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Not much accomplished in the sewing area yesterday, I was busy preparing a birthday meal and cleaning the house.  I did get in some exercise though even if not much happened in the sewing room.

I am contemplating the Williamsburg Beauty quilt and I think I decided on the next border – the half square triangles will be for later in the quilt.  I have so many quilt books on the shelves I thought it was time to actually look through some of them and see if I could find some ideas for borders for this medallion quilt.  Plus I looked through pinterest and found some more there as well.  Next time I show that quilt maybe there will be some progress made – on the Postage Stamp as well.  I think right now I have just been concentrating on getting the binding done on Diamonds are Forever – about 1.5 sides left to do.  I am linking to Quilt Story:Fabric Tuesday today and to Esther’s Quilt Blog.


I rolled the first row of blocks down on the Winter Wonderland quilt and was surprised to see some of the center embroidery at the top – but the embroidery blocks were rectangular so I guess that shouldn’t be surprising.


Not much else to blog about other than that.  I am still using my aero garden a little bit – but right now I am just keeping the grow light on for these plants that will be transplanted to the garden soon.  I have a 9 pack of cabbage, a 12 pack of spinach and then 3 plants that I had started from seed in the aero garden – a spearmint plant, oregano and sage.  I had intended to do more seedlings to transplant but wasn’t having any luck with them this winter.  With using the garden like this I still have to check the water level to keep the pump from getting ruined but none of these are getting water from it – I found out I couldn’t run the light without having the pump turn on.  This garden was a gift and not something I would have bought, the lights are expensive and I haven’t had a lot of luck with the seeds unless I buy the pre-started from the company it comes from – I have tried regular seeds in packages and didn’t have much luck with them sprouting for some reason.  After I get the outside garden ready I will be cleaning out the base of this and then packing it away from awhile.  At the link above it goes to the site that this came from but this one is already out of date and there are new models – pricey!


From scratch Vanilla Cheesecake with home made blueberry sauce (the last of the blueberries I picked last June) on top ready to go on a serving plate for Melanie’s birthday supper last night – but actually her birthday is today – she was born at midnight exactly and I was told in the delivery room to choose either the 23rd or the 24th for her birthday – she was actually due on the 23rd so that is the date I picked. Unusual for a first child to be born the due date.


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  • Deb Feb 23, 2016

    That blueberry sauce for the midnight girl looks so delicious 🙂 Diamonds is a big quilt …coming along on the binding is quite a LOT of sewing progress!
    Deb recently posted…To everything there is a seasonMy Profile

  • Wanda Feb 23, 2016

    My first child was born on his due date too. Next one came 9 days early.
    Wanda recently posted…Working on lots of things…………My Profile

  • glen in louisiana Feb 23, 2016

    OMG! That looks like thick chocolate sauce over strawberries…….my mouth is watering (I wonder if I have any Valentine chocolate left somewhere?)

    My father was born at 11:59 pm on St Patrick’s Day. His mother was VERY catholic, so when the doctor cleaned up and wrote out the birth certificate for March 18, she was furious! She always celebrated his birthday ON St. Patty’s Day. He suffered through many many many years of green cakes from me…………
    glen in louisiana recently posted…Dog: Free to Good Home, But Hey, If You Want to Torture Him…..My Profile

  • Sandra B Feb 23, 2016

    The cheesecake you made for Melanie’s birthday looks delicious! I know you all enjoyed it!
    I think I would probably want to concentrate on getting the binding done on Diamonds Are Forever too….after so many hours spent in making the quilt and in quilting it, and being that close to the finish, I think I would have a hard time working on anything else right now!

  • Sherri I Feb 23, 2016

    Happy Birthday to Melanie. She does such lovely needlework! And thanks for sharing about your aero garden. I was thinking of purchasing one, but just might hold off. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  • Colleen Feb 24, 2016

    Happy birthday to Melanie.
    I wonder about babies due dates and how likely a baby will be born on his/her due date?
    I only had one child born about 2 weeks prior to the due date, I had pregnancy complications, but the water broke and we had a healthy baby just 2 hours after arriving at the hospital. My body did not handle being pregnant very well but did do the birthing just fine.

  • Mary Ann Feb 24, 2016

    The cheesecake looks delicious. I’m sure Melanie enjoyed this special treat.

    You and I have chatted before about the aero garden. From my own personal experience, it has not lived up to expectations. Although in the beginning it produced well for the herbs we chose, we now only use it in the winter to grow basil and parsley. These are the only two herbs we seem to have luck with.

  • Glenda Feb 25, 2016

    Winter Wonderland looks lovely on the frame. Lucky birthday girl that pie reminds me of my Thanks Giving dinner I had in Canada so so many scrumpiouse pies to choose from!!! Funny to hear you talk of growing plants to plant out when I have just been talking to Hretchen who is been dumped with snow, like Ausyralia one for gets how big the USA and Australia are. Hugs Glenda

  • Zomick's Mar 9, 2016

    This Vanilla Cheesecake with home made blueberry sauce looks wonderful. I’ve made Cheesecake with strawberry and cherry fruit sauces before but I wanted to research it a little because I have never made a blueberry sauce. Sounds amazing.
    Zomick’s recently posted…Kosher FoodMy Profile

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