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Not quite there but almost!  this last week on the road is mainly one of short stops here and there.  After we left Lake Powell in Arizona we stopped for one night at Bonito Campground across from the Sunset Crater Visitor Center – such huge campsites! so nice – no hookups and the fee was only $11 for us as we are old folks now LOL.  See that fire in the background to the left – our closest neighbor on that side – three tents with a lot of well behaved children running around on the right side but far enough that they didn’t bother us.


Only there for one night but will remember this one for sometime in the future.  It got down to 37 degrees that night!  Propane heat was on off and on all night.  We camped at this place back in 1978 but I didn’t remember it from then.  Mike remembers most of all that stuff I’m lucky to remember what day it is!!


We were in that area for more Indian ruins of course and took self guided tours through two that were only about 20 miles apart.


The timber roof beams were still in this one!  wow what a sight


Here is the other one complete with the ball court for games of ancient times.  Take the walkways on this one and stay off the ruins


One more hiking spot picked out – El Moro in New Mexico where we were near when I wrote this on the 12th – leaving here on the 14th and then it is driving home time – well take us about 3 days from here as we do not like to be sitting for long periods – no interesting campgrounds on the way just places close to the interstate.

Back to routine soon!  ( we will be home later today – I have one more post scheduled for Saturday to give me time to catch up at home  & to unpack the camper – then back to quilting!!)

And even though I didn’t get much work done on my Wagon’s West blocks I did almost get my “shawl” done – I say “shawl” because they almost always end up to be so big it is kind of crazy – I decided to make this just one more skein longer to make sure I can cuddly into it really good!


I saw this on line and thought some of you might like to make something like this for Xmas presents – here is a link there is a pattern but doesn’t look like you even need one if you are crafty!

Folded Potholders Tutorial

(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Deb Oct 16, 2015

    The Indian ruins are just amazing ! Oh and your shawl looks so beautiful and warm and soft and cozy.

  • Kathy Oct 16, 2015

    Those ruins are amazing. Some of the places you stopped were places I’d never heard of … I’m curious – how do you know of such interesting places to visit?
    Kathy recently posted…We’re in Mourning Here 😉My Profile

  • Jo Ferguson Oct 16, 2015

    Great gift idea and I love the shawl. The Indian ruins are amazing.
    Jo Ferguson recently posted…A Silk Scarf and Silk Ribbon EmbroideryMy Profile

  • Sandra B. Oct 16, 2015

    The Indian ruins are amazing!
    And your shawl looks so warm!

  • Mary Ann Oct 16, 2015

    Love the pictures of the Indian ruins, the rock colors are so vivid. Love your shawl and the neat gift idea. Thank you for having us along on your adventures.

  • Marianne Oct 16, 2015

    Is Sunset Crater in AZ? The ruins look amazing! Hope the rest of your trip goes well and that settling back into “life” is painless. There’s so much to do after a vacation, but it is always nice to get back to a routine. Thanks for sharing this vacation with us – loved the journey!

  • Patti Oct 16, 2015

    Love the amazing ruins, too. Your shawl is looking so warm and cozy .. and just in time for cool weather. Thx for sharing your vacation .. l really enjoyed seeing all the interesting & beautiful sites. Cute Christmas gifts too 🙂

  • Kathi Oct 17, 2015

    So happy you had a happy holiday away! Hope your daughter has kept up your home while gone.. I am sure she did 🙂
    I love your shawl! Maybe if you had 1 more skein you could do a ruffley edge on 3 sides to set off the top of it and add a little whimsy to it too.. either way I love it for when you just need a layer on your arms.. perfect actually!
    Thanks for the hostess gift idea… do you plan to make something like this?
    Kathi recently posted…Quilting ` Cheaper than therapy 🙂My Profile

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