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Handful of Scraps, quilts

I think I love scrap quilts best – I might get a bundle of fabric – fat quarters– but when you start to chop it all up it ends up being a scrap quilt – especially when you start to pull other fabric down from the shelves to go with it.  I love lots of different colors in my quilts especially mixed with white for an old fashioned look.

I showed some fabric that I was going to start to cut up for another baby quilt – somehow it is evolving to something larger.  There is a small quilt that I made a few years back that could be a baby quilt but I use it off and on for a table cover.  I love it and told myself for some time now that I should make a big quilt with the same pattern – I thought about making a rail fence pattern that I mentioned yesterday but then I remembered that little quilt and thought maybe it was time with this very hot summer to have another machine piecing top to take up some time.  I have plenty of hand work but nothing at the machine since I finished the baby quilt on the weekend.

This is the small quilt – I will make the bigger quilt almost the same but the size will be different – this small quilt the rectangles are 4 x 2 on the big one they will be 6 x 2 (as I had already been cutting with the rail fence in mind)  the smaller white squares will be 3 x 2 instead of  2 inch squares.  Same type of layout. (I am talking finished measurements)


What I have cut out right now – and now that I know I will be making it larger I will start to pull more out of the fat quarter shelves and the scrap bins.  The white will be from the next sale from Craftsy – I will need to check their next sale and see what they have and stock up.  I have varied shades of white but most on the shelf do not look like enough for a large quilt as some are marked for projects in progress (Love Entwined being one in a creamy pale almost yellow type of color I keep telling myself to not touch that bolt in case I decide to finish that quilt) and others look like there are a couple yards or so on the bolts.  I could go with a variety of white/cream colors instead and I will look and see what I have before I think of ordering more.


More pressed and ready to cut.


Plenty stuffed in these boxes to use I won’t even have to touch the scrap bins!  These folded on the shelves in the boxes are fat quarters and smaller bits.  Much easier to go through then the scrap bins that are packed tight.  As it is some of those boxes are packed pretty tight with folded pieces – most are not a complete fat quarter but have a piece cut off of them that was used in other scrap quilts.


More Handful of Scraps pinned to the wall.  I like to pin it back to the wall every now and then to make sure I am not duplicating neutrals too much and to make sure the layout is right – I am working on the part above the brown/blue hexie flower – up to the yellow hexie flower on the left in several big pieces not connected yet.   Working on a Hexie quilt reminds me of a jigsaw puzzle.


I was almost ready to let the garden die out when I saw I finally had some new tomatoes growing, still a few peppers on the pepper plants too.  My onions look like they got too much water though from some of the storms and really do not look well, I’m trying to decide if I should pull them out and use as green onions now or let them go and then only to find out later that they rotted.  The sweet potatoes look pathetic compared to the plants of last year the deer really chewed up a lot of the leaves – are the potatoes growing in the soil or not – guess I will find out in the fall –  I will leave them be for now – the only things that still look good are the herbs and flowers!  Either too much rain or not enough – such has this summer been.  Cooler than usual at the beginning of summer and then extreme heat in July.

The AccuQuilt sale continues through to the end of the month.

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  • Deb Jul 21, 2016

    This is a nice pattern ; I think I like it more than a Rail Fence. My tomatoes are coming along but they are all green. I have a mix of large tomatoes and cherry ones. The grand kids love the cherries and eat them like candy when they are in season. It looks as if I am going to have hundreds of those, lol. Having to water every day the heat and sun has been pretty intense. Tomatoes like dry weather but not to the point where you see the leaves all crisping up as if it is late August!
    Deb recently posted…Will this help beat the heat ?My Profile

  • Sandra B Jul 21, 2016

    Karen, you know how much I love scrap quilts….love the fabrics you have already cut….looking forward to following along!
    I have been cutting pieces for a scrappy rectangle checkerboard quilt (the rectangles will finish 2 x 4) …. I want to get a bit more cut out before I start sewing so I will probably start on it in a couple of weeks….have a couple other things I need to wrap up first.

  • Lucy Jul 21, 2016

    Hi. Can you tell me more about the white fabric that you like that is called Entwine?

    I’ve searched a bit online for a fabric with that name and have found some print fabrics, but I’ve not seen a creamy-yellowish-white.


  • Karen Jul 21, 2016

    Lucy the name of the fabric is not Entwined the name of the quilt pattern is Love Entwined, the fabric is Bella Snow

  • Kathi Jul 21, 2016

    are you planning to use your Accuquilt to cut the bricks and smaller rectangles or do you have those sizes in your stash yet? That is gonna be a lot of bricks to cut.. but I will really enjoy watching this come together as I want to do something along these lines for a panel I have in batiks to represent water and sunshine etc… still forming in my brain but I have the panel already! lol Rarely do I buy something without a purpose too!
    Loving your Handful of Scraps and that you are still giving hope to complete your love entwined quilt. Hope you find the white fabric you are looking for at Craftsy 🙂
    Glad a bit of your garden is still producing.. Have a great evening! Kathi
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  • Astrid Jul 21, 2016

    I have to agree with you on scrappy quilts; I love them the most too. I have boxes with squares from 1.5 inches up to 5 inches, and recently I started cutting rectangles too. Been busy (still am) making some fall / Christmas items for my shop and have a couple of custom orders to do. When that is done I will definitely get back to my scraps! Miss them! 🙂

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