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Diamonds Are Forever, Quilty 365 – The Final Frontier, William Morris in Applique-Floral Fantasy

I am so far keeping up with the 365 days of Circles – see the badge link on the sidebar to Audrey’s blog Quilty Folk that tells you about it.  I didn’t realize the background was so closely the same on  two of those blocks– next one will need more variety in it! You do see how you can save your left over bits of a charm square and by putting 4 strips together I had enough for another circle.   My design wall is a little crowded right now LOL – something will have to be moved soon!  Of course I will be keeping the circles in a stack as it will be a year long project and I won’t have room to keep it out all the time.


Here are the Bricks that are hand pieced right now but might end up being machine pieced – not sure – I just know I have a lot of hand projects going on and I might have to change some of that so my hands don’t start to bother me too much once again.  I think I added one more row after I snapped this photo.


This much left of Floral Fantasy left to do – I didn’t get around to doing much of it last night – busy with other things!


I worked on this area on Monday night. I got right past the half way point for going across this final border.


I have been asked how do I plan on quilting the quilt Diamonds are Forever when I get it on the quilting frame next week.  I really don’t know at this point – I just plan on getting it on the frame and then take a break from the quilting frame for a couple days to a week and maybe it will come to me.  I’m not even sure what color thread I will use at this point.  Sometimes I have no plan in mind and then I just look at the quilt after I get it on the frame and an idea comes to me.  Although I have a lot of stencils I really do not use them that often and most times go kind of geometric or along with the shapes.


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  • Teri Dingler Nov 11, 2015

    Diamonds is going to be (and is already) a beautiful quilt when finished! Can’t wait! And I am keeping up with the circles quilt also! I will be putting mine in a clear box so I can keep up with them. I am making mine scrappy and trying to use some of these scraps. My circle may be closer to your size than hers. I think I am going to like this quilt!

  • Liz Nov 11, 2015

    I always enjoy your posts. I too have many projects on going.

    Love the new circle quilt. I thought if I did it I would have to be creative with my circles just as you are.

  • Thimbleanna Nov 11, 2015

    Boy, not long left on Floral Fantasy — you amaze me with how quickly you can hand quilt your quilts. I can’t wait for diamonds though — quilting will really make that quilt come alive!

  • Pam Nov 11, 2015

    I love the bricks pattern. I did it as a child’s quilt with some Liberty remnants – great for scraps. I would love to do Audrey’s Quilty 365, but like you, I have way too much on my design wall. I’m looking forward to seeing what every does!

  • Sharon S Nov 11, 2015

    I love those circles – they look like planets to me!!!! I tried to participate in a one a day hand pieced 5″ LeMoyne Star block group once – couldn’t keep up. One of the ladies pieced hers while watching the evening news; I am too slow.

  • Kathy Nov 11, 2015

    Love your creativity in piecing circles from leftover pieces. This will be a spectacular quilt when it’s done. I’m interested in seeing how you decide to quilt DAF. With all those seams, I confess that I’d probably choose something that minimized quilting through all those seam allowances.
    Kathy recently posted…Slow Stitching WeekendMy Profile

  • Sandra B Nov 11, 2015

    Love how your circles are coming along….and I really like that latest one, with the pieced circle….I know that you will add your own spin on these blocks, adding some dimension so that even these simple blocks will be great!
    Looks like Floral Fantasy only has a short time left on the frame!
    On the news last night they were talking about some bad weather expected to cross through Arkansas….hope it ends up being uneventful….be safe!

  • audrey Nov 11, 2015

    Good way to use up all those bits and pieces with your circles! Love that Diamonds are Forever is in the hoop now. It’s such a great quilt.:)

  • Kaholly Nov 11, 2015

    So much progress! Keep up the good work!
    Kaholly recently posted…Hazel Goes to IndianaMy Profile

  • Carla Nov 12, 2015

    I would think the quilting on Diamonds are Forever would be pretty simple so that the piecing design would not be compromised! I am sure you will come up with something that will work.
    Carla recently posted…Slow Stitching Weekend!My Profile

    • Karen Nov 12, 2015

      yes I will be keeping it simple – for one thing complicated designs take longer and like you say I want the piecing design to be the star
      Karen recently posted…Close to a FinishMy Profile

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