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Handful of Scraps, Postage Stamp Quilt, Retro Air Ship Propeller’s, Williamsburg Beauty

Some days I barely touch my sewing and other days it seems it is all I do.  I got the circle made first for the 1st Retro Air Ship Propeller block so that is one finished and not sure how many to go.  It is in the box and later on when I start to get more I will put them on the wall now and then to take a photo of.  I actually felt too chilled to go sit on the porch to work on this so this one was done in the house – I woke up to 62 degrees outside, the windows had been open and I was downright  chilly in the house and had a cardigan on and sweatpants!


In my comments yesterday Gretchen from Gretchen’s Little Corner asked if she had missed the finish for the Postage Stamp quilt with the wool applique border – I had to respond that no – I had not finished it – I had been very lazy about it.  I was so close to finishing one border and there it sat – so I got it out yesterday and brought it out to the porch and finished the 1st border.  I even have photos!!  As you can see the border on the right is pretty much done (never know until it is done if I will add one more flower or thing) – the one on the left I was so glad to see that I had the stems already sewn in place – I had totally forgot I had done that!!  more done then I thought.  I did warm up though by early afternoon and I was outside on the porch with the wool applique – a beautiful day!!


The applique borders were made a little wider than I had planned it to finish at and I will be taking about 3 inches off of each side – here I tucked it under the patchwork a little – I like the flowers a little closer to the squares.  The quilt will finish at about 100 x 100 inches.


A close up.  On the top and bottom as you can see I have the borders a little longer than they need to be but I would rather not cut them off I will instead put a white border sashing a couple inches wide on each end to help square it up.  So – I’m going to really try to get that last border finished in the next couple months as I would like this quilt to be next up on the hand quilting frame – just the one border and sew them to the quilt and it will be done.  Surely I can do that.


For Kathy’s Quilts: Slow Sunday Stitching I will be finishing up on the hand work on this part of Handful of Scraps – a whole lot left to do on this quilt still – but it is moving along and no rush after all.  I will link to Kathy’s when I get up! I schedule posts for early AM.  Also linking to Quilting is More Fun than Housework .


Some of you might remember Williamsburg Beauty – I have not taken it out of the box recently but after being so slow to work on the Postage Stamp quilt I thought I better take it out of the box and remember at least where I left off on it.  I was stumped to tell you the truth–I had wanted to incorporate ideas from a pattern that I have into the borders and it wasn’t working for me and I have decided to go a completely different direction with it – I hope to get back to it soon – we will see though if that happens!!  I had to remind myself that if something is not working don’t force it!! it never works out if you do that – let your instincts tell you what direction to go with a quilt or it will stay in a box or and be forgotten.


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  • Gretchen Sep 4, 2016

    I completely understand about needing to take a break from a project for awhile and then starting again refreshed. The postage stamp center looks so nice with the applique border. I had forgotten about Williamsburg Beauty. She is a beauty. Have a peaceful day. Blessings, Gretchen
    Gretchen recently posted…Sisters ChoiceMy Profile

  • Marianne Sep 4, 2016

    Yes, stepping back from a project can be really helpful. Hope you share your plans for Williamsburg Beauty soon – I love it and think it’s perfect just as it is. however, I’m sure whatever you come up with will be great!

  • Deb Sep 4, 2016

    How bright and cheery the Postage Stamp border looks layed out next to the middle! I had not forgotten about Williamsburg but just figured you had it on a back burner 🙂 And back burners are fine!
    Deb recently posted…Propelled to a New ProjectMy Profile

  • Kathy ... aka Nana Sep 4, 2016

    I had forgotten all about your Williamsburg Beauty. I love seeing it again! I agree … I think the flowers closer to the patchwork in your Postage Stamp quilt looks much better! 😉
    Kathy … aka Nana recently posted…A Quick Check-InMy Profile

  • Kathi Sep 4, 2016

    So glad that Gretchen asked and you had the time and inclination to answer by pulling it out and working on it and planning it’s finish and even sharing photos! I love the way you will join the sides to the center patchwork!
    I also had forgotten about Williamsburg Beauty… all of your projects seem to have their own personality too! Wonderful new blocks you are working on too! Glad your weather was nice for porch sewing 🙂 Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Quilty Acquisitions and Progress!!!My Profile

  • Barbara Sep 4, 2016

    I love that Postage Stamp Quilt and was wondering about it too. I find with wool applique that I could just doodle on and on adding bits here and there, and finally have to just stop myself and say it’s done. I like the flowers closer to the quilt too. It’s going to be a work of art with all that handwork on it.

