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Postage Stamp Quilt, Wagon’s West (dresden plates), Winter Wonderland

With such a little bit left to work on finishing the Winter Wonderland quilt – only 3 squares left to do yesterday – I did one here, one there and finished late afternoon.  It went on the frame February 18th –3 1/2 months of work –  with two weeks off for my eye healing after surgery in late February – so lets round it off to 3 months of work – 130 hours of quilting.  Here it is laid over the bed, I still need to get the binding on it and then the hand stitching – I will take another photo when I am done.  I really am in no rush – I hope I do not put it off – even though I am in no rush I do want it done.  I will measure it after washing and drying – should be around 96 x 100 or so I think if I remember right.


And here is the next one on the frame!! much smaller isn’t it, it only took me 30-40 minutes to get it on the frame — Wagon’s West.


And I got started on the first bunch of flowers on the Postage Stamp border.


It was hard to get a close up for some reason – I think I took 4 and the lighting was finally ok on this one.


A question! What kind of fusible do you use for hand work?  I was told Soft Fuse – it is an easy product to work with but it does not stay in place well – you press it with a hot iron like you do with all fusible’s but I find it comes off very quickly and doesn’t stay on well.  I thought it was permanent.  Shouldn’t it be? You iron, and by the next day it seems to be falling off!!  I am working by hand with this so you want your needle to slip in and out easily which it does – but the fuse should be helping it to stay in place also.  What brand do you use?

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  • Lynn Jun 2, 2016

    I’ve been using washable glue for my applique. I hadn’t done much applique at all and someone recommended this method. Last week I started washing my blocks in preparation for putting the sashing on and I do NOT like the glue. It just doesn’t want to come off and seems to leave a residue.

    I’ll be watching to see what everyone else uses.

  • Susan Jun 2, 2016

    Love your quilts.
    Last fall I took a series of wool applique classes. The Soft fuse was recommended as the heat and bond makes the wool too stiff and harder to sew. I agree though that the Soft fuse doesn’t hold all that well.

  • Judy Zoll Jun 2, 2016

    Lisa of Primitive Gatherings has a tutorial or video (can’t remember which) on fusing wool. I love soft fuse for cotton on cotton but also find it doesn’t work as well on wool. Everytime you pin baste a quilt I wonder if you have ever watched Sharon Schamber’s method of basting. I finally tried it and it love it. Much easier on the aging body!

  • Kathi Jun 2, 2016

    I have heard Steam a Seam 2 … since they remade it from it’s epic fail of a change… what you can buy now is supposed to be the best.. made by the Warm Company. I have a friend who does lots of applique and loves this stuff so I have it but haven;t had a project that called for it yet… lol!
    Your flowers on your border are just so whimsical and fun looking.. hope you enjoy that type of stitching!!!
    I am sooo happy you were able to get your Winter Wonderland off the frame and wagons west on the frame… is wagons west a wall hanging? I love that one and look forward to see how you will quilt it! 🙂
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  • Deb Jun 2, 2016

    Like the Bible says in Songs “For Lo the Winter is Past” !!! 🙂 It looks so pretty on the bed !
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  • Gretchen Jun 2, 2016

    I have a friend who does a LOT of fusible applique. She says Steam A Seam 2 is the best product there is. I have purchased some for a project, but haven’t used it yet. It is available at Yoder Department Store in Shipshewana, that is where I got mine. Apparently it comes in different weights because they asked me what I was going to do with it, then said I need the lightweight. Congratulations on a finish! Blessings, Gretchen
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  • Doreen Jun 2, 2016

    Interesting dialog re the fusible! Always a challenge to balance the ‘needs’ that we require. The “Winter Wonderland” is huge and gorgeous!! The “Wheels” looks like a mini by comparison. The flowers are going to be the perfect finish!!!!! FUN!

  • Barbara Jun 2, 2016

    I use Steam a Seam lite or 2- can’t remember the exact name but buy whichever is the very lightest. Another important thing to do so that there is no heaviness or stiffness to the piece is to cut out the center of the fusible so that the fusible is just a 1/4 inch ring around the outside edge of the wool piece you are fusing. First trace the fusible design, I use a light table, onto the steam a seam, rough cut it out leaving a little around the outside edge of the tracing, cut out the center as mentioned above, then peel the one side of the paper off and place the steam a seam on the wool, next cut out the wool flower on the tracing line. Next peel the last paper off and press in place on the background. No pins needed. You can use those center cut out pieces of steam a seam for smaller pieces like leaves or centers of other flowers.

  • Ruth Jun 2, 2016

    Beautiful quilt! I’m very interested in the fusible issue since I want to try applique.
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  • kathy Jun 2, 2016

    I did a project with wool on cotton and used Lite Steam-a-Seam 2. It worked great. the product is sticky allowing you to change your arrangement is needed before the fusing process. The fabric was not stiff and no issues stitching through it.

  • Rebecca Grace Jun 2, 2016

    Congratulations! Doesn’t it feel fantastic to finish a project like that? I am curious how you keep track of the time that goes into your quilts. Since I work in odd moments here and there, over LONG periods of time, I really have no idea of the total amount of time that goes into each quilt. That would be handy information to have next time someone asks me to make them one as a “favor.”

    I can’t help with the fusible question. I have my first two hand applique projects still in progress, did one with preturned edges and Roxanne’s Glue Baste-It and the other one I’m pinning and needleturning as I go. I didn’t realize there was a method for hand stitched applique with fusible web!
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  • Belarmina Antuña Jun 2, 2016

    precioso edredón
    no me gusta trabajar con fusible , la aguja no desliza
    se pega,
    me gusta el método tradicional (entretela)

  • Kathy Jun 2, 2016

    Wow, Wagons West looks so small compared to Winter Wonderland. Winter Wonderland sure looks great on the bed! Well done.

    I like your border flowers … so cute! I cannot wait to see the borders finished and on the quilt.
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  • Marianne Jun 3, 2016

    Congratulations on finishing one and getting started quilting another! I always drag my feet with the binding. I have a bed-sized one waiting – and the binding has been ready since before it went to the quilters last fall. Maybe Sunday… maybe Monday…!

  • Vicki W Jun 4, 2016

    You don’t let any dust collect on the quilt frame! I bet it will be nice to work on a small one for a change.

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