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Dutch Oven Cooking

Sometimes I cook outside and sometimes in, once in awhile we eat out.  At the campground one night I made baked potatoes in the Dutch Oven and we have a propane skillet which I used to make a steak for Mike and salmon for me.    I really need to  clean the oven a bit but I normally use a liner and I hadn’t looked at it before packing and didn’t realize it needed cleaning – that is ok, I will continue to use liners or this little rack that is on the bottom for things like potatoes.  I will season the oven good when we get home – you can do it in your kitchen oven – I have the instructions at home.


You get your charcoal started in a “chimney starter” this gets the charcoal going fairly quickly.  After the charcoal is ready dump it out to one side – then put a small ring of about 6 pieces in a circle, put your oven with lid on it over that then put about 14 coals or so scattered over the top and your ready to do.  Turn the pan now and then and the potatoes – they took about an hour to bake.


Wow was our table a mess that night!  I hadn’t realized until I saw the photo LOL – please excuse!


While the potatoes were baking I mixed up a package of banana nut muffins – I have foil cupcake holders –you know those disposable ones? anyhow I had these all ready to go and filled when the potatoes came out I put the muffins in – 15 minutes later they were done.  We had one after for dessert and saved the rest for the next day breakfast.


They didn’t round up as nice as they do at home – but they baked and that was what matter right!  I’m not a gourmet cook and do not claim to be – I just want my food cooked.


Yup – good enough for me!


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  • Sandra Daugherty Oct 2, 2015

    Looks like everything turned out just fine. What fun to cook outside. The muffins in the little tin foils is a great idea.
    Sandra Daugherty recently posted…Autumn TimeMy Profile

  • Sandra B Oct 2, 2015

    Looks like good eating, to me!!

  • Deb Oct 2, 2015

    And it’s got to taste WONDERFUL out in the fresh air!!

  • Kathy Oct 2, 2015

    I’m not a gourmet cook nor am I one to frequent gourmet or hoity toity restaurants. Good food in a casual setting is all I need … and it looks like you scored both. Yum!
    Kathy recently posted…Back to my RoutineMy Profile

  • Patti Oct 2, 2015

    Looks like a fun, relaxed meal around the camp to me … 🙂 Loved cooking with coals when we used to camp … back in the dark ages … lol

  • sue godfrey Oct 3, 2015

    Being outside in the fresh air, in beautiful surroundings with the one you love, nothing could be better ? xx

  • Mary Ann Oct 3, 2015

    Love cooking by a campfire when our kids are camping. Outdoors in the fresh air is always a great day for me. You are very creative when it comes to cooking outdoors, dinner looks delicious.

  • Jo Ferguson Oct 5, 2015

    There’s nothing like cooking outside and enjoying a beautiful day. The muffins look yummy!!
    Jo Ferguson recently posted…One Step At A TimeMy Profile

  • Carol Oct 5, 2015

    Karen, I saw a post in a batik website that you had posted in 2014. I see you are on an awesome adventure right now! I also love to travel and camp. Anyway – I used a batik for the border of a quilt I am handquilting. I cannot get the fabric to hold the chalk from the stencil pattern. It comes right off. How do you transfer your quilting pattern onto the batik to get it to stay? Thanks for your help!!

  • Cathi Oct 6, 2015

    Sounds like such a great trip! You may think your table is messy but your quilt tablecloth is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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