Hexies and things

Handful of Scraps, Wagon’s West (dresden plates)

I feel like I did not get done with much on Sunday – I know I was busy but it was one of those days were you do not feel like you got done with anything.

More hexies for another diamond shape for the center of  Handful of Scraps were cut out and basted – so that was one thing – that will make the 3rd one.


Here are the first two pinned to the wall.


One more square for Wagon’s West was in the box maybe I will put it on the back of the quilt – not really sure –  what I will do with it.


Hydrangeas are beginning to get ready and I cut all the roses that were left on the bush, we are to get rain off and on all week and it always seems like the rain ruins the blooms so I cut them and now they can start all over again.


I was  curious as to how many tomatoes had already started as when I was checking out the garden it seemed like I was seeing a lot of them – 3 dozen with 4 plants going.


Bunny rabbits on my trail – some evenings if I get in a walk around the property I will see anywhere from 2 to 10 of them, they try to stay nice and still and won’t hop away until I am almost next to them.


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  • Gretchen May 16, 2016

    I can’t believe how your flowers and garden are growing! Our spring is coming so slowly, we actually had light frost yesterday morning. I really like your wagons west blocks, they’re beautiful! Blessings, Gretchen
    Gretchen recently posted…Pillowcases & Quilt ShowMy Profile

  • Doreen May 16, 2016

    So great to see your garden progress……so far ahead of these northers climes!!!! Your piecing is coming along GORGEOUSLY!!!!!!

  • Kathy May 16, 2016

    Wow, your garden is co I got along! I’m happy just to have blossoms on my tomatoes. Ha. We are going to get a lot of rain this week. Hope it’s not too much and ruins our tomatoes like last spring. Grrrr
    Kathy recently posted…An UpdateMy Profile

  • Vicki May 16, 2016

    I am loving your hexie project, I am getting sucked in more and more. One day I will start one;-)

  • Emily May 16, 2016

    Great set of hexies. Maybe a pillow for the extra block or it would look good on the back too. Can’t believe all your flowers and the tomatoes. You have got quite a green thumb.
    Emily recently posted…Moving it ForwardMy Profile

  • Sandra B May 16, 2016

    I know what you mean about not being sure what you did….I told a friend recently, in talking about how busy I stay, being retired, that sometimes at the end of the day, I cannot tell you exactly what I did all day, but I know that I was really busy doing it!!
    Love those little hexie diamonds! I know there are a lot of them in Handful of Scraps and you are moving right along!
    Your garden is doing great! I am just doing some things in pots on the deck this year…we will see how that goes…. The last several years didn’t do much, planted in the ground so I will see if there is more success in pots….if not, I guess I will just give up…wish me luck!! I always think of my father when I think about veggie growing….he had such a green thumb…we used to laugh and say that he could put a stick in the ground and it would yield something to eat!! Apparently, I didn’t inherit that green thumb!!
    Love that little bunny!

  • Kathi May 16, 2016

    I also had a busy Sunday with not a lot to look at at the end of the day but great progress is showing for me today… I hope the same happens for you when you sit down to write your post and reflect on today 🙂
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Your hexi project Handful of Scraps.. I have been reading along but hadn’t had time to comment . Do you like this way of sewing them now? You had been opposed to it previously.. maybe I missed that in your first post on this project. I am so happy you have pulled out Wagons West.. not sure what to do with that beautiful block.. could you make a throw out of it to coordinate on your bed?? It is such a nice block.. or you could integrate it into a pieced backing if you do those.. I like widebacks usually myself.
    Lovely flowers for you to adore.. I hope they are smelling as good as they are looking! 🙂
    Enjoy your walks… I wish we would get rain.. they say our rainy season will start before June though this year so that would give our well a rest! lol
    Kathi recently posted…So much to share from this week! My frame is LOADED!!!!My Profile

  • Teri Dingler May 17, 2016

    You could use the one Wagons West as the center of a table runner and fill in on either side with some appliqué since yours is so pretty and have another changeable table piece! I want some of those tomatoes when they ripen! Ha! I am ready for some good home grown tomatoes! And I have a whole pack of precut 1″ hexie pieces (600) for EPP or hand piecing if you want them – I will stick them in the mail to you! I can’t see me EVER doing these although I like their look!

  • Marianne May 17, 2016

    I know what you mean about feeling like you didn’t get much done in a day. That happens and I think it’s just fine. I made a loaf of bread and some granola yesterday and finished a book I was reading. That’s about it but I like a day to relax now and then. I spent a lot of time surfing around and looking through quilt books for a border idea. Still have no idea but am getting closer.

    How amazing that you already have tomatoes set on your plants. I usually try to buy them with little tomatoes on them, because our season is so short. Spring is slow in coming here, so I will wait til after Memorial Day to get serious about planting. I enjoy seeing your pictures of what’s ahead!

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