And Then There Was Wool

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I have been changing off projects a bit the last couple days and that is a good thing – less time to become bored with a project.  Really it is because the hexies can get tedious while putting together big sections – can not work on that one every day!

So I dug out the wool for the Postage Stamp quilt border and got another cluster of flowers fused in place and another bird and a butterfly.    I will need to add some embroidery of course to make these little creatures look more fun.


As you can see – I’m saving all the little bits of wool right now – that stuff is expensive and it needs to stretch!  You never know how little of a piece you might need LOL – it all gets put back in a zip lock bag.


All of these are now pressed in place – embroider some legs on the bird and antenna to the butterfly and some fun  decorative stitches to the flowers and it is amazing how the look can change.  I’m kind of getting addicted to this wool – and I can’t it is too expensive to work with.  I might be putting a call out to blog readers to see if they have any very light weight wool skirts or other light weight 100% wool no longer in use that they can cut apart  and mail me LOL (actually that is a pretty good idea – any takers?)  I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of person and have no wool in my closet – I’m actually kind of allergic to wearing it – makes me itch a little (wool socks has not bothered me).  But working with it like this has not bothered me in the least.  I wouldn’t mind learning how to felt 100% wool and dye it myself to use in quilts like this.


Stretched out on the floor so you can see the overall appearance – I need to add a little more to the left side – it looks a little bare – but I will wait, I need to get the quilt back out and measure the border by it to make sure it is not too long – or short before I get anything too close to the edges.


This morning when I looked out the sewing room window towards the garden (I’ve become in the habit of this after seeing the deer eat the garden) I saw this large hawk!!  Isn’t it a beauty – I had seen him a couple days ago in the backyard – well I am assuming it is the same bird – they are territorial aren’t they?


and then it moved to the wood pile near by.  I was taking the bird shots through the window plus screen so not the greatest but I was so excited to take the photo and didn’t want to scare it away by going outside and possibly having any noise startle it.


We had a rain storm come through unexpectedly yesterday mid-afternoon.  One of those that pop up in the heat of the day and turn out to be stronger than you think they will be.  I noticed the sky clouding up and thought rain – maybe the temperature will drop – I went out on the porch to enjoy it only to come back in the house quickly 5 minutes later.  The wind picked up something awful, rain started pouring so hard it was flying up on the porch covering the chairs.  I went in the house and the racket – thunder, lightening – power flickered off and on several times, internet went out – we ended up having just under 2 inches of rain in 45 minutes, the wind blew dead branches down out of the trees, I had a minor river running through the front yard in minutes LOL – but the temperature dropped from 87 to 69 in a matter of 10 minutes and it stayed at under 73 all evening – now that was nice!  And with in two hours all the puddles were gone – the ground had been so dry we had been getting brown areas in the yard.  The ground  drank up that moisture fast.  It was needed – not just all at one time so quickly though!!

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  • Judy Zoll Jun 30, 2016

    I know some who frequent places like goodwill looking for wool garments and cotton shirts to add to their stash. I haven’t tried that so I don’t know how successful that would be. At quilt show I have purchased scrap bags of wool that give you lots of smaller pieces of many colors that allow you lots of variety with not much investment. Good luck on your quest.

  • Kathy Jun 30, 2016

    I think I held on to one wool skirt from waaaay back in the day. If I did, it’s yours! I’m a jeans and Tshirt kind of gal, too. If I have to dress up, then I’ll wear a dockers style of pants with a dressier Tshirt.
    Kathy recently posted…Checking Back InMy Profile

  • glen in louisiana Jun 30, 2016

    So…question. Do you put the wool pieces on a cotton background? then stitch them down using perle cotton or whatever? I have never worked with wool because I thought I would need a wool background, and we live in Louisiana…..just sayin’
    glen in louisiana recently posted…Bunny BrigadeMy Profile

  • Sandra B Jun 30, 2016

    Love to see how you are progressing on the flower garden appliqué border …. And the little bird and butterfly add so much!
    That hawk is amazing! They really are beautiful….I have only seen one a couple of times…. Glad you thought to take a picture!
    We are having a strange weather day in Virginia, today….sort of cloudy, sort of sunny, at times it looks like it could pore down any minute… I had a doctor’s appointment early this morning, then a long list of errands…thought sure I would get caught in the rain….so far, though, it is still dry….they did predict rain for this evening, so we will see. It has gotten hot, though….would like to see some rain to cool it down.

  • Janice Holton Jun 30, 2016

    What a great place for wildlife you have! That is awesome!
    Janice Holton recently posted…Story of a QuiltmakerMy Profile

  • Mary Ann Jun 30, 2016

    Looks like a broad-winged hawk. They are 13-19 inches tall. Beautiful aren’t they. We have Cooper’s hawks. When my birds are out on the porch when she comes through they get really quiet and run to their cages if they are out. Then they get brave and yell at her. Funny to watch. Love watching the birds and you have a wide variety. Have a great day.
    Mary Ann

  • Marianne Jul 1, 2016

    Your border is so cute! I love the whimsical way it is turning out. I don’t have any wool clothing in my closet either, and when I go to the thrift shop downtown I don’t see any. Guess people aren’t wearing it as much although i remember making wool pants with linings way back when I was making clothes.

    When my Mom and sister were here last week, we went to a raptor center where they care for injured birds. Very interesting and fun.

  • Deb Jul 1, 2016

    Your wool work and the hawk are just gorgeous ! I don’t wear wool ; it makes me itchy! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…A welcome break…My Profile

  • Vicki W Jul 3, 2016

    How cool to see a hawk so close up!

  • Pam P Jul 7, 2016

    Hi Karen! I have some wools that I can send you – I love it too, and you’re right – save every little bit because it’s so pricey! I’ve never tried hand dyeing it though! Also, I have some cottons that I’ve been saving up for donation – looking for anything in particular? If so, drop me an email! Love your blog – I visit often 😉

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