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Baking/cooking, Wagon’s West (dresden plates)

I didn’t get much sewing done yesterday – I did run to the farmer’s market and stopped at the library’s bookmobile which was parked there – my daughter Melanie works on it so needed to say hi.  There were some good looking tomatoes at the market – so I thought to get some to add to mine so I could have enough to can some and I got some peaches for jam.  Oh and a jar of local honey – I always hear that you should try a spoonful of local honey a day for your allergies – some people swear by it and say you see an improvement – this honey is from a local farm about 3/4 mile from me so it is very local to me.  I will try it and see what happens – one spoon a day – anyone every hear of this?   I got the peach jam made and the tomatoes will be taken care of today.  I have six racks of peppermint drying in the dehydrator and  did 4 racks of sweet mint the other day – spearmint is next.  After the market I ran over to Wal-Mart to buy another box of pint canning jars – I was starting to run low.  I am storing the dried herbs in the jars too and putting them in the pantry cupboard where it stays dark most of the time I heard that is how you should store them.


I rolled Wagon’s West down and it is now at the half way point!  41 hours of quilting in it so far and a couple days over a month that I put it on the frame.  I am linking to Lorna’s Sew Fresh Quilts and if you want to enter any of her give aways you still have time today – winners are announced tomorrow.  I am also linking to Quilt Fabrication: Midweek Makers and My Quilt Infatuation.


Maybe I will have more to share tomorrow – yesterday was just a busy non-quilting day!  Grass had to be cut in the evening as it was such a hot day, laundry, cleaning in the daytime – you know all that stuff quilters hate waste time on!

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  • Deb Jul 6, 2016

    Oh Karen your jam looks wonderful!! That’s a bit of work just in itself ; I’d say a busy day indeed! 🙂
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  • Sandra B Jul 6, 2016

    Sounds like you had a productive day, even with not so much sewing!
    Years ago, my husband suffered with a ragweed allergy (otherwise known as hay fever)…eating local honey did help…he no longer has the allergy, but if he did, we would definitely be buying local honey….
    We are at the start of a stretch of hot, hot, humid weather in Virginia….upper 90’s with heat index over 100 degrees…Ugh!! I will be staying inside as much as possible!!

  • Carole Jul 6, 2016

    Beautiful, I do so admire those who can hand-quilt. I do not have the patience for it.
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  • Teri Dingler Jul 6, 2016

    I have heard that local honey is good for allergies- and it has to be the local honey from your specific area- that is the key as it has been pollinated with your area’s pollen which will help build up the immunity to allergens. And I, too, have heard people swear by it! I have not kept an exact time frame on the civil war quilt for quilting but know approximate times! Rolling along on mine! Love the pattern you are doing on the Wagon’s West.

  • Doreen Jul 6, 2016

    A very “productive” day, I would say!!! Storms rolled through last eve. We have a “day off” before a rerun tomorrow!! No damage here but north of here, up thru the Cities, was much worse (no power, flooding , etc). 70 mph winds in LaCrosse, tho! Ick! Off to the machine for some piecing today!!! Happy whatever day!!!!!

  • Becky T Jul 6, 2016

    Local Honey is a good thing…. Raw Local Honey is better because the pastureratsion heat knocks out some of the good stuff that helps fight the allergy. (yah the spelling is wonky but I can not seem to get it close enough for my spell check )

  • Susan Jul 6, 2016

    That treadmill of life getting in the way of quilting! Bugs me when that happens, but I guess we all need a break. Thanks for linking up at Midweek Makers.

  • Marianne Jul 7, 2016

    I’ve heard the same thing about honey, and also that you should start eating it for a few weeks before allergy season begins. I don’t like honey – too sweet – so I’ve never tried it, though.

    Love peach jam! The strawberries are just at peak here now, so will have to wait a while for peaches to appear (probably from down South). I still have strawberry jam from last year, so maybe this will be the year I do some peach.

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