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Love Entwined – Esther’s BOM, Postage Stamp Quilt, Winter Wonderland

Yes finally back to this Postage Stamp quilt with the zillion little pieces in it.  I am going to be trying to rotate projects out every couple days or weeks so that all can get some progress going on them.  Yesterday I had the borders cut out but I knew I needed to find out how many clamshells I needed for each of the two borders.  How many more did I need to make!

I started by laying out the border on the cutting table and begin to just lay the clamshells out starting in the center so they will line up right – I need to see how to mix up these colors.  Once all the shells are in place I will glue baste and applique in place.  I had thought to possibly use the machine to stitch them in place – but knowing me it will look neater by hand.  Before doing the stitching though I need to decide where the stems will be as I need to leave openings for them so they will be “springing out of the grass”.


I ended up pinning one long row on the border and laid it over the quilt on the frame so I could count and see how many in this first row and how many will be needed for the second row.  If I counted right I need 65 pieces for each border – I will make some extras just in case so I won’t have to go back to making more if I do not have enough to mix the colors up well.  That will give me two rows of “grass” for the flowers and stems to spring out of for the border.


So I need to cut this whole stack of greens out still before I have enough.  I plan on prepping all the clamshells before sewing so that I can mix the colors up good between the two side borders.


Winter Wonderland – I found a stencil in my stencil stash for the narrow border before the embroidery center.  I don’t use stencils a lot but this one fits almost perfect in the areas – I need to stretch it out just a little bit in between the trees to make it fit right.  And the theme is right – Xmas trees and snowmen – what could be better.


Fits good and this is all the quilting that will be in this border.


In the embroidered area just one inch diagonal lines, I am not stitching over any embroidery but slide the needle under the red thread.  I am using a beige variegated King Tut for the trees and the embroidery area.


And last but not least after I got all my organizing done on Tuesday I realized Wednesday morning that I had not put the Love Entwined quilt in a project box – I know – well this quilt ever get done?  It really is one of those projects that will last years and years and will it ever be finished? Well I ever want to finish it?  I really don’t know at this point but I thought I would put the pattern and the medallion center in a box and leave it be for now.  I didn’t put any fabric in with it it has a lot of beiges, pinks, turquoise some muted reds etc, I’m sure I can find more in the stash to blend in with them if I need to – right now the plan is to one day just finish the 3 flower bouquets (there are four) that need finishing and the center will be done and at this point I really doubt it will go any further – just applique the darn stems and flowers in place and some day call it quits!


Some of you might have heard of the bad storms that hit Arkansas once again yesterday, we were far enough north and west that we didn’t get the worse – once again we have been lucky – we only had about 3/4 inches of rain and none of the tornado warnings that the central & south part of the state got.

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  • Lorna McMahon Mar 31, 2016

    It’s always a pleasure visit and see what you are busy with, Karen. Those clamshells will make a lovely border. Looking forward to see the flowers springing up from behind the grass. And it’s fun to see how your quilting plan is coming together on the Winter Wonderland!
    Lorna McMahon recently posted…Let’s Bee Social #118My Profile

  • Vicki W Mar 31, 2016

    You are making great progress on all fronts!

  • Debbie B Mar 31, 2016

    I’m loving your quilting decisions on Winter Wonderland. It’s going to be great! So glad you dodged the bad storms last nite. I hope to travel out your way in October. It would be fun to meet you…we shall see.

  • Sharon S Mar 31, 2016

    Well I suppose my quilting is on hold for a while. I had my surgery yesterday and I can’t figure out how you managed to stay face down after your surgery without back and neck aches. I have that special chair I mentioned earlier but I still ache. 50 minutes in face down position and 10 minutes up to stretch. Any advice to pass along?

  • Sandra B Mar 31, 2016

    That’s a lot of clamshells!! They are going to look great….looking forward to seeing the borders come to life!
    That Christmas tree stencil is perfect for Winter Wonderland! And I love the quilting for the embroidery section….
    So glad to hear that you were missed by the bad weather! Thanks for letting us know!

  • Michele Hill Mar 31, 2016

    You are such a busy girl Karen…but then people tell me that too! Love those clamshells……look forward to seeing the end result x
    Michele Hill recently posted…Winners and birthdaysMy Profile

  • sue godfrey Apr 1, 2016

    Love to see how things are coming along. You are definitely ba k on track now? ilive go see how you think of borders etc they do make a difference. I am quite boring Nd tend to just put a single plain border on when I have finished a quilt so I need to make more of an effort to do something a bit more special… Xx

  • Mary Ann Apr 1, 2016

    Love seeing your works in progress. The stencil for Winter Wonderland is perfect. The borders with the clamshells for the Postage Stamp quilt is going to be beautiful.

    I’m going to try your system by working on one project each week. Hopefully everything will then show more progress. Will let you know how that goes.

  • Marianne Apr 2, 2016

    Wow! Good progress on so many projects!

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