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gardening, Handful of Scraps, Wagon’s West (dresden plates)

After taking the weekend break from hand quilting I was back at it last night and got a bit of cross hatching done on Wagon’s West.  I think I completed all the quilting in the circles on this row so this stretch of cross hatching should move quickly and then on to the second row of wheels – I did 4 of each design and I plan on quilting them each the same way.


One more row pieced on this quilt – if all the blocks were sewn together it would now be about 20 x 20. Any name suggestions for this one – Playful Butterflies is one choice so far and another Butterflies are Free.


Working on another hexie flower for Handful of Scraps pinned for the photo – upper right.  I am linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today and Quilt Story.


The shelve in the pantry cupboard is beginning to take shape, sweet mint and spearmint (misspelled label) and the jam.  I have peppermint drying since last night so it will be ready to put in a jar sometime today.   Then it will be another day of peppermint as I have two plants and both were ready for a trim but only room in the dehydrator for that from one plant even with 6 trays.


A whole lotta tomatoes! and more will be ready in a day or two – I will wait on them before I make more sauce – not really enough for canning so I am just making pasta sauce with them and what can’t be used for one meal will be put in the freezer.  I pick my tomatoes before they are really ripe because the bugs seem to start getting them at this orange stage, I don’t want to use bug treatments so just pick them early and let them finish a couple days on the windowsill.


The following photos are from the River Park area from the weekend in Oklahoma City – a nice park area to walk (if the weather had been a tad cooler LOL)


A lot of pretty flowers to look at along the way.


Several Egrets had (the white bird) been hanging close to the water and I got this one while it was still.



And of course ducks all lined up ready to hop back in the water to cool off.  I have one more set of photos from the Botanical Garden that was only a block away from the hotel that we walked to on Saturday morning before the heat got out of control once again.


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  • Deb Jun 22, 2016

    I like “Butterflies are Free” ! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Interbeing & a Bread RecipeMy Profile

  • Liz Jun 22, 2016

    How about flappers? Another stunning project.
    Liz recently posted…Top of the WeekMy Profile

  • Noreen Jun 22, 2016

    I love your Wagon Wheel quilt and the cross hatch is fabulous. I was going to do that pattern on one of my last quilts, but decided not to; will have to do it in the future.
    We dry herbs and put them in Mason jars as well; it’s been years since I canned.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Noreen recently posted…Fight SongMy Profile

  • glen in louisiana Jun 22, 2016

    My mother loved butterflies. At her funeral, I was able to get butterflies for everyone to release. Such a tribute, her fleeting (alzheimer) mind plus her love of butterflies. Did you know Psyche was a princess and love interest of Cupid? She came to mean the “soul” in Greek Mythology, and was shown as a butterfly. Which centers as the mind……..hence my mother’s butterflies!

    And I ended up with a ton of her butterfly fabric.
    glen in louisiana recently posted…Bnding…….My Profile

  • Janice Holton Jun 22, 2016

    Butterfly Parade. I really like the colors in that one.
    Janice Holton recently posted…House Block #2My Profile

  • Mary Ann Jun 23, 2016

    Thank you for sharing your photos from your trip. Beautiful area to visit. I like Butterflies are Free but whichever name you choose the quilt is lovely. Forgot whether this was from a pattern or your own design. The other projects are moving along nicely. Our garden is not looking good this year. Colder spring weather and no rain is definitely not helping. I won’t complain as we can water and others are being devastated by rain.

  • Sharon S Jun 23, 2016

    I will join your long line of admirers on your ‘butterfly quilt’. I have been wanting to make a butterfly quilt for a while and may copy yours…..I belong to a 12 Step program and butterflies are a symbol of freedom from old addictive habits.
    The pictures of Bricktown bring back great memories. Glad you posted them. Have a great day and try and stay cool!!

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