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Postage Stamp Quilt, Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland’s last row is now half way across as of Monday night.  This much left to do and I probably got half of that done at least last night but I didn’t get to it until after I wrote this post so who knows.


I really wanted to get started on my wool flowers for the borders on the Postage Stamp quilt last night but wanted to get the quilting done more.  But I’m ready to get started.  I got my project box out yesterday and got all my wool  cut in half – two borders remember so I need to divide it up and try to stretch it out – this stuff is pricey and I don’t want to have to order more to get this project finished.   I am linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today.


Two stacks


Other fabric to possibly mix in here and there – in the book Wendy shows how you can cut circles and have the bottom circle be the wool and a top smaller circle be a print.  I also have a bundle of colorful flannel FQ’s that I just noticed on the shelf so I will toss those out to the project box as well, but I will get them wet and dry them first – would like to make sure they have some of the shrinkage out of them first.


The borders will be something like this but I am using her photo for inspiration.    Also this piece in the book is much smaller than my borders are so my flowers will be spread out over a longer piece.


Some examples in her book – primitive – nothing fancy – embroidery can be used to embellish flowers.  Birds can be added if you wish.


I would have got done with more on the quilting front yesterday but I was busy getting fresh sand in between the pavers – a lot of it got washed out when I did my pressure washing of the deck and pavers last week.  Now of course we are to get rain for most of the week through the weekend – I have an extra bag that didn’t get used so I guess I might be putting more in it next week!  It is also getting to that time of the garden year when the dehydrator will be sitting out for months on end drying herbs – yesterday it was basil, now I will see what I get to next in between the rain – I think it will be the sweet mint.


I am beginning to wonder what I will get out of my garden this year – the raised beds are a bit wet from the rain about 4 days ago and I found deer  prints in it and the tops of many of the green bean plants were bitten off! the blossoms were underneath those leaves and untouched for now – hmm wonder if they will get those next.  I’m starting to think maybe a flower garden will be nice next year with tomato plants & herbs scattered in between and forget about everything else.  Put some bird houses here and there and a bird bath – could be pretty!

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  • Deb Jun 1, 2016

    I hope those critters stay away and let you have SOME of your garden at least!
    Since our heat wave hit, no rain whatsoever and having to water everything every day…feels like July or August. Some of my seeds are coming up, though and the tomatoes look happy thus far.
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  • Sandra B Jun 1, 2016

    Beautiful colors in your pieces of wool….your borders are going to be great! Those flowers will be a great complement to the postage stamp blocks! Looking forward to following along as the borders begin to blossom!
    We are finally getting a clear day in Virginia! That was a change in forecast….originally we were to get more rain today….we could get some tonight I think but at least I can get outside and get some weeding done…and with all the rain we have had, the weeds should come up easily! On our local news last night they said our area broke the record for wettest May ever…the old record was set in 1889!!
    Your pavers look great….you have a lot of places on your property to sit and enjoy the pretty surroundings!

  • Barbara Jun 1, 2016

    I can’t wait to see the progress on your wool borders. I love the idea of a bird added once in a while. I find that Milorganite, works well at keeping deer away but that could be just a repellent for”northern” deer. It’s so frustrating to put in all that work and discover all the damage the next day.

  • Swooze Jun 1, 2016

    Which dehydrator do you have?
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  • Colleen Jun 1, 2016

    Oh those deer rodents when I lived in the Oakland Hills of California. Some years they would come through and eat every rose and the tender tips of the bushes another year I gave up on my strawberry patch and planted Pansy’s the deer love pansey flowers one morning the flowers gone the next morning the whole plant roots and all. The spring after the Oakland Hills fire they ate everything even the ivy that year I did feel for the deer so much of their food was gone and I didn’t have to trim the ivy

  • Marianne Jun 2, 2016

    Remind me of the title of the book you are using for the border? I like the looks of that table runner. And the soft colors of wool really are wonderful, aren’t they?

    Love your little patio – the pavers look so nice!

  • Kathy Jun 2, 2016

    I love your inspiration piece for your border … you might have shared it before, but if so I’ve forgotten. It was hard for me to visualize what you were going to do with your borders, but now that I see it, I like it! We aren’t having any luck with our green beans. I tried to tell DH that after our poor luck the last 3 years, we should rethink green beans … but he was insistent as green beans are his favorite veggie. So far our tomatoes look like they’re doing ok, and I need to check to see how our cucumbers are coming along since they were planted a little later.
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