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Yesterday I found some color drawings that I printed out that I can get ideas for a Trick or Treat bag for Aniya and picked out some fabrics.  I’m afraid that is about as far as I got with that project.


I got side tracked – I had gotten Williamsburg Beauty back out of the box to look at it a little earlier and moved things around on the wall and came up with an idea for the next border – it is something that I had been playing around with in my mind.  I think the whole wall looks so pretty when I add more projects to it!! I am linking to My Quilt Infatuation today.


I got my accuquilt cutter out with the hexagon die that I have and just cut out a couple pieces using some of the fabric scraps that had been in the project box and played for a couple minutes.


Now this is not the correct size keep in mind – this is just to show an idea – I ordered the 1/2 inch hexagon set yesterday — the hexies I will be using are going to be tiny ones.  I will sew one more almost solid border on next and then there will be a hexagon flower chain overlapping two borders.  The beige one that you see now and another light color border.  The chain will be from all the various  colors that I am using in the quilt right now.  The hexagon flower that I show is about double the size that it will be.  Won’t be starting it now – I still intend to work on the flower border for the Postage Stamp quilt and get that one finished first.  The chains will be made first – leave the papers in, heat set, remove papers, glue baste in place and appliqued down.


But while I had hexagons on the brain I decided to sew a couple of the neutrals together and a couple grew to 16 – I have the box of neutrals all prepped so it was easy to do.  So more work done on Handful of Scraps.  I had needed a little break from them but I think I’m ready to get back to work on them!


And a little more from The Final Frontier on Tuesday night.  I am steadily working on this quilt almost every evening while I watch two or three episodes of The Covert Affair on Amazon Prime video.  I am now in the last season of that show so I will be finding something else soon – I just can concentrate so much better on quilting if I am listening to a show and popping my head up to watch at the same time.


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  • Deb Sep 15, 2016

    The design wall looks gorgeous.

    I’ll be interested seeing how this hexie border chain comes along down the line…maybe I should start making some hexies so that I can copy it someday because it’s an awesome idea! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Bernie’s Having a BlastMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 15, 2016

      I saw it someplace on pinterest – it isn’t an original “Karen” idea for sure LOL

  • Kathi Sep 15, 2016

    Loving how lively your design wall is doing.. Glad you are gonna be using your go cutter.. can’t wait to see some baby hexies showing up around that gorgeous center! 🙂
    Keep up all the great work! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Hope you had a Safe Labor Day weekend!!My Profile

    • Karen Sep 15, 2016

      I think when I first got my cutter I got tired of cutting my scraps quickly into squares to add to the boxes and needed some thing that was for an immediate project! I hope to keep cutting up fabric and using it though. A 5 inch charm square is suppose to be able to be laid over the 1/2 hexie area on the cutter and you can cut 6 at one time in just one layer – so if you use 6 layers – 36 at one cutting

  • Lorna McMahon Sep 15, 2016

    I can’t wait to see your Trick or Treat bag. Those fabrics and drawings are perfect! And it always amazes me how you can be working on so many lovely projects all at the same time, Karen! Love your idea of using hexies for the next border. That is going to look so cute!
    Lorna McMahon recently posted…Let’s Bee Social #142My Profile

    • Karen Sep 15, 2016

      thanks Lorna – I used to work on only one project at time – I don’t know what happened LOL

  • Sharon S Sep 15, 2016

    I have been thinking of getting an Accuquilt cutter, but I can’t justify the $$$$ even though they are currently on sale. I am envious of you and yours!!!! There is a beautiful butterfly quilt pattern my Edyta Sitar that has a template for the cutter – it would make everything so much easier!!!

    • Karen Sep 15, 2016

      I understand what you mean – I got mine on a bigger sale and then through a mix up I got more $$ off of mine which they let go as it was a mistake on their end. I also got my commission through advertising their product on my blog – so over all I came out well with it – it took me a long time to decide to get it though – I talked myself out of it a lot – in the end arthritis in my hands is the reason I decided to get it as I know it will be harder to cut as I age. Edyta has several products with them now I believe. I think they usually run a good sale close to Christmas which is when I got mine – and it was a present!

  • Patricia Sep 17, 2016

    You have convinced me: I either need a bigger design wall or another one! Love that circle quilt I saw on your long arm! I love my Accuquilt Go! – totally worth the $$$ – on sale of course! Your hexagon quilt is amazing! Congratulations!

    • Karen Sep 17, 2016

      No long arm here – that is a Hand Quilting Frame in my sewing room. I have a narrow sewing room and I made the back wall into a design wall with flannel covered foam boards with a wood frame screwed in place – it helps keep the flannel from sagging.

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