Postage Stamp Quilt, quilts, Wagon’s West (dresden plates)

Yesterday we had two more inches of rain from very early morning through the early afternoon.  More work was done with the sewing machine and Butterfly Parade grew a little more – my piles of pre-cut squares that I am using for this quilt is shrinking and that is a good thing – I had hoped to use them all and I think I will.  10 x 11 rows of 4.5 inch squares.


11 more blocks lined up ready to make half square triangles for the next row.  I am linking to Esther’s Blog today.


Just a few of the crosshatching marks left to quilt on the right side before I can say half way done and roll Wagon’s West down once more.


I had thought I would work faster on the wool then I have been doing but slowly the first border of two for the Postage Stamp is getting done – quite a ways to go still though.  Before I get any of the other projects already started out of the project boxes I would like to finish those borders and get it done.  But I do get bored with it also at times LOL – it is a good thing I have a variety of things to work on.  It is getting close though to saying this border is done – two more clusters of flowers – measure it next to the body of the quilt to make sure it is complete when I am done with those two clusters and move on to the next border.  I doubt I will be adding much more to these border then what you see.


The cluster of items being worked on – two flowers still need to be completely stitched down and then I need to add some embellishing.


The butterfly close up


I read a trilogy of books last week – well it might have taken  10 days.  I like trilogy’s sometimes but at times it irritates me when big gaps of time are left out – and total characters at time seem to fade into the woodwork and are forgotten.  Usually I tend to like the first book and then loose interest – I had gotten this one as a set for $6 so I guess money wise it wasn’t a total waste.  In this set of books people even seemed to forget who they were related to!  I finished the set but must admit to skipping pages and pages in the second and then third book.  In The Land of the Long White Cloud by Sara Lark is the first of the trilogy in case you are interested in what it was.  The books take place in New Zealand in the 1800’s – 1920’s and sorry this one is a thumbs down in my opinion.

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  • Deb Jul 5, 2016

    the wool border is so cheery looking….we have had some rain but not to that degree however it is jungle-like humidity this morning, ugh!
    Deb recently posted…A welcome break…My Profile

  • Sandra B Jul 5, 2016

    Your design wall looks so cheerful with Butterfly Parade and Handful of Scraps….
    Wagons West is moving right along….
    And your appliqué border is looking great….
    Lots of progress being made!

  • Kathy Jul 5, 2016

    I think you e got just the right amount of appliqué on those borders. Just enough to add some whimsy and interest, but not so much to be too busy and detract from the quilt itself.
    Kathy recently posted…One Lovely Blog AwardMy Profile

  • Kathi Jul 5, 2016

    I just love your felt applique … the butterfly is precious and the flowers are delightful… such a whimical addition to the center it will later be added to also!! I am loving your progress on Wagon’s West.. sorry to hear you had more rain but that will keep you from having to water the garden I guess! lol bummer about the trilogy that was a disappointment. Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Happy Birthday America… and me too!My Profile

  • Vicki Jul 5, 2016

    I wish Audible had a “thumbs down” flag so I could mark books/authors that I don’t want to read!

  • Glenda Australia Jul 5, 2016

    Hi Karen Oh my goodness so much to see this week, you have been on a roll sewing this week but with that much rain what else can one do LOL Your Butterfly Parade is looking so lovely and fresh how lovely it will look at spring time on a bed. Wagon West is looking fab, this is a stunning quilt not sure how you had the patience to make all those points LOL Your borders are going to be so striking with the clamshells and then the whimsical flowers and creatures they are so cute. I always enjoy my visits on a Wednesday Karen so thanks for making the effort to share with us, Hugs Glenda
    Glenda Australia recently posted…6th July 2016 PNG Friendship quiltMy Profile

  • Marianne Jul 6, 2016

    Love the Butterfly Parade quilt in progress! And the wool applique is turning out really cute. Thanks for the non-recommendation – I wouldn’t have persisted with a trilogy, despite the cost. I now have a “50 page rule” – if I don’t like a book after about that many pages, I stop reading it and move on to another. Life’s too short! Have you read any books by Robert Galbraith? That’s JK Rowling’s pseudonym for adult crime novels. They are a bit grisley but somehow I can’t stop reading. I’m on the third book now – Career of Evil.

  • Kaholly Jul 6, 2016

    I know I say this repeatedly, but the amount of progress you make astounds me. And everything you do is always so beautiful! XO
    Kaholly recently posted…June OMG AccomplishedMy Profile

  • Plum Cox Jul 6, 2016

    Love your butterfly quilt – but really love the applique border with the flowers too! What a lot you’ve done this week!

  • Esther Aliu Jul 7, 2016

    Oh WOW look at all this progress, those blocks are lovely and I always have a soft spot for butterflies!
    Esther Aliu recently posted…WOW: Roses Galore!My Profile

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