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Quilty 365 – The Final Frontier

Finally the little Trick or Treat bag is finished and out of my way LOL.  Who would have thought a little bag like that – that was my idea to make – would have given me fits and I restarted it two times!  It is not perfect by any means and has a couple crinkles in the fabric here and there – but I remind myself it is for a little girl who will turn 5 in November – she is not going to even know it is not perfect.  I worked off and on yesterday until it was done.

The Ghost side – I lined the bag not with quilt batting but with “Soft and Stable” it gives bags more body I think and can stand by themselves better.  I had an unopened package on hand – it has sat aside for about a year – I had bought it with the intention of making a couple of purses and never got to it – I still have enough for about 2 bags probably.


The bats and cat side – I quilted a circle around this as one reader said if you look at it the bats are the eyes and the cat the mouth of a Jack O Lantern. I hadn’t even noticed it – so I quilted a circle around it and there is a stem at the top in black stitching – hard to see though.


And I lined it with the orange print.  I think a little girl can fit a lot of candy in this bag.  I am linking to Quilt Story:Fabric Tuesday and Esther’s Quilt Blog.


A little quilting on The Final Frontier Sunday night.  I had one of my light bulbs burn out over the quilting frame – I have two – one on each side.  I also have lights under the shelves above the quilting frame so I will need to make due until the new one gets here – I ordered one on Amazon as it is easier than searching through out Lowe’s to see if they have the right Ott replacement bulb – usually they do not –  unfortunately  this bulb wasn’t with two day service and it might be a week or more before it arrives.  If I can’t see good enough when I get back over to that side to work in about 3 days or so I will give myself and my fingers the break they need anyhow.  I’m pretty sure I will have at least 3 quilting sessions though before I get back to the side that will have less lighting.


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  • Kaholly Sep 27, 2016

    She will absolutely love her bag! The Final Frontier gets prettier and prettier!
    Kaholly recently posted…Bag It 2016 and a Give AwayMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 27, 2016

      thanks Karen

  • Gretchen Sep 27, 2016

    It’s hard to make a non-quilty project when it doesn’t turn out right away but it’s finished! She will love it. JoAnn Fabrics online store would have had the Ott light too. That is where I got my original Ott light and I’ve purchased the replacement bulbs there too. Have a great day. Blessings.
    Gretchen recently posted…Crossed Laurel LeavesMy Profile

  • Marianne Sep 27, 2016

    The bag turned out really cute! She will love it. Amazing how excited kids already are about Halloween. When I did storytimes long ago, the kids would be totally revved up by the 31st. At Saturday’s forest storytime, they were already talking about it.

  • Deb Sep 27, 2016

    It’s just adorable : She’ll Love it! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Family FunMy Profile

  • Kathi Sep 27, 2016

    I love your Halloween bag… turned out MONGO cute! 🙂 The stabilizer you used looks great in it also! Hope you share a pic of her dressed up on Halloween with her bag if your dd gets one that is!
    I have seen regular ott lights you screw in at Joann’s.. not sure if they carry the style you need though… I am like you and very lighting dependent.. .I used flourescent “daylight” bulbs from Lowes… they come in a 4 pack for $10 or so I think… I have regular screw in bulb fixtures with goosenecks on each side of my frame 🙂 glad you have those overhead of your frame!
    Keep up the awesome progress on Final Frontier … Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Whooping it up on a Friday!!! 😉My Profile

    • Karen Sep 27, 2016

      the closest JoAnne type of store to look for Ott lights is 90 miles from me so I just order – when I order I can find the right number and style easily.

  • Teresa Rawson Sep 27, 2016

    I have been watching these 365 projects all year with desire and fascination. I find yours so original and fun! I love the fact that they look so much like planets and other unearthly objects…very clever! As I have been cutting out repro fabrics for other projects, I have been using my paper punched freezer paper circles to use up tiny scraps. I don[t know what I will do with them some day, but I have some ideas. Yours is going to be sublime!

    • Karen Sep 27, 2016

      thanks Teresa – after I got the first 30 blocks or so done so many were telling me that with the fabric I was using (fossil ferns) that they looked like planets that I started to do more with overlapping circles and things like that to go in that direction. I think I ended with about 450+ circles

  • LisaS Sep 27, 2016

    Really cute treat bag! I’m glad it is behind you ?.

    • Karen Sep 27, 2016

      I’m glad it is behind me too!

  • Belarmina Sep 27, 2016

    la niña estará feliz con su preciosa bolsa,
    el edredón delos círculos es fantástico ¡¡me gusta !!

    • Karen Sep 27, 2016


  • Plum Cox Sep 28, 2016

    Sometimes its the simple things that take the most time! Great looking bag, I’m sure it will be appreciated. Fab looking quilt too!

    • Karen Sep 28, 2016

      thanks I think she will like the bag

  • Vicki Sep 29, 2016

    What a cute little bag! I bought some of that stuff too and still haven’t used it.

    • Karen Sep 29, 2016

      someone recommended it a couple years ago and I made a tote bag with it and then got another package to keep on hand – it works really good

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