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It was another one of those days yesterday when I was in and out.  Sometimes summer and fall go by so quickly before you know it it is winter and you have not gotten all of the outside projects done that you want to do.  That is one of the reasons we are little by little working outside on the garden area we are demolishing – if we wait until fall when the weather cools off before you know it, it is cold and you don’t want to be outside.  Yes it is hot and humid but we only work short spells and take plenty of breaks and drinking lots of water!

I did get some quilting done though too – The Final Frontier – moving along


I really liked that leaf print in the fabric so seeing as this block had just one small circle I outlined the leaf too.


The baby quilt is about done too – I thought I might be done but I don’t like those long rectangles and decided to run one more line alongside all those smaller white squares from top to bottom – this is really not that much more work – maybe 30 minutes or so if all goes well and it usually does – I’m really surprised but with the Juki I really never have any problems as long as you keep it clean, oiled, and change the needle it runs smoothly.  Well I can only use Presencia thread (60 weight spool and in bobbin also) in it – otherwise the tension gets screwy but if I stay with that one thread I never have to change the tension.  I’m linking up to Em’s Scrapbag, Moving it Forward Monday and MCM #36 Cooking Up Quilt, and  The Patchwork Times today.



Here you can see these long rectangles a little better and see where I intend more quilting.  – the rest has double lines and I think this needs double lines also a single line might not look right.


Yes we have a lot of stuff out on the porch of the workshop – what can I say – this is not “house beautiful”  and we are in the country LOL   This is where we are stacking all of the rock that were in the front flower bed rock garden and border area – a lot more than I thought were in it.  (some of this junk will be cleared away this fall or spring, the county has a clean up day twice a year where you can cart of used refrigerators, metal of all types etc for no fee – we missed the last one due to poor weather – I believe it was pouring down rain – hope to get the next one and get rid of some of this stuff).


Another angle – maybe you can see – this is 3 rows thick of rock under there!!


All of the rock and a lot of the plants out of this side and Mike is cutting away the rotting railroad ties and carting them away.  I started digging bulbs out of the front section yesterday.


These are day lilies and I think I doubled that stack after I took the photo.  Kathy asked how do I know what the bulbs are when I dig them up – most look a bit different as all of you that plant bulbs know but not everyone plants them – so this is what I have.


Iris’s more of them too


These belong to the tall Tiger Lilies – the very tall plants with the orange spotted flowers that face down.  I have all sizes of these and over 200 of them – I think I finally got the last one up but I have a feeling I will be finding more.




These two large pots are full of a mixture of the tiger lilies and the daffodils and they are packed.  I think these pots are 12 inches round at the top and at least 9 or 10 inches deep.


All of this to still dig up the bulbs and then Mike will be working on leveling the area and doing cement work – long way to go still.  Mostly day lilies in here but I’m sure I will be finding more daffodils and iris’s as well.


Heavy work.


Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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  • Gretchen Aug 29, 2016

    Working on flowerbeds is hard work but you will be so glad you’ve done it when the work is completed. Blessings, Gretchen
    Gretchen recently posted…Pillowcases & AppliqueMy Profile

  • Deb Aug 29, 2016

    oh my that is A LOT of heavy stones that you two have been working with. The machine quilting looks good…I love the bright, cheerful scrappiness of this Hopscotch project! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Bees & Butterflies and The Dog Days of SummerMy Profile

  • Marianne Aug 29, 2016

    Wow – that’s a lot of rocks! In New England, we sometimes say that rocks are our cash crop. They seem to bubble up out of the ground during the winter. When we turn our gardens over in spring, there they are. LOL!

  • Beth Aug 29, 2016

    I’m tired just looking at the pictures of all the work you have been doing! LOL! I have some flowerbeds and an onion bed that needs tending, but I’m waiting for a bit cooler weather. The heat index has us in triple digits and I can’t take the heat!
    Beth recently posted…MCM #36 – Rocking My World!My Profile

  • Barbara Aug 29, 2016

    Oh my goodness what a lot of work! Are you going to replant those bulbs this fall?
    We have a big problem around here with tics that carry lyme disease so I only work in the garden a bit in the morning after my walk and just before showering off.

  • maggie fellow Aug 29, 2016

    some of our flower beds have reached the stage where something drastic has to be done. I really like Irises, but a few seasons and they have to be redone. Good luck with your work
    maggie fellow recently posted…FortunateMy Profile

  • Sandra B Aug 29, 2016

    Like someone else said, I get tired just looking at the pictures of all the work going on in your yard! I am glad you are taking frequent breaks, and staying hydrated!
    Love the quilting around that leaf on Final Frontier…little extra touches like that really add a lot to the look of the quilting….I am enjoying following along on the journey of this quilt!!

  • Bonnie in Va Aug 30, 2016

    That’s a LOT of garden work. I’m waiting a bit for it to get below the 90s before I start working on beds on the side of our yard. I really want a variety of day lilies. We used to have deer near us (before we moved) and they ate all of the day lilies before they could bloom. Are you going to replant all of those bulbs?
    Bonnie in Va recently posted…Monday Meanderings 8 – 29 – 2016My Profile

  • Emily Aug 30, 2016

    I love that you quilted around the leaf.
    Emily recently posted…Tuesday Tutorial Linky Party and GiveawayMy Profile

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