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Handful of Scraps, quilts

The hot summer days are here to stay and we just have to learn to live with it and do our outside work in the early morning and evenings.  Because of that I haven’t gotten much work done on Wagon’s West at the quilting frame lately as evening is when I normally sit and quilt and lately I have been doing yard work as the sun goes down and then when it is dark I have been sitting on the porch enjoying being outside.

In the heat of the afternoon I was at the dining room table basting 3 pieces of batting together for the Butterfly Parade.  I thought I had a crib size batting but I didn’t and I did not want to cut into a king or queen that I do have.  I had enough of a wool batting left stuffed in the bag that would work.  I normally use the heat basting tape for this but I didn’t know how it would work on wool so I thought I would just baste in large stitches instead.


When you get done you can barely see it and I will trim just a little away from this still before I pin baste the quilt together.


With a narrow white sashing around it – and the binding will be a print to pull it together with the prints in the body of the quilt.


I moved Handful of Scraps back to the middle of the design wall and you can see the newest flower that I started on the right side.


As quilters are I know we all do this –or most of us that is there are some mighty strong women quilters who might have self control so if you are one of them sorry – I bought a fat quarter bundle about 3 years ago because I liked it – it just grabbed me and I had to have it (besides it was on sale so a really good deal) – and then didn’t know what to use it for – I kept it on a shelf so I could look at it and remind myself it was there.  Over the years I had ideas and then no for some reason or another I thought no it wouldn’t work – well I finally saw a pattern that I think well work – A very busy Dresden Plate – I saw it on My Quilt Infatuation.   I won’t post the photo here as it is someone else’s quilt – but you can see the detail on Maryse Makes Things.  The fabric bundle that I want to use is Russian Traditions – which I haven’t seen now any place since I bought it.


I know I have fabric that I bought 10 years ago easily (ok some my be a bit older) still sitting on the shelves – how about you? Older?

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  • Mary Jul 14, 2016

    I have quite a few fat quarter bundles sitting on my shelves too. I now stop looking at online quilting stores so I am not tempted to buy more until I use up the bundles that I have. I also have quite a few 1/2 yards of fabric that I am waiting to use too.
    The Dresden quilt that you linked up to is gorgeous.

  • Judy Zoll Jul 14, 2016

    I love looking at quilt blogs, but it sure can increase the “quilts I want to make list”! Looks like the Dresden fan will be perfect for your fq bundle. I will be watching your progress on this one. I am trying to use up fabrics that I’ve collected since I started quilting on scrappy quilts. Amazing how I have completed 3 large quilts from my stash and you can hardly tell a difference. Stay cool.

  • Deb Jul 14, 2016

    That IS busy and looks like alot of fun! 🙂
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  • Mary burnette Jul 14, 2016

    I also have several bum does of fat quarters and jelly rolls sitting in the studio. Now I have a hard time matching them with other material. I often wonder why I only purchased one roll or 6 fat quarters and not the coordinating fabrics to go with it to use for borders? Now I just let it sit. May be time for a scrappy scrap quilt!

  • Mary burnette Jul 14, 2016

    Comment above should say several stacks of fat quarters! Sometimes this iPad says what it wants to!

  • Sandra B Jul 14, 2016

    I saw that Dresden Plate quilt and thought it was beautiful….your fabric bundle will be perfect for it….will be looking forward to following along when you start it….
    I really like the narrow white border on Butterfly Parade…
    I also piece my leftover batting ….. It is a pain to do, but I just don’t want to waste it, and, like you, I don’t like to cut into a big piece that is way too large….
    Now… to age of fabric in my stash….I cannot say for sure, but I think I may also have some pieces that have been around for a while…..10 years or more?? Probably so! But I am making more of an effort to use it up…hopefully I will be successful!!

  • Thimbleanna Jul 14, 2016

    Hahaha — you’ve made me laugh hysterically! I have fabric from when I first started quilting – 30 years ago. And probably from every year since then. It’s awful. I couldn’t use it in 20 lifetimes! If I didn’t have a day job I might be able to use it a little faster LOL!
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  • Becky T Jul 14, 2016

    Yep…I got stacks of fabric . When Mama passed I received her stash…. And when my MIL passes she was living with us and I received her stash.

  • Kathy Jul 14, 2016

    I have scraps leftover from the baby quilts I’ve made for my grands. Since T#1 is now 14, that means some of those scraps are just about 15 years old.
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  • Charlotte Jul 14, 2016

    You do such beautiful hand quilting, and the Butterfly Parade is such a beautiful top, it deserves to be hand quilted. lol
    I’m bad to start something, then run out of background fabric .

  • Kathi Jul 14, 2016

    Karen I just love your flimsy finish on Butterfly Parade… that outer border is perfect for a fun binding 🙂 I love your plans for your fat quarter bundle and good for you for liberating a long horded lot of fabric! I like the example that is inspiring yours … I can’t wait to see this start!!! Handful of Scraps is just amazing.. I am glad you set it to the center of your design wall for now! As for me.. I haven’t been a quilter as long as you or many others… but I do have vintage 1930’s (not repro) to current year fabric in my humble stash.. I love everything I have too! 🙂 Kathi
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  • Peg Miller Jul 14, 2016

    I’m with Thimbleanna! I have carted my stash from place to place since I got married going on 44 years now. I did take a bunch of clothing fabric out of boxes and donate it to the local charity last year. When cleaning the garage last year I found boxes labeled “fabric-whatelse!” in my son’s hand. I have started leader and ender quilts and am just now starting to use up some of my scraps.

  • Heather Jul 14, 2016

    the butterflys look wonderful.

    I have two fq bundles that I won and that’s about it. I tend to buy for projects for the most part. Now that doesn’t mean that i get to those projects right away, some times the fabric must age for several years prior to using.
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  • Marianne Jul 15, 2016

    Love the look of that bundle, and of course I love Dresden Plates. The idea of a scrappy, busy quilt appeals to me, too, and I’ve been making my Bloom blocks using some busy florals but on fairly plain cream backgrounds. I should step out of my comfort zone and give a busier background a try. My LQS was showing that “gypsy wife” quilt book this winter and I was sorely tempted. Maybe this winter…

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