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Yesterday I just didn’t do a lot of quilting.  I got a little more done on Wagon’s West on Thursday night but not a lot – I really need to slow it down for a week for quilting as the fingertips have gotten bad again and need to heal – so no quilting Friday night and maybe not all weekend.  I do need to get the binding machine stitched to Winter Wonderland and then spend a week with the hand stitching.


A cute quilt to make with scraps – these are all nine patch blocks set on point – a very cute quilt –if you do not have the scraps or have a hard time deciding how to use your scraps – you can get the kit: Marcus Fabrics Paula Barnes Companions Fabric & Four Square Pattern Quilt Kit  from Craftsy on sale for $107.97 – this kit includes about 12 yards of fabric and the paper pattern that would be sent with the fabric.  I think I will be making this one.  Although I should probably work on the flannel quilt kit I got a couple months ago first! or maybe this, or maybe that – all the patterns that run through my head LOL – how ever in the world to decide what to make next when I already have so many in the works and more to get started on!


We have not had a ton of rain but we have been cooler than usual so what rain we had has not dried out and we have some mud here and there in the yard and plenty of mushrooms growing – I liked this one so slender and the top is neat.


Wild Black Eyed Susan’s growing in one area next to the woods – letting them grow wild and not cutting the grass in this area.


The same area from a distance.


Sweet Mint ready to dry for tea – I have a ton of it so I’m drying some and well store in a mason jar in the pantry cupboard in the dark so it will stay good all winter.  Well have to do this in two batches as you need a little space between the leafs so it will dry good.  I let the dehydrator go over night and then will put in this second amount that is on the towel.  I will need to start doing each of the mints in turn the mint is the largest of the plants.  I will have plenty fresh to use all summer as well.


Look how big some of these leafs are.


Rain is leaving the forecast and it looks like it is going to be a hot week coming up around 90 every day – I will run out to my brother’s farm one day in the coming week in the morning to get blueberries and hope for a cool morning!

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  • Deb Jun 4, 2016

    We were supposed to get rain and a cool off / had light showers and it got so humid it felt the same. North of here got the real rain, I guess. Oh I love that patch of Black Eyed Susan…how pretty and your mint is prolific and happy, I see. I forgot about that flannel kit, lol!
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  • Mary Jun 4, 2016

    I am currently working on that Paula Barnes quilt kit. It is fairly easy to cut and sew.

  • Kim Webb Jun 4, 2016

    Hi Karen,
    Love the black eyed Susan’s. I’m going out to plant some seeds that I bought in Florida over the winter. I should have planted them about a month ago, but completely forgot about them.
    Hope the fingers are feeling better soon.

  • Sandra B Jun 4, 2016

    You know, it is okay to skip quilting every now and then….I always try to get in at least a little stitching every day, but sometimes, I just have to take a day off ….with me, it is my wrists that prompt a break in the routine….since I am a hand piecer and hand quilter, sometimes my wrists just get sore…. But I try to use those days for cutting up scraps, planning how I want to quilt an already finished top, etc. so it all balances out….
    Love that scrappy nine patch quilt! I actually have that on my “to do” list for 2016!! A little table topper I recently finished up was a scrappy nine patch…I made it as sort of a test to see if I would like making all those little blocks…I loved it!! So my plan is to start that as a project that I know will be long term, but I will work on it as I am working on other projects since it will be easy to prep, easy to pick up whenever I have a few spare minutes…. And I really like that on-point setting!

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