Halloween Bag and Butterfly

Postage Stamp Quilt, Quilty 365 – The Final Frontier

This week I really want to get the Trick or Treat Bag finished.  Yesterday I did part of the applique by machine and then when that screwed up (or was it I) I turned to the trusty needle and thread that always works and finished it up.  The stitch on the machine just wasn’t working very well – I am not experienced with machine applique and I didn’t have the patience for it – must try it on something bigger first I think as these pieces are small.  One of these will be the front and one the back – I had originally wanted to do a witch – it didn’t turn out – I was going to stick a ghost on both side and I couldn’t get the stitch right – so I said forget about it and just went with a smaller amount.  This is for a 5 year old who doesn’t know she is getting it so nothing was chosen by child or mom so I can make it how I want.


I got a new point and shoot camera and haven’t quite got the lighting right – the flash is supposed to automatically come on and I think it should have for this one and didn’t – the orange color for the butterfly is a little different that what shows up.  Maybe next time I will get a better photo when I finish the bird.  My other small camera I just haven’t been happy with and have not been able to get the menu to act right – so for now it is sitting on a shelf until I or Mike have more patience with it and try to adjust it some.


I rolled The Final Frontier down on Saturday and got back to work.  I might have to force myself to take some breaks from this quilt this month as my fingertips are getting kind of ragged – but it is hard to force myself to do that!  I am working on the final half of the quilt now.  I don’t have a clear enough photo of all these colors in previous photos before I put it on the quilting frame.  I had to finally unroll from the top and count rows before I rolled it back to where I was.   It is also confusing when the rows are on point and so many of them.  I am linking to Patchwork Times , Em’s Scrapbag, and MCM#40 at Cooking Up Quilts.


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  • Summer Sep 26, 2016

    Karen, you are one talented and patient quilter! Love the colours I am seeing, as usual? Happy Monday ?
    Summer recently posted…Island Mystery: A Snake AdventureMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 26, 2016

      thanks Summer

  • Kathi Sep 26, 2016

    Karen, I am loving your layout on Aniya’s Halloween bag.. The cat and bats look like pumpkin nose and eyes on that fabric too! You may want to play that up a bit as a pumpkin face! lol I like your ghost.. but agree for ME it would have been to small for successful machine applique also! Glad you decided to get it done quicker in this case and by hand for that part 🙂 She will love this surprise I bet!
    I am so happy you are on the last half of your Final Frontier quilt… I love the texture your batting is creating and your quilting techniques are too! They truly look stellar girl!
    I just love your wool being held in place with staples… I will share this today with a friend who does wool applique with the pennies… she would love that idea! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Whooping it up on a Friday!!! 😉My Profile

    • Karen Sep 26, 2016

      I had not even thought it looked like a pumpkin face until you mentioned it!

  • Gretchen Sep 26, 2016

    Your Final Frontier is looking so beautiful. I know when I get in the final half of quilting a quilt, I just want to keep going. It is so hard to stop but yes, the fingers get sore and they need time away from the needles. Have a happy day! Blessings, Gretchen
    Gretchen recently posted…Crossed Laurel LeavesMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 26, 2016

      yes I want to keep on quilting to get it done

  • Sarah Sep 26, 2016

    That’s going to be a very cute bag!
    Sarah recently posted…60 degree diamondsMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 26, 2016

      I hope so

  • Thimbleanna Sep 26, 2016

    Happy Belated Birthday Karen! (September is the best Birthday Month ;-D) I laughed when I read your post about what you will work on next — never a dull moment on your project list. I’m looking forward to seeing your flannel quilt progress. And hopefully those steroid drops do their job so you can kick these eye problems to the curb!!!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…The Aunts Are Done!My Profile

    • Karen Sep 26, 2016

      I sure hope the drops work, it is hard remembering to use them 4 times a day – I have to keep setting an alarm on my phone for the one around lunch time and supper time – first thing in the morning I remember and before I go to bed but daytime is busy and I get forgetful

  • Kathi Riemer Sep 26, 2016

    Your little friend is going to love her halloween bag. When I read your post about your hand quilting project last week, my first thought was, ‘oh, her poor fingers.’ It is such an accomplishment to complete a hand quilted quilt. Soldier on, those fingers will heal.
    Kathi Riemer recently posted…Cherry Fizz and Termination DustMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 26, 2016

      my fingers are like this all the time LOL – I have had a quilt on the frame for the last almost 20 years now LOL sometimes I do a small quilt in a hoop while a big quilt is on the frame – I really should be used to sore fingertips 🙂

  • Erlinda Sep 26, 2016

    A late Happy Birthday.

    • Karen Sep 26, 2016

      thanks Erlinda!

  • Belarmina Sep 26, 2016

    Karen preciosos trabajos !! como siempre
    veo que fue tu cumpleaños
    Felicidades tardías

    • Karen Sep 26, 2016

      thanks for the birthday wishes Belarmina

  • Emily Sep 27, 2016

    The Halloween bag is going to be fabulous! Hope your fingers heal soon. Final Frontier is going to be great!

    • Karen Sep 27, 2016

      thanks! I kind of regretted saying I was making the bag when I first got started as I couldn’t get into making it and then kept messing it up 🙂

  • Patricia Sep 27, 2016

    I love your circle quilt because of your mix of fabrics in one circle! Sometimes, for me, it’s hard to chose just one fabric! 🙂 Lovely and fun quilt!

    • Karen Sep 28, 2016

      thanks – I used all the scraps I had from 5 inch charms for this quilt, I cut out the backs of large circles to make small circles and scraps from everything to make stripes 🙂

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