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I really and truly did little to share yesterday – I know doesn’t happen often does it.  I did get a little work on my hexies – not much there but a couple more short rows of neutrals to share.    This is it and why do I always seem to end up with two darker colors next to each other when I don’t intend them to LOL – somehow I mix pieces up.  I will need to start taking a photo of my layout and then keep the phone or ipad next to me and keep referring back to the photo.  Linking to Tweety Loves Quilting today.


Seeing as I have little to show I did want to share a couple of Hexagon quilts that I have found on Pinterest – they are gorgeous and how anyone has the patience to keep it all in order for the designs is beyond me.

This quilt really caught my eye. It was made in Australia and won a Runner Up Best of Show in a contest there last year.   This is made from half inch hexagons – 5 ribbons total – fantastic – click on the photo to follow the blog post it came from.


Amazing the quilts you find on Pinterest.  Some will link back to the original so you can find out information about them – some don’t!

Here is an old hexagon quilt – this one is made in 1850 by unknown maker.  All those papers cut by hand, all the pieces of fabric cut by hand – the work – amazing!!

Hexagon Frame Top 1850. WOW! Hexagon mosaic patchwork top made from printed cottons in a frame layout, with a central square of hexagon rosettes, a three colour zigzag border, a wider frame containing pairs of hexagons, a frame of hexagon rosettes with a white path and an outer frame of a zigzag design made from hexagons. The outer row of hexagons still have their paper templates intact and still contain the tacking stitches. Many of the paper templates have printed text.:

This one is straight to pinterest as I have no link for it – the info provided says made in early 20th century by Albert Small, half inch hexagons – look at these colors – I would have thought it was very current.  I would love to be able to copy one of these old quilts – but imagine the work – glad I ordered the half inch hexie die for my cutter LOL – maybe? ha hHexagon quilt by Albert Small, early 20th century, made with 1/2' English paper pieced hexagons. Posted by the Appalachian Center for Crafts Fiber Department.:

Hopefully I will have something to show tomorrow.

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  • audrey Sep 17, 2016

    I can totally see you making one of these quilts too!

    • Karen Sep 17, 2016

      I can see me starting one and then finishing it in 20 years right before I die!!

  • Kaholly Sep 17, 2016

    You have what it takes to make one of these quilts! XO
    Kaholly recently posted…In My Humble OpinionMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 17, 2016

      start maybe – finish?

  • Kim Webb Sep 17, 2016

    What wonderful quilts you shared. I have never had any interest in hexies, but the more I’m seeing them on different blogs they are starting to have some appeal.
    We are headed to Arkansas in the morning. Anything of interest that you would suggest we see? We are planning on going to the Hot Springs and then mainly in the mountains of the Ozarks. We are open for any suggestions.

    • Karen Sep 17, 2016

      I am not real familiar with the Hot Springs area other than the main drag with the old bathhouse row – there is a museum there and the visitor center – all of that area is pretty. which area of the Ozark mountains? if you are driving old highway 71 going north is very pretty – steep curvy mountain roads.

  • Alida Sep 17, 2016

    Wow, all those quilts are stunning!! I prefer using hexies on small projects because after a while I get bored, but people make amazingly creative design with that little shape! Thanks for sharing and good luck in your hexie adventure, I am looking forward to follow your progress along!!

    • Karen Sep 17, 2016

      it is amazing to see these large hexie quilts with so many tiny pieces

  • tubakk Sep 17, 2016

    Those quilts are just stunning. I think Albert Small’s quilt has 29 000 hexies. So you can just start, and you’ll have good work the next years to come.

    • Karen Sep 17, 2016

      ha, ha – it would be nice to make it but I somehow doubt I will 🙂

  • Kathi Sep 17, 2016

    So wonderful to see all this hexi inspiration today!!! Keep that mind creating and your hands will follow soon enough! Glad you had a day to make some hexies and dream of 1/2″ hexies too! 🙂 Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Guest Bath REVEAL!!!My Profile

    • Karen Sep 17, 2016

      the quilts are pretty aren’t they I have a pinterest board with hexie quilts on it amazing to find so many

  • Dawn Cooper Sep 17, 2016

    Here is a link to the Illinois State Museum with information about Albert Small the maker of the quilt with the tiny hexagons. It is interesting & worth looking at.

    • Karen Sep 17, 2016

      thanks Dawn – this is some quilt itsn’t it, would love to make a copy but somehow I doubt I ever well

  • Linda Dutch Sep 17, 2016

    There’s something so inspiring about hexi