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I finished the second hexie for Handful of Scraps that I had intended to finish this weekend and didn’t  all pinned in place on the wall and I noticed I had forgotten one neutral – good thing of pinning to the wall is you see where you have to fill in for sure.  I have one more with the color selected to start basting today or tomorrow.  I am linking to Esther’s Blog today where she is talking about releasing a new pattern – I wonder what it will be she has some good ones.


I have about 5 or 6 more blocks pieced yesterday for the Jacob’s Ladder quilt which I have been told looks like Butterflies so must come up with some kind of name.  Yes a couple of the colors stand out right now – the red being the main one and there will be more of some of these brights standing out – it won’t be just one.  Each finished block up on that wall consist of 2 – four patches and 2 half square triangle – each of those is 2.5 inches finished block of 4 put together is 4.5 inches.  Yes they are small.


Someone asked how many design walls do I have – this is it.  I do have one portable which is a pain to put together but if I need it I can put it up in the living room or someplace.  Mainly I use this one for numerous projects until something gets large then one is up there until it is done.  This wall is two insulated foam boards covered in flannel with a board frame screwed into the wall – the flannel is taped to the back and the boards keep the flannel from sagging.


More tomatoes getting close to ready.  Used one cabbage for coleslaw yesterday – it was a small head but just right for us.


If it would just cool off I could enjoy my swing area – but it has been too hot to sit outside for long.


Strawberry rhubarb jam – I had found some rhubarb in the middle of winter at the local store and froze it and used half of it in the jam.


The Oklahoma National Monument that we visited this weekend – all of the chairs indicate a person that died in the bombing in 1995 of Oklahoma City’s Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.  The link provides all the information – a very touching sight – there were quite a few people there when we were and all walking through were so quiet – it was like going through a cemetery which in a way it is.


The only tree that survived in the bombing area – all the other trees in the park were planted when they were designing and building the park.  Trees do grow very fast here – some of the trees in the park are quite tall now.



Each chair lights up at night.


Another view.


The rectory of the church across from the building that was blasted had damage as well and had to be torn down – all in all 19 buildings had to be demolished as unsafe.



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  • Kathleen Jun 21, 2016

    The Oklahoma National Monument is a very emotionally moving place. Remember the time it happened and have been to the site many times through out it reconstruction to what a beautifully touching place it is now. I know what you mean about the humidity, not normal. I too, many times while traveling here in Oklahoma, am not able to do handwork like that. I can do do knitting thou. Glad you had a good time and Happy Anniversary. My first marriage was in 1972 too. Thank goodness you found a “keeper”, for life.
    Kathleen recently posted…What’s Up 06.20.16My Profile

  • Deb Jun 21, 2016

    What a beautiful place you visited. Your garden looks quite lush and happy!
    Deb recently posted…Interbeing & a Bread RecipeMy Profile

  • Sandra B Jun 21, 2016

    Handful of Scraps is looking good….and so are the Jacob’s Ladder blocks!
    Karen, thank you so much for sharing the photos of the Oklahoma National Monument and park. I doubt that I will ever get there to see it in person, so it is great to hear about this beautiful memorial…..

  • Marianne Jun 22, 2016

    The OK Natl Monument looks like a very moving experience. Thanks for the photos!

  • Glenda Jun 22, 2016

    Dear Karen your design wall looks a little empty after seeing it so full most of this year. Those tiny blocks for Jacobs ladder are lovely, so fresh and yes a little like butterflies, but oh how tiny those pieces must be. You see how small they are when you see them from a distance on the design wall. You do have a lot of patience. The monument you visited looks so Peacefull, how lovely to have such a lovely place to help the sorry that happened. Hugs Glenda
    Glenda recently posted…WOW 22nd June 2016 LE, Friendship quilt, and Mars quilt.My Profile

  • Marsha Jun 22, 2016

    I moved back home to Kansas from OKC just weeks before the bombing!
    Marsha recently posted…WIP Wednesday– Home From the Mission TripMy Profile

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