A Little Work–But Not Much!

Postage Stamp Quilt

Yesterday was a busy day out of the house. I have had a little complication from the cataract surgery and had to see my eye doctor yesterday.  About 1 in 5 people get a gray film grown on the back of the new lens and yes that “1” was me – so back to the eye doctor for another procedure with the laser and need to go back at the end of next week to get checked out again.   A new eye drop to use for 3 months this time twice a day – I’m getting mighty darn tired of having eye trouble!   Sure hope this procedure has taken care of the problem and that it won’t have to be repeated – I should be able to see better over the next couple of days he says – we will see.

Before the appointment I was able to get a little of the wool applique done – but not much but it is a start right.  Embellishing will be done later – the flower on the left is appliqued but not embellished  and some of the blue flower next to it.


And that is it for today’s post – maybe more later but as I wrote this last night my eyes were still dilated and I was having some trouble seeing so no other work got done.

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  • Deb Sep 8, 2016

    Of course you are tired of eye troubles…..let’s hope this is it and over and done with!!
    Deb recently posted…Sewing Early SeptemberMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 8, 2016

      the eye seems much better today thank goodness now if I could just get a new prescription soon

  • Kathi Sep 8, 2016

    So sorry you had that complication but I am glad there is a fix for it and maybe after this round of eye drops you can be done 🙂
    I can’t believe you got ANY sewing/quilting done yesterday with all you have going on so good on you! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Hope you had a Safe Labor Day weekend!!My Profile

  • Summer Sep 8, 2016

    I am so sorry you are experiencing such discomfort with your eyes. I hope you will progress very soon?

    On a different… Thanks for your visits and the sweet comments you leave on my blog. I am enjoying visiting you and seeing the beautiful crafting you do too ?

    Summer recently posted…Diaries: That Cockerel!My Profile

  • Sandra B Sep 8, 2016

    Oh Karen, I am so sorry about this complication you are experiencing….hopefully, the new eye drops will do the trick, and all of this will be behind you for good…..
    Sending positive thoughts your way for a quick healing process and recovery…Hang in there!

  • Belarmina Sep 8, 2016

    Karen cuida tus ojos!!
    espero que pronto estés bien

    • Karen Sep 8, 2016

      thanks for stopping by Belarmina – I can see pretty good today but I can tell I might need one more laser treatment

  • Mary Ann Sep 8, 2016

    Usually this is a one time thing. Had both of mine done too. Now if I could get as much done with 2 good eyes as you do with problems I would be very happy. Have a good day Karen.

    • Karen Sep 8, 2016

      you had to have the cataract surgery too and had the same problem? I still see a little gray today I hope it goes away soon

  • CARLA Sep 8, 2016

    I don’t know if I could stitch at all if I was having eye problems. Glad to hear that you are doing better.
    CARLA recently posted…It’s all down hill from hereMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 8, 2016

      it wasn’t bad enough to bother me sewing, it was more when I was reading – I think because my left eye is ok I was able to do things alright – early stages also – caught it very early – might have to have one more treatment though

  • Mary Sep 9, 2016

    How did you know you had the grey film. I have had the cateract surgery as well. My eyes just itch all the time. Like I have sand in them. I seem to see fine though.
    thank you, Mary

    • Karen Sep 9, 2016

      I just wasn’t seeing right and when I covered up the eye that I did not have surgery on to check I was seeing gray areas in my vision – I did this by looking at a book – some of the words were completely covered in a gray cloud is the best way to describe it – they did not itch

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