Wagons West and Nine Patch

Postage Stamp Quilt, quilts, Wagon’s West (dresden plates)

I thought to make the nine patch more interesting I might not make the pattern I showed the other day – LOL – mainly due to a mistake on my part I made the blocks too big!  should have been much smaller – after looking at the pattern a little more I see there is a plain square in between the blocks – these blocks are 8.5 finished so too big to really do as the pattern shows.

The Nine Patch


The Nine Patch a little different – cut each finished nine patch in quarters and put back together – these are just folded to show what I mean.  A little more interesting!  I might do it this way – not positive but thinking on it.  Well decide after I make more of them.  Is there a name for this? “slice and dice”? “stack and whack” I don’t remember the name. EDITED: @ 7:38 AM (Susan mentioned in the comments that she thought it was a disappearing nine patch and I checked and that is what it is – this version just looks different because of all the white squares in mine, a lot that I saw on line use nine different colors for their squares)


A couple more flowers ready to stitch and embroider the Postage Stamp border.


Sometimes it is hard to quite capture the texture and stitches due to lighting –  this is the second wheel on Wagons West.


This is the first one with a few more lines of quilting in the swirls.


I didn’t have time to do much in the sewing room yesterday we spent half the day in Little Rock for my check up with the eye surgeon – the eye is healed but the cataract grew faster than he thought it would – he had said I would probably need cataract surgery in a couple years now it looks like by the end of this year – next appointment half way though August well find out more then.  (after the type of surgery I had if you have not already had cataract surgery but have cataracts it is very common for them to grow faster – this was not unexpected).

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  • Deb Jun 11, 2016

    Enjoy your stitching today….love seeing Wagon’s West coming along. We are in for a hot one today in the 90’s, ugh.
    Deb recently posted…Stitching this WeekendMy Profile

  • Sandra B Jun 11, 2016

    Karen, I know you accidentally cut your squares too large, but I love your nine patch variation! Awesome look!!
    I really like the quilting on your Wagons West wheel blocks…..you always pick just the right quilting design to accent the piecing!
    I am sorry that you may need cataract surgery sooner than you thought…I know that wasn’t what you had expected to hear…

  • Susan Jun 11, 2016

    I think the block is called Disappearing 9 patch.

  • Gretchen Jun 11, 2016

    I think a disappearing 9-patch quilt would be an interesting quilt. What a great way to resolve your 9-patch problem. Blessings, Gretchen
    Gretchen recently posted…Three Finishes & Sweet SurrenderMy Profile

  • Kathy Jun 11, 2016

    I love nine patches, and I’d like to make a disappearing nine patch one of these days. I can’t wait to see more of yours. I suspect I’m getting very close to needing cataract surgery, but I won’t know for sure until fall. Chemo frequently affects vision, so I will wait until a few months after I finish chemo before I go for my eye exam (I’m due to go this month, but I don’t want to go, pay for a new prescription, which I know I need only to find out that my vision reverted back to what it was before once I finish up chemo).
    Kathy recently posted…Welcome to SummerMy Profile

  • Kaholly Jun 11, 2016

    Man oh man, those wagon wheels are gorgeous! I like your nine patch with a white center! I think it will be more unified. There’s something choppy about the Disappearing Nine Patch that I just don’t care for. Have a nice day tomorrow! XO
    Kaholly recently posted…One Monthly GoalMy Profile

  • Vicki W Jun 11, 2016

    Love the quilting on this one!

  • Marianne Jun 12, 2016

    I got a bunch of 9 patch blocks in a swap and turned them into disappearing nine patch blocks. I used two large light blocks and two large darker blocks in the center (hope that makes sense to you) and mixed them up. Looked good.

  • Colleen Jun 13, 2016

    Missouri Star quilt s has a YouTube you can watch to see how she makes hers just to give you ideas if you want them

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