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Baby Hopscotch got her binding on yesterday – now for the hand stitching to get done –  I was quick to get one side of that little thing done – more today? We will see – seeing as I went with no border I decided to use just plain cream to bind – I thought I selected the same white as I had the white pieces in the quilt but after inspecting further I realized it was different – but who cares it looks just fine to me.  Linking to Quilt Story Fabric Tuesday today and Esther’s Quilt Blog – she will be releasing a new pattern soon – a stash busting star quilt – wonder what that one will be like – she has some good patterns.


This is one of two areas that I quilted on Sunday night – I might go back and outline that leaf on the blue block that has only one circle in it – not sure – I have done that with a couple of them here and there.


The only yard work that I did yesterday was transplanting these lilies that had ben dug up to this area by the trees – the ground was soft enough to work with here so I think as I dig more I will be putting more along the tree line.  There are actually a lot more lilies here then it looks – I dug about 8 to 10 holes and each has about 3 or 4 clumps of bulbs put it in them.  It was just too humid to do more.  Mike and I have been so tired lately we have come realize that even though we go to a fitness center and walk and ride bikes etc we are terribly out of shape when it  comes to physical labor!!  We are working in short spurts and taking lots of breaks but it is going slowly.  Thankfully the weatherman says dryer air is coming our way later in the week – that always helps!! (along with cooler temps)


In this photo you can tell how far from the house it actually is –this photo taken from the deck – not much grass in this area, we do not mow it often – this was all originally pine forest and we would need to lay sod down – we don’t want the expense and just let it be.  I will continue to work along that tree line planting things and then in a different area for the tall lilies that need to be planted deeper – although there are some small bulbs in those pots that might do well there also.  (far from the house means I don’t give a darn if it gets out of control in the future and multiplies like crazy – I can just run them over with the riding lawn mower!!!


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