to my routine of exercise for an hour in the afternoon, I had been skipping that so I could get the varnishing done.  Over the next several weeks I need to get more piecing blocks prepped and put in the travel box – they are the cogwheel type of block that I showed several weeks ago from the Inklingo Fancy Dresden Plate collection.  I have 4 prepped but without taking the applique on the trip I thought I would get more of those blocks prepped so I would have plenty to work on “just in case”  I would rather have too many along then not enough.

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  • Lynn Aug 27, 2015

    Your Star Garden is a gorgeous finish! Just beautiful.

  • Deb Aug 27, 2015

    Actually now that you stitched that missing line you have two finishes, ha ha! 🙂

  • Kathy Aug 27, 2015

    A couple of weeks ago while at DD’s, I noticed that I’d missed the quilting in one of the chimneystones of T#3’s quilt. Of course, I didn’t have my quilting thread with me. The next time I go over, I’ll have to remember to take my thread and see if I can find the missing quilting again. 😉

    Your Star Garden turned out spectacularly … glad for the minimal bleeding. You’re making good progress on your Floral Fantasy.
    Kathy recently posted…Tuesday’s TriflesMy Profile

  • Jill Aug 27, 2015

    Very pretty batik stars. I consider using Inklingo for hand piercing in the future. Quick time on your hand quilting progress. Great feeling to arrive at a completion. Good luck on your prep work.

  • Gretchen Aug 27, 2015

    Star Garden is beautiful, it looks so snuggly and comfortable. Floral Fantasy is coming along, you selected the right quilting threads. Your yarn choice was very pretty. I can’t do any hand work while riding in a car so I knit dishrags. They’re a nice change from the normal hand work I do. Enjoy your day with your newly varnished kitchen cupboards. What a feeling of satisfaction and completion that must give you.

  • Ruth Aug 27, 2015

    The star quilt is beautiful!
    Ruth recently posted…Good grief!My Profile

  • Doreen Aug 27, 2015

    The stars are spectacular!!!! Cozy! I’m constantly amazed at the amount of hand sewing/quilting you are able to do……..I remember my days of doing such. The piecing is so portable and I loved that!!!! Varnishing is not my ‘thing’ either.
    The weather here has been delightfully Fall-like and being outdoors is a joy! Hope you are experiencing some of the same!

  • Wanda Aug 27, 2015

    I just love your star garden quilt. I’m not at all surprised that you didn’t get any migrating color from the batiks. I wash all colors together and very rarely have any color at all on the color catchers. Batik dyes are pretty stable.
    Wanda recently posted…Action in the neighborhood………….My Profile

  • Kathi Aug 27, 2015

    Star Garden turned out excellent!!!
    Also loving that you are done with the varnishing for now and making great quilty progress.. I am enjoying your double line stitching on the background of Floral Fantasy too! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Back up and running with Windows 10 🙂My Profile

  • Delana Aug 27, 2015

    Star Garden is beautiful! The more of your hand quilting I see, the more I want to hand quilt one myself. I’m afraid it would get lost in the shuffle of knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and weaving projects I always have going, and I’d never get it finished.
    Delana recently posted…In The Meadow We Can Build A SnowmanMy Profile

  • audrey Aug 27, 2015

    Love your Star Garden finish! The hand quilting adds so much wonderful texture.:) Funny you should find a little bit of hand quilting left to do in an older quilt. I’ve stumbled on that myself before! Guess we just get ahead of ourselves and then never notice the discrepancy!

  • Jo Ferguson Aug 27, 2015

    Star Garden is stunning and your quilting is wonderful. I adore your Floral Fantasy quilt. I agree with a previous comment that finishing that line of quilting on your table topper is another finish. I’ve used the wash away fusible for machine appliqué. I can understand why it would be stiff for hand work. I’m starting a new appliqué quilt that I’m doing by hand, so I’ll have to give it a try, as compared to freezer paper.
    Jo Ferguson recently posted…Back AgainMy Profile

  • Carla Aug 27, 2015

    Great finish, great quilt! I say you finished it in record time considering all the stars were hand pieced and it’s hand quilted! Looking forward to your Caswell blocks starting to line up on your design wall!
    Carla recently posted…PlanningMy Profile

  • Sandra B Aug 27, 2015

    What a wonderful finish! Star Garden is beautiful!! I have liked this one from the very beginning, and have enjoyed the journey, following along. Those colors just speak to me….
    I didn’t realize that the Caswell blocks are so small….that means all those little pieces are even smaller than I realized….Yikes!!
    Love that yarn for your crochet project….I haven’t crocheted anything in years….I am more of a knitter…work on things now and then.

  • Patti Aug 27, 2015

    Love the Star Garden … sooooo pretty! That\’s the one l want on my bed when l spend the night … lol .. JK The double stitching is looking great … the perfect added touch. Glad you finished your varnishing … feels good to complete a dreaded project.

  • Vicki W Aug 27, 2015

    Glad the kitchen is done and Star Garden looks great!
    Vicki W recently posted…Wall glassMy Profile

  • sandi Aug 27, 2015

    Hi, your Star Garden quilt is gorgeous! I can’t believe how fast you quilted it. That is amazing. Hugs, have fun on your trip!

  • sue godfrey Aug 28, 2015

    Star Garden looks fab. Your work is so lovely as always. X

  • sue godfrey Aug 28, 2015

    I am using that wash away fusing and I find it hard to quilt thru on flowers. I M going to wash my wall hanging and then put my stamens in the flowers and see how that works. X

  • Mary Ann Aug 28, 2015

    Love your Star Garden. I don’t know if everyone washes their quilts when the quilting is finished but I love the look after it is washed. The quilting on Floral Fantasy is really nice, love the thread you are using. I will be waiting to hear the final decision on the wash away fusing. I have not used it for the reasons you share. I think it would be uncomfortable to work with if you can’t scrunch it up while stitching.

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