A Busy Outside Day

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With two low humidity days in a row outside work was calling my name and quilting waited until evening.  Now the humidity will be picking back up once again so I’m sure I will get back to getting some sewing done.  Shorter spells of working outside as the humidity can wipe you out.

I was out digging up plants and rock – yes digging up rock too – some of these had been so covered with dirt that they had to be found.  I was moving carefully I know little critters could be about – this is the south after all – as I was pulling a rock out of dirt I caught movement – something was under it – step back get the crowbar to move the rock a little bit and see what was there – I didn’t recognize it – not a snake I knew that – it had been a long time since I saw one of these critters – a salamander of some  sort – by then Mike was in the area so he kept an eye on it while I got my camera to take a photo – he ended up holding it so I could get the pictures


Pretty neat – he was rather sluggish and why he was dug down into the dirt I don’t know and under the rock too – too early for hibernating – do they dig down and lay eggs? we didn’t find any while we were digging the area out.


This is the area that needs to be cleared out – then cement put in with drainage away from the house – you see how the driveway slopes – in heavy rains it runs right down to those plants – we do have some drainage pipes in there that you can’t see that we put in long ago that run around the cement pad through the backyard and into the woods in back but it needs a redo.  All those plants, railroad ties and rocks are coming out.  This is going to take awhile it has been a long time coming to get this work done and the ground is very rocky.


Another angle – you can see if railroad ties are rotting it has been here awhile! something like 20 years or more.  A lot of digging and clearing to be done.


A little work on The Final Frontier continues almost every evening – I rolled it down and got started again – I am currently watching Covert Affairs on Netflix – this had been a USA show just a few years  back, I think it runs 5 seasons or so – it will entertain me for awhile I guess unless I tire of it like I have many that I have started over time.  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today.


I have not touched Hopscotch in several days and the hexies even longer than that.  I am going to try to get two more rows machine pieced today and maybe get the hexies out while taking a break from the digging.

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  • Deb Aug 23, 2016

    how cute the little salamander is! It cooled off here yesterday, only going to 82 or so later in the day. One more break today…55 degrees early a.m.! LOVE IT! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Slice of Life : Later in August RandomsMy Profile

  • Kathy ... aka Nana Aug 23, 2016

    I think I would have been a little squeamish at encountering that salamander. It’s been cooler and less humid here, too. Unfortunately it’s going to get hot again tomorrow and Thursday. I knew this gorgeous weather was too good to be true.
    Kathy … aka Nana recently posted…Trip Report – aka the Best Week of My LifeMy Profile

  • Sandra B Aug 23, 2016

    Interesting little creature you dug up!
    Looks like a lot of hard work ahead of you with the yard work you have planned.
    I took advantage of our cooler, less humid, weather yesterday, and did some much needed weeding…even had the windows open! Love being able to get some fresh air in the house. Today is nice, as well, so I think I will do more weeding and trimming this afternoon. We don’t get days like this, in August, here in Virginia….it has been a nice change….I am sure the normal hot humid weather will return in a couple of days…

  • Wanda Aug 23, 2016

    You are having the same weather we are, nice to be outside. I will finish the mowing today while it is still less humid.
    Wanda recently posted…Questions and answers……………My Profile

  • Lorna McMahon Aug 23, 2016

    The humidity up here has been terrible until just this last two days as well. Glad to hear you were able to get out and do some digging. Looks like a big job!
    Lorna McMahon recently posted…IPM Quilt Show – Success!My Profile

  • Barbara Aug 23, 2016

    What a beautiful salamander, very cool find. Not sure of the kind, but it looks like the Spotted Salamanders we see in Michigan. We don’t spot them often though because they are usually under rocks or buried deep in leaf cover and are pretty shy.

  • Glenda Australia Aug 24, 2016

    Lovely to see the tiny creature Karen and what you are up to outside. thats a huge project you are starting on, I don’t envy you all that heavy work. You have a very big block of land! Hugs Glenda
    Glenda Australia recently posted…24th August 2016My Profile

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