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At the beginning of the month when Accuquilt said they were having the die sale extended through all of August I thought I better give it a look.  Since I bought a GO! machine back at Christmas time (these machines go on sale now and then but not real often) other than cutting scraps up with the dies that came with the machine I haven’t used it all that much.  When I started to look I saw that they had a one inch hexie die.  I really hadn’t noticed it before.  I got to looking at it and realized you could cut paper with it too – all on the same die.

Here is the packaging with it so you can see (finished size is 1 inch)– the 4 on the top are 1 inch that you could use for cardstock – 2 layers at a time – if you use freezer paper I imagine you could easily cut 4 layers at a time or six like fabric.  The bottom hexies are about 1 and 5/16th of an inch I believe the package said – that is the one you cut your fabric from – 6 layers x 4 – 24 pieces at a time.  This one inch set is on sale for $39.99 I had points available so I got it discounted to $35


My hexies that I am working with are 7/8th inch so I assumed that I would be able to cut my fabric with the larger of the two templates and I can – here is an extra hexie that I had basted and you can see I have plenty extra room for the fold over seam.  There is also a 1/2 inch set of hexies that cuts 6 at a time x 6 layers but that would have been too small  for the hexies I am working with.  That might be the set I get next.  I am only buying dies that I really think I will use a lot of.  And I can tell I am addicted to hexies.  If you search through dies you will find others and also a set of three different sizes on one die but they do not cut the paper sizes also.


I put 3 layers of fabric over this part of the template – these are more of Vicki’s hand dyes (see link from yesterday).  The band-aide on the finger is not from a rotary cutting accident this time – this time it was from garden shears when cutting oregano – ouch that surely did hurt as they were pretty new – thankfully it didn’t take the tip of my finger along with it (no stitches were needed although I briefly thought of super glue)!!


Put the mat over the fabric and die and roll on through.


You can see here where it cut – I didn’t measure my fabric as I was just getting a quick photo for the blog – you can cut and then layer your fabric as closely to size as you want.


But there isn’t a lot of excess fabric left over as you can see – I can probably get one more set of hexies out of that larger piece and cut a 1.5 inch square out of the rest for the scrap boxes – maybe more.


Here is my paper template – plenty of room!  I thought the “smile” was appropriate.


This flower hexie is the one that I did on Tuesday night now ready for a ring around in neutrals and that is what I will be working on while watching the Olympics last night.  As soon as most of the swimming is done I will be back to my normal routine of hand quilting – but I do enjoy the swimming and want to see if Michael Phelps will keep on winning those medals!


The wall of Handful of Scraps as of now.


Some that hadn’t followed this quilt since I started wanted to see the pattern – here is a link to Amazon (click on the photo if interested) where the pattern is on the cover of the book.  I do not plan to do the border as I have mentioned.  I am just not interested in applique right now and struggling to finish the borders of another quilt with applique so I most certainly do not want to start another at this time – maybe next year I will be ready to tackle another William Morris pattern by Michele Hill  I have a lot of her patterns and love them – I am thinking of an alternative by continuing on with hexies instead of applique for this one.  EDITED:  Deb mentioned that when she went to look at the book on amazon it has listings for used books – one at $2,000.00 why in the world would someone try to sell this book at that price?  It is still listed on Edyta’s site for $24.95!!!

AccuQuilt is extending its sale on dies for the month of August.  Up to $10 off.

Accuquilt Sale Aug 2016

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  • Deb Aug 11, 2016

    While I remember the picture from before I clicked on it to enlarge it and it took me to amazon…LOL on the top right there is an offer to buy USED for 2000.00 + 3.99 shipping 🙂 I love the applique but it would be tedious to make four borders like that, yes.
    Deb recently posted…Morning Light on Flowers & Sewing This WeekMy Profile

  • Karen Aug 11, 2016

    I just added a link to Edyta’s site for the book – I don’t know why a used copy would be listed for so much when new copies are still available!! Weird

  • Pam P Aug 11, 2016

    2,000$ – Plus shipping?!?!? If I’m paying 2K for something, I’d better be receiving free shipping! Lol, thanks for the laugh! I just don’t understand some people 😀

    I don’t have a fabric cutter – have always wondered how long they stay sharp?

  • Sandra B Aug 11, 2016

    Love the hexie flower made with the hand dyed fabrics….the color is so vibrant! Using those fabrics will add more interest and make your quilt even more beautiful! So glad you came across those fabrics….
    I have been working on some curtains for a freshly painted bedroom, so haven’t done anything quilty the past few days….those are all finished and hung, so now I can get back to some quilting fun!!
    About the Olympics… A couple of nights ago, the mens’ swimming relay team won the Gold medal… One of the swimmers on that team, Townley Haas, grew up about five miles from us…..we have known Townley’s grandfather for many, many years…. Pretty exciting!!

  • Carla Dean Aug 11, 2016

    I think that is my favorite quilt I’ve seen since I have started following you. It reminds me of my Mamaw’s quilts and I have really been missing her lately. It makes my heart happy! My heart is happy with hexies! Ha!

    OK, it’s been a loooooooong day………..

  • Jenny Aug 11, 2016

    Thanks for showing the Accuquilt Go hexie dies. I didn’t realize they had ones that cut paper and fabric both.

  • Marianne Aug 12, 2016

    For my birthday, Paul gave me a die that cuts three sizes of circles, but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I do love those machines!

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