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Between stitching on Handful of Scraps for two nights in a row I got that great big section sewn in place and now it is one big piece on the wall.   Good thing for thimbles as the stitching finger would have been raw if I hadn’t used it – I started out without it on Thursday night and that didn’t last long before I knew I would need it on.   Next I will make one more flower hexie to go on the opposite side of the lower diamond in the corresponding place that the green flower is in.  After that – more neutrals!  I was asked do you leave the papers in until you are done or take them out as you work out  from the center – maybe leaving in two rows on the outer edges to keep all in place as you stitch?  Right now I do not know.  If pieces fall out they fall out I am not trying to stick them back – having never done a large piece like this I do not what you usually do when EPP a big piece like this.  In the book it is suggested to leave them all in until it is finished.  For those of you who do EPP what do you do?   Leave them in or take them out as you go?  Right now at it’s widest point across the top neutrals it is 38 inches – from top to bottom 35 inches.  I believe Sandra one of my readers counted hexies for me and said it is at 409 and I think I added 2 more around the yellow flower so maybe I am at 411 now – give or take.  These are 7/8th inch hexies.


I have a small stack of bricks and white pieces cut for more machine work this weekend for the scrappy quilt – I have not worked on it for 3 or 4 days so need to get some more stitched and cut.  I am linking to Tweetie Loves Quilting today.


Melanie was over last night and she brought a piece that she is almost finished with, it will be a table topper.


Here is a quarter laid on top so you can imagine the size better.


Just a few more pomegranates needed for this size.


Only a little stitching got done on this edge of Wagon’s West Thursday night – I worked on the hexies most of the evening instead.


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  • Deb Jul 30, 2016

    Melanie’s piece is absolutely amazing. I love when she brings her work over 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Sewing Under the “Heat Dome”My Profile

  • Ruth Jul 30, 2016

    I leave my EPP papers in until the piece is completely surrounded by other pieces, i.e. no edges or points on the outside. Then I remove the papers and often reuse them. It makes handling the project so much easier.

    I love your daughter’s embroidery! Has she tried doing blackwork? Her piece reminds me of blackwork.
    Ruth recently posted…I actually finished…My Profile

  • JoanG Jul 30, 2016

    Beautiful work by Melanie. On the topic of hexie papers, I take everything except the outside row out. The general rule is that once the hexie is completely surrounded the paper can be removed. I find it is easier to manipulate the piece when there are less papers keeping it stiff.

  • glen in louisiana Jul 30, 2016

    I tend to leave my hexie papers in. that said, McGee (half of the Bad Basset Boyz) insists on taking them out……..
    glen in louisiana recently posted…Baptist Fan RulerMy Profile

  • Kathy Jul 30, 2016

    I remove papers as I go … I leave papers in the outer two rows of hexies. If it gets too big, it’s a little unwieldy with all the papers in. But as long as you keep at least the outer row papers in, removing the inner row papers is a matter of personal choice.
    Kathy recently posted…OK, Maybe It Was a Bit of a Blogging BreakMy Profile

  • Alida Jul 30, 2016

    Beautiful projects! I tend to get the paper out after I joined few rows around a piece, however I never worked on a project of that size, so I am not sure!

  • Paula Jul 30, 2016

    What a great design! I have a thing for EPP hexagons and currently have 4 works in progress. If I’m making a grandmother’s flower garden I leave the papers in until I’m combining them into the quilt. I just like the way they look when sitting in my basket.
    For most of my work I make smaller sections, then join those together. I find the pieces easier to work with if I take out the inner paper pieces and just leave in any that touch the outside edge. This maintains the stability and shape. As I join sections together, I’m able to take out the paper where the 2 pieces join. Taking out the paper makes the project so much easier to fold and bunch up to get to the edge where I need to sew. My first EEP hexagon was queen-size, and this method worked quite well. I hope this helps.

  • Marianne Jul 31, 2016

    Wow – 409 pieces! They look great, though. And Melanie’s embroidery is amazing. You are both so talented. Bet you’re glad to see the end is near for Wagons West, too. It’s always a good feeling to finish.

  • Gidget Aug 3, 2016

    When working on a large EPP quilt, I leave the papers in place until the quilt becomes difficult to handle and then I begin taking them out from the center out. I usually leave two outer rows in place at all times.

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