Handful of Scraps, Postage Stamp Quilt, Winter Wonderland

I skipped quilting at the quilting frame last night and picked up the Postage Stamp border to work on instead.  Half of the stem are now on the second border – a ways to go on this one still.  Always hard to get a photo of this one because of how long it is.


I tried to get a close up of the stitches by putting it close to the table light – the colors aren’t quite right but you can see the stitches.


Three of the six center pieces for the Handful of Scraps are finished.  I will continue to put these together then I think I will finish the center of this quilt before moving outwards on it.  I am getting the hang of the EPP and actually enjoying it.  I think the process goes faster than the other method I have done in the past.  I am linking to Quilt Story today for Fabric Tuesday where I won a prize this week!!  Always so nice.  I am also linking to Esther’s blog


I am about half way done with the row of blocks I was quilting on over the weekend – a lot of work still left on this one as these rows go a little slowly – kind of  boring really as they are all the same – but easy because of it.


To grow strawberries or not – that is the question – a waste of space?  Needed a good rinse as you can see – I have to pick them before they are really ripe or the critters get them.  So far I have picked two times with this amount several days apart so that means they get washed and eaten – certainly not enough to save for a dessert!  I tried growing strawberries another time and that venture lasted 3 years I think and still hardly had anything out of them.  A wire mesh cage would need to be put down over them I think.  When I think of what I can just buy at the store instead it leads me to think I need to pull the berry plants out when they are done and plant something else and forget about berries.  What I get is not worth the space.  Do any of you grow strawberries? How many plants or long of rows do you have to make it worth while to get enough to use?


Amazing the cooler weather we have had for almost a week now and will continue in the low 70’s now for the next couple of days – yesterday was a high of 60 degrees for the middle of May – not a usual happening here in north central Arkansas.  I haven’t had to turn the heat on to warm the house up, but it is close!  The sun wasn’t out at all yesterday and jeans and sweatshirt was the choice all day.  I won’t complain – I know the warm weather well be here soon enough and then we will complain about that.

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  • Gretchen May 17, 2016

    I don’t grow strawberries. My spring is so busy and it is so easy to go to a farmer’s market and buy them. Blessings, Gretchen
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  • Rebecca Grace May 17, 2016

    When I was a little girl in Minnesota, our next-door neighbors used to have a large strawberry patch in their garden and they let me pick them. I remember well those small, sweet berries! So I vote YES for strawberries, for nostalgia, and because the little ones that grow in your garden are so much tastier than the giant ones that come in plastic baskets at the supermarket.

    I love your applique border with the little green clamshells! As for EPP, I think I am going to have to give it a try soon. Looking on social media at other people’s Farmer’s Wife 1930s blocks, the ones that are the most precisely pieced are always done by EPPers. They must be on to something!
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Rebecca versus the Alice Block: Farmer’s Wife 1930s, Block 3My Profile

  • Deb May 17, 2016

    I am surprised about the EPP / I thought you did the other method before because IT was faster 🙂
    Strawberries : i have a few in a raised bed. If squirrels, birds, fungus from too much rain, etc don’t get them all the taste is out of this world.
    Deb recently posted…A Visit to The SpringhouseMy Profile

  • Charlotte May 17, 2016

    My only complaint about growing my own berries is how difficult it is to keep the weeds and grass out of them. When I was a kid, our family had a berry patch and picked and sold them in town. One year the merchants wanted the stems removed before they bought them. That made it very tempting to eat a lot of berries while sitting in the shade taking off the stems. Doesn’t it seem dirty to remove the stems before they were put out on the market!

    They’re definitely worth keeping; give them a while to spread out and, do they get enough sunshine where they’re located?

  • Wanda May 17, 2016

    It has been cooler than normal here too and I do have to turn the heat on because it has been in the 30s a couple nights (but no frost) and is supposed to go down to 39 again tonight. They are predicting normal temps for the rest of May starting this weekend. Can we believe them?
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  • Danice May 17, 2016

    Beautiful quilts. That green clam shell border is so unique. All very beautiful 🙂
    Danice recently posted…Ole Miss® lap quilt completedMy Profile

  • Val May 17, 2016

    Strawberry plants take a couple of years…maybe 3 to mature and the local growers spread dry straw around them so that the berries aren’t in the dirt. That said, I don’t know whether they put it down after they start or in the fall and let them come up through the straw in the spring. We have a lot of the tiny wild ones here and they are worth the trouble to pick.

  • Sandra B May 17, 2016

    Hexies look great!
    I have never tried to grow strawberries….we have a couple of berry farms in the area where you can go pick your own….that is easier than trying to grow them myself!!
    Love fresh strawberries!
    Karen, do I remember correctly that you are an NCIS fan? Season finale was tonight…had a couple of surprises….I won’t tell you what happened in case you didn’t see tonight’s episode…

  • Dawn Cooper May 17, 2016

    I am glad you are enjoying the EPP. I love doing hexagons with that method. I have also used it in 6 pointed stars. I like the accuracy & how everything comes together with perfect points.

    I thought you had done EPP previously & found it too labour intensive. I find the accuracy out weighs the prep time. It also allows for some stunning fussy cutting for special effects.


  • Peg May 17, 2016

    Agree about the work and the weeds. The big plus with home grown is that they are free of chemicals. Store bought are full of pesticides and herbicides.

  • Plum Cox May 18, 2016

    You have a lot on the go – and all looking lovely! We have just a couple of strawberry plants, and just a couple of asparagus plants. We don’t grow enough of either to make a full portion for anyone, but, oh my! the taste of something fresh and only seconds old can’t be beaten for a tiny summer treat!

  • Marianne May 18, 2016

    Those hexie diamonds really look nice. I was inspired to try… just for a second. I have done some EPP but can’t see well enough to put them together. So I just admire them from afar.

    We have blueberry bushes which I find more satisfying than strawberries for the home garden. Keeping the birds off is a challenge, but I just toss old sheer curtains over them. Seems to work OK. Our 5 bushes are still young, so all we get is enough for morning cereal. Hoping to have enough for a pie some day!

  • Sandra May 18, 2016

    I find doing any hand work relaxing. I enjoy doing EPP and I like doing hand applique.
    Sandra recently posted…Finally got this finished.My Profile

  • Marsha May 18, 2016

    I am in Kansas and I’m not liking the weather being this chilly!
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