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Handful of Scraps, Winter Wonderland

I got everything ready to start to put the center of Handful of Scraps together and I did get started on that last.  This photo was taken before I started to stitch the neutrals to the diamonds.   I will work more on it today – right now I have two of the diamonds and three neutral rows sewed together.  I do not know if it happens often but I had one paper from the middle fall off while I was folding the design this way and that to sew.  It was in the middle of a row like I say so it wasn’t a bother – I wonder if that happens often – I might not have basted that one tight enough.  I will pay closer attention to my basting.  While taking a break from the sewing I am basting about 100 of the neutrals so they will be ready for the next areas.


We had another storm yesterday come through – it was a quick one but while it was raining I sat down at the frame in the day time for a change and finished the last block on the row I had been working on and rolled it down again – 2 rows left!!  Winter Wonderland is coming along and close to an end.


More rain expected off and on today but mainly tonight – maybe another 1 – 2 inches – not needed now – we have had 3.25 inches in two days – need a break now the garden is drenched and so is the yard – too wet in areas to take my walks.

I am having problems with my comments – usually they come to my email but they are not so I do not know when people are leaving a comment unless I go look at the blog and see – I am trying to still answer but I might miss some because of it – I think I will try to answer on the blog for a couple days until the email program works again – it did this once last year for a week or so also – so if you want an answer or I normally get back to you – you might want to check the comments and see if I responded there.

I am linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict today and Fort Worth Fabric Studio and Crazy Mom Quilts.

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  • Deb May 27, 2016

    Rain Rain Go Away !! 🙂 Winter Wonderland has come along so nicely over the last few months! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Swept Back in Time…My Profile

  • SHARON May 27, 2016

    Lots of rain here as well…very soggy out there!!!! I love hexies and your project is wonderful! I am so impressed with your hand quilting set up…you go girl! I still love to hand quilt, but only very small projects. Otherwise..I do machine quilt on my domestic machine. Have a great weekend!
    SHARON recently posted…Mini-Patchwork ProjectsMy Profile

    • Karen May 27, 2016

      thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment Sharon – I love my big hand quilting frame but occasional do machine quilting on my domestic machine as well
      Karen recently posted…Hexies and QuiltingMy Profile

  • Thimbleanna May 27, 2016

    Wow — you’ve made a lot of progress while I’ve been gone! Your hexies are looking wonderful — are you liking EPP? I’m hoping to get back to my EPP project before too long — hopefully I’ll like it more too — I much prefer hand piecing. And you’re almost done with Winter Wonderland!!!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…Tied Baby QuiltsMy Profile

    • Karen May 27, 2016

      my comments that you all leave are still not being directed to my email box so answering here – I don’t mind EPP – I don’t know if it would ever be a favorite method but it isn’t bad. Working smaller sections is easy – but putting together larger areas is slower work
      Karen recently posted…Hexies and QuiltingMy Profile

  • Kathi May 27, 2016

    Loving your fun fresh Hexi Star for your center… I am loving this project !!! I am sorry you are having so much rain.. feel free to send it south! hahaha 🙂
    Winter Wonderland is getting so close! loving that for you 🙂 Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…My sewing room is clean … come on it!!My Profile

    • Karen May 27, 2016

      yes Kathi I am so glad to be near the end of Winter Wonderland – still wet here – maybe the rain will go your way?
      Karen recently posted…Hexies and QuiltingMy Profile

  • Vicki W May 27, 2016

    Oh, gosh, it’s so close to being done!

  • Kristie May 27, 2016

    Your hexies are coming along nicely. Another quilt almost off the frame…is it sort of bittersweet? I feel that way sometimes after working on something for so long.
    Kristie recently posted…Longarm Down…My Profile

  • Karen May 27, 2016

    I am still not getting any comments in my email program so I have to check off and on throughout the day to look at the blog-thanks all for stopping by!

  • Belarmina Antuña May 27, 2016

    Karen preciosos hexágonos, me encantan
    buen fin de semana

  • Kathy May 28, 2016

    I had the same thing happen on some of the hexies for my MWFG. I switched to basting through the papers. I was concerned about the threads when I went to remove the papers, but it really wasn’t a big deal. I snipped the threads and when I pulled out the papers, they pulled through the threads, so all in all, basting through the papers didn’t really add any time or effort.

    Hope your email dilemma is resolved soon.
    Kathy recently posted…The Rest of the WeekendMy Profile

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