Rainy August

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We normally do not get rain in August or if we do it is very little.  I didn’t pre-schedule my post last night like I usually do, I was busy watching the Olympics and didn’t fell like writing at ten at night so I am writing this morning instead and woke up to a rainstorm – 3 days of rain in a row! Well not rain all day mind you but over the past three days we have had 3 rain storms giving us more than 2 inches of rain total.  I have not watered the grass this summer and it is still green.  Once in awhile I have watered the flowers or the veggies but that has been it and not on a regular basis.  So nice.  Our very hot weather broke 3 days ago with the rain and it has been very humid but in the 80’s instead of high 90’s.

So what did I get done with yesterday? I have these units of scrappy bars sewn – I had actually double that but the seam ripper needed to do it’s job – yes even with something easy you have to watch how you sew if you want the white where you want it.  These are not in any order right now just laid down on the floor while the tv was on so I could get a photo as some have asked what pattern I am doing.  This is meant to be a simple quilt to use up some scraps it will be around queen size.  I really do need to use up scraps!


I have found so often lately that if I want stiches to show up I can’t use my flash – but when I don’t use the flash the colors are really true – the background is white – I had one more flower down and picked it all off – so glad I hadn’t used fusible on the back.  The flower ended up looking like a pumpkin and a scary one at that LOL – I hated it – enough that I took the time to pick it off and will put something else in that spot.  Getting close to finishing this border for the Postage Stamp quilt although there is one more border to start.


This quilting on The Final Frontier was done on Saturday I didn’t quilt yesterday.   I am linking to The Patchwork Times today, and to MCM #33 (Cooking Up Quilts), and Em’s Scrapbag: Moving It Forward Monday.  I am also linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog where she is taking a little time away from her quilts today to make a sample wedding dress before she starts on the real thing – this will be interesting to watch her progress.


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  • Sandra B Aug 8, 2016

    Love how those bars are looking! You know how I love a scrappy quilt, and already I can tell that this one is shaping up to be a winner!!
    We have had some rain in Virginia as well….had nice weather for a couple of days with temps in the 80’s and lower humidity….it would be nice if it could stay like that… wishful thinking!….it is August, after all….I keep telling myself that fall is coming and I cannot wait….fall is my favorite time of year.

  • Jayne Aug 8, 2016

    It’s going to be a big quilt!! Isn’t it great when you can use scraps?! Rain…we had a huge rainstorm a couple days ago. I don’t mind since it does keep the grass green! Your last quilt is so amazing!
    Jayne recently posted…It’s Been A Week! Sunday StashMy Profile

  • Vicki Aug 8, 2016

    I need to do that bar quilt with one of my piles of had dyed fabric. Maybe when the Ashley’s Rainbow is done I’ll do that next.

  • Emily Aug 8, 2016

    Good use for your scraps. Should make a pretty good size dent if it’s going to be queen sized. Final frontier looks great!
    Emily recently posted…Moving it ForwardMy Profile

  • Debbie Aug 8, 2016

    Your weather sounds exactly like mine. I live in south central Kansas. Love the scrappy start

  • Glenda Aug 9, 2016

    Hi Karen, we are having the same kind of weather here, it’s meant to be our dry but like you have had to no watering in the garden this year except a few times on the flower potted plants. It did not take you long to start another quilt LOL. It is going to be like looking at Spring with all those lovely fresh prints, the whites make them pop. Your circles are looking stunning. Lots and lots of stitching there. How I love that quilt. Hugs Glenda
    Glenda recently posted…Quilty365 Circles 7th August 2016My Profile

  • kwiltnkats Aug 11, 2016

    We all dislike the ripper, but sometimes its just necessary. We like the final result even if the reverse stitching isn’t a total necessity. Like in the case of your scary pumpkin. The Olympics have been great this time around. I have especially enjoyed the pool events. Enjoy your rain; wish it was coming down in San Diego as we need it so much. Sandi

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