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The heat is coming! up to 86 yesterday.  The tomatoes will be ripening one after another now which is a good thing because my plants themselves do not look that great – the leafs have been yellowing and turning brown – not all of them but a lot – the tomato plants themselves are covered in tomatoes.  They have had fertilizer – but the rain was either too much or not enough.


Yellow squash – it’s twins! these two are stuck together – cute LOL


Some of the cabbage got a bit of worm holes in them and I really had to work at freeing them of them – about 4 of the plants are really good and the others – well we will see – I have been told that when I am ready to use them to cut them in quarters and soak in salt water and that will take care of any nasty stuff that might have been left behind – we will see.


I have moved the mints to the deck where they will have a little more shade in the hottest part of the day – the plants were wilting a lot in the sunny afternoons, I need to transfer to some larger pots and I spent time swelter in the upstairs loft of the work shop going through large pots trying to find what I need – I found 3 big ones and might need to get 3 more.  I will start to transplant this week.


On to the quilting – on Sunday night I finished the first row stretch on Wagon’s West – and rolled it down.


This is where I start now – I have that wide strip of the blue/gray to do before I get to the blocks so we will see if I get into the wheels this time or wait until I roll it down one more time – there are 4 rows of wheels so you can see about half way there now.  I am linking today to Esther’s Quilts and Quilt Story: Fabric Tuesday.


Some more binding got done on Winter Wonderland but I am still on the first side that I was working on – I did get two leafs stitched down on the Postage Stamp border and I must say I think the Steam a Seam Lite2 is not as easy to stitch through as some of you seem to think it is.  It is holding though which is a plus but I do not know if I will continue to use it – to me the needle does not go through super easy.


And that is all I got done with  – I was outside more than in and also got the house cleaned first thing in the morning, laundry done and grocery shopping in the afternoon after I got done with the fitness center – too busy which is why very little stitching got done (the quilting was done on the previous night).  Today is blueberry picking in the morning and then we will see!

The testing post from yesterday was to see how blogging works with the Ipad – I went in directly to my blog (Word Press) and used the editing program there where you can write your post and insert photos – the photos have to be on your Ipad though so you either take the photos with your IPad which can be difficult I think because of the sun shining on the screen or take with your camera or phone and email the photos to you and open on the IPad – anyone know of anything different to do with that?  Is there an ap to use with Word Press that is what my blog is in?  I have a keyboard for my IPad which makes it much easier for typing I think and because it is smaller it works out better in the camper then the laptop as my table is very small that I work off of.  We will not be traveling anytime soon though so I have plenty of time to figure it out.

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  • Deb Jun 7, 2016

    All yout garden plants are coming along nicely! I think that I have one tomato flower thus far…we are usually behind your area.
    Deb recently posted…Leaves ( Flower Basket Quilt ) and Blooms ( Outdoors )My Profile

  • Vicki W Jun 7, 2016

    I wondered about the SAS. I find the stuff to be way too thick. It can gum up a sewing machine needed very quickly. I’ve pretty much switched to Mistyfuse for all my fusing now but I don’t know how well it will hold wool. If you want to try it let me know and I’ll send you some.

  • Raewyn Jun 7, 2016

    Nice to see your garden growing; we cleared some trees out of our vege garden this week so it can become a garden again and not a nursery!! Love your Wagon West quilt, I have a fascination for this style quilt at the moment. I don’t have an iPad so cant help you sorry – I travelled with my tablet and finally worked out what to do on that, but it was a bit of a mission to start with! ( I ended up using an mini card in my camera so I could insert it into the tablet, editing the photos with an online programme and then saving them to my Tablet, which were then there for the blogwriting!)
    Raewyn recently posted…Party time and I was late!My Profile

  • Frieda Z Jun 8, 2016

    I always just use some glue. Either Elmer’s or appliqué glue. I let it sit then iron the pieces and they have stayed really well for me. Hope you find something that works for you.

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