A Peaceful Day

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There is nothing quite like sitting outside on the porch when you have a slight breeze and the suns direct rays do not get to you!  I am not a sun worshipper – Low 80’s at home today not the blistering high 80’s like the day before.  I like sitting on the porch listening to the bugs and birds until it hits about 84 – then it changes and seems to be hot instead of comfortable.

I repotted a few plants and also brought the Christmas Cactus’s outside which I had forgotten to do.  My sister in law gave me a “Rose of Sharon plant the other day that she had gotten off of her plant which must be 10 feet tall and six feet around!  – I forgot to ask her how old this rooting is –  it is good size and has a nice woody stem to it.  I need to read up on it and see where to plant it in my yard, hers is mostly in the sun but she thought it does well in a sun/shade mix.  Her plant is old – it was on their land when they built their house near it – almost 20 years ago!

So today out on the porch I worked on another setting of flowers on the next grouping of stems for the Postage Stamp border.  While working on the wool I was listening to a Craftsy class by Sue Spargo on wool applique  (all classes are on sale for $19.99 or less) – it was interesting to see all those fancy stitches.  Who do you feel has the best information – or more information on Wool applique – who do you like? Names of blogs or websites please I would love more information on this – I am really enjoying it!


This time I just pinned my pieces in place to see how that worked.


The cactus’s here in the indirect light – I hope they do well, I believe they will.


One and a half sides of binding are done on Winter Wonderland.  Which I admit to just picking up now and then to work on – mainly when listening to the evening news.


Tuesday nights quilting was in this area on Wagon’s West.  I didn’t sit as long – only an hour before I moved back to the porch at 9 PM to read my book – it felt so nice as the temperature had dropped back to the high 70’s – I sat out there for about 45 minutes.  I will be doing that more now that it is summer time and the afternoons mainly are not for sitting outside.  You listen to a whole new range of sounds at night on the porch – you hear the frogs going crazy down at the pond and other night creatures as well.


You might be able to see more on this close up as to how I am doing the spinning wheel part of this block – possibly I will add two more lines in each piece – not sure.


The umbrella now up over the table on the deck end – the sun can get way too hot out there otherwise!


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  • Deb Jun 9, 2016

    How inviting your deck looks! 🙂

    I have two rose of sharon…a pink one in the back and a purple on the side. They are very hardy and they can grow quite tall…be sure to plant where you’ll be able to trim. Also if you want them to spread out, they’ll develop new ones now and again which you can dig up / kill or let them grow. The bees adore them; I’ve gotten many a good bee photo that way 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Crossroads to Jericho & Some CicadasMy Profile

  • Barbara Jun 9, 2016

    Your deck is beautiful looking out on your green surroundings-wish I was there stitching with you. The quilting on Wagon’s West is perfect. What tiny stitches! When you take Christmas cactus outside should it be in shade or sun?
    Barbara recently posted…Less is MoreMy Profile

  • Wanda Jun 9, 2016

    I would love to have a porch like yours. I don’t even have a back door on my house and the front porch is small. Rose of Sharon will grow anywhere. I have new little ones coming up all over and they pull out easily in the spring while they are small if you don’t want all of them.
    Wanda recently posted…Another old favorite………My Profile

  • Sandra B Jun 9, 2016

    What fun it is to watch your appliqué flower garden grow! Those little details you are adding are great!
    I really like how you are quilting Wagons West….I am enjoying the journey!!
    Love your porch area…what a relaxing place to sit and stitch with sights and sounds of nature all around….
    We are having a few nice days here in Virginia….highs in the 80’s, no humidity…but it won’t last….highs in upper 90’s and humidity coming in for the weekend…. On these cooler days I am trying to spend as much time as I can outdoors….once that hot, humid weather gets here, I will be inside more than out….

  • Barbara Jun 9, 2016

    Sitting outside at night sounds wonderful but we have so many mosquitoes around here that it’s just not done unless one has a fully screened porch, and we don’t.

  • Debbie B Jun 10, 2016

    I’m loving the wool applique. Your details are the icing on the cake. Love your porch, too. Nothing like a great porch for relaxing. You may have addressed this before, but I was admiring your red adirondack chairs with pads. Can you tell where you got the chairs and pads and footrest. They look great. Also, I will be following your work as I am about the start my first wool project. Have fun and enjoy!!!

  • Kathy Jun 10, 2016

    I love the quilting design you’re using on Wagons West. Great choice. It was too hot today to get outside – 98 – I’m hoping it’ll be cool enough to get outside this evening.
    Kathy recently posted…Welcome to SummerMy Profile

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