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I came across a handy hint for storing felted wool that I don’t know if some of you do –  store in glass jars with lids – you can see what you have but keep the bugs out if they happen to sneak in – also good to put a couple sprigs of dried lavender or sage in the jar.  But once you have your item made does it attract bugs? I would hope not!  I guess if you store your quilts in a cabinet you could always put a sprig or two in with it maybe with a piece of cloth in between so it is not directly on it?

I will continue more hand work today on my border of wool that I am working on for the Postage Stamp Quilt and I am linking up to Kathy’s Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching.


Volunteer Sunflowers in the garden growing under where the bird feeder is in the winter time.


And one growing on the opposite side of the house in a crack in the pavement


A giant patch of lilies all started from a washed in seed or two that sprouted and continued to grow putting out more and more lilies.


I now have these spotted lilies growing in about 3 or 4 places in the yard.  I really need to relocated this huge group of bulbs though and hope to possibly do that this fall although I have said that for several years and keep forgetting about it.


My younger sister Lisa (13 years younger) and her family went to Chicago for a short trip and my daughter Jessica and her daughter Ciera met up with them – they got to visit for an afternoon being only two hours away it wasn’t too bad they took the train from Milwaukee for some extra fun – Jessica is my daughter that  lives in Wisconsin.  Pictured here are my granddaughter on the right 14 years old on Oct. 1st and my niece on the left 14 on Sept. 12th – only two weeks apart in age – different generations but cousins having fun.


Jessica and Ciera – I would have loved to have been there to join in on the fun.


I didn’t get any good photos of the family get together from Friday night 3 long tables with 40 people scattered about – hard to get good shots.

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  • Kathi Jul 3, 2016

    Karen, I would never have thought of having a bug issue with felted wool.. I can understand storing in a glass jar with lid… sounds reasonable to me also… but I have many wool wall hangings that I use for decore and have never noted a bug/insect anywhere on them… I usually take them down every blue moon to clean and move them around a bit… but never noted issues with that.. will come back later to see what others offer though.. interesting thoughts to quilt by for sure!!!
    Lovely flower shots and family times.. sorry you couldn’t be there to see the cousin time in person but at least they took some pics and sent them to you! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us!!! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…A Busy but FUN Stay-cation 🙂My Profile

  • Gail Jul 3, 2016

    Such a cute little bird in the border you are making! Lovely flowers too. Nice to see the cousins making memories too. Have a great week.
    Gail recently posted…I’m Back with a FinishMy Profile

  • Barbara Jul 3, 2016

    I’ve not had any problems with my felted wool projects either but they are hung up. I believe bugs like dark places and dirt/food spots on the wool. I figure as long as I move pieces about and keep them out in the open all should be ok, but I’d be interested in knowing what others have encountered.

  • Kathleeen Jul 3, 2016

    I love your spotted lilies, sewing and gardening are both
    passions of mine.
    Kathleen Mary

  • Kathy Jul 3, 2016

    I wouldn’t have thought that bugs would be a problem with wool … but if so, I wonder too about the wool used in quilts.

    I’m thinking of taking a break in machine stitching and getting back to my Martha Washington’s Flower Garden.
    Kathy recently posted…Happy Holiday Weekend!My Profile

  • CathieJ Jul 3, 2016

    I love those spotted lilies. I am always amazed when a flower pops up where I didn’t plant it.
    CathieJ recently posted…The pup is finishedMy Profile

  • Colleen Jul 3, 2016

    I don’t have wool clothing or bedding due to allergies and my wanting only easy machine wash and dry ( no special hand washing or dry cleaning). But my husband has had wool hats scarves suits and those items have suffered damage over time … It is my belief this damage could have been avoided had these items been cared for differently… such as not having our house so open we live in a climate that we can and do have our doors and windows open pretty much year round
    So to my mind damage to your felted wool items depends on if you have or have had damage to other wool items …. and if you see moths clean and vacuum your wools.
    ?Colleen on the left coast

  • Sandra B Jul 3, 2016

    So glad that your daughter and granddaughter could meet up with your sister and niece ….sounded like a fun day!
    Love those spotted lilies….have never seen that variety before…
    We have had a cool, rainy day here in Virginia….we are going to a big cook-out tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be a repeat of today, possibly with storms….we are hoping the forecast is wrong! There will be tents, so at least we will be out of the rain!

  • Deb Jul 4, 2016

    Intersting info on the wool. When up north we had wool coats and I don’t think we ever had bug issues with them. Good tips though…..lots of bugs in the south where I live now. Looks like the family had a good time together. Lovely flowers…so fun when they show up where you are not expecting them.
    Deb recently posted…Slow Stitching…..My Profile

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