  • Diann Bottrell Sep 4, 2016

    All of your projects are just gorgeous! I remember the postage stamp quilt, and it’s fun to see how the borders are coming along. I have some older projects boxed up that I need to pull out and get inspired to work on, too!
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…A Finished FlimsyMy Profile

  • Kate Sep 4, 2016

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quilt! I would like to start making something similar as a leader/ender project, so I have gone back and read all your Postage Stamp Quilt posts. I think I’m having a brain freeze problem, so I’m hoping you can smack some math into me! It looks like you sew 10 1.5″ blocks together, which would mean a height of 10″ finished. But I think there are 11 rows (5 postage stamp + 6 – 1.5″ white strips) which would finish at 11″, right? So how do you flip them up then sideways to make the long strips? I know there’s something wrong with my math, but even when I write it down, I can’t see my mistake! (Usually, as soon as I put it in writing, or worse, say it out loud, it all suddenly makes sense!) Anyway, I hope you can solve my dilemma, and thank you for all the incredible inspiration I receive from following your quilting adventures!

  • Jayne Sep 4, 2016

    Wow!!! Your postage stamp quilt is gorgeous…and huge! the addition of the border is beautiful…your applique is stunning! All your projects are wonderful!

  • Gail Sep 4, 2016

    WOW! I absolutely love the flower border on the postage stamp quilt! It is just perfect for this quilt. I also have several projects on the go at any one time…always something to keep me interested, depending on my mood and the time I have available. Have fun stitching this week!

  • Mari Sep 4, 2016

    That postage stamp quilt is amazing! Any idea how many squares are in it? And I’m looking up the propeller block. I think you had a great idea there!
    Mari recently posted…Just for funMy Profile

  • Cynthia Brunz Sep 4, 2016

    I still have not made a postage stamp guilt and seeing yours makes me want to start cutting my scraps into tiny squares. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful projects with Oh Scrap!
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! : I Can’t Help MyselfMy Profile

  • Sandra B Sep 4, 2016

    Love that Retro Air Ship Propeller block, Karen! I knew you would jump right in and get started on it. Looking forward to seeing them grow in number!
    You know how much I love that Postage Stamp quilt top, and I smile every time I see it. You had done more on the second border than I remembered….the appliqué is just perfect with the simplicity of the postage stamp blocks!
    Virginia is having cooler weather today as well, courtesy of Hurricane Hermine… I think the temps will probably inch back up by the middle of the week.

  • Monica Sep 4, 2016

    Oh My Goodness, that postage stamp quilt is sooo nice! I have considered mixing in a little wool applique like that, so you are giving me some validation right now. 😀 And the blocks are really lovely too. Inspiring!
    Monica recently posted…Brinton Hall MedallionsMy Profile

  • CARLA Sep 4, 2016

    I think you need not be so hard on yourself! You get so much done and you have started a lot of quilts and you have a lot of finishes under your belt. I do agree when your stumped and not sure which direction to go it is better to step away.
    CARLA recently posted…It’s all down hill from hereMy Profile

  • CathieJ Sep 4, 2016

    I love the borders you are working on for the postage stamp quilt. They are a wonderful complement to that magnificent patchwork.
    CathieJ recently posted…September is HereMy Profile

  • gayle Sep 4, 2016

    All your projects are fantastic! That postage stamp quilt is really tempting…
    gayle recently posted…Stormy seasMy Profile

  • Paula Budinger Sep 5, 2016

    Your postage stamp quilt is amazing. Such perseverance to make it so large. The pattern with the white rows gives it a light airy feel, not just a jumble of colors. The border finish will be just right.

  • Glenda Australia Sep 5, 2016

    So soooo glad you are back working on your postage stamp quilt doesn’t it look lovely thee in the sun. I still LOVE Williamsburg Beauty such lovely lovely colours in those centre blocks Karen. I know one day you will pull it out and surprise us all and finish it LOL. Hugs Glenda
    Glenda Australia recently posted…31st Aug 2016 Logcabin shoulder bag but machine made.My Profile

  • Carla Dean Sep 6, 2016

    The Postage Stamp project is looking sooooooo good!

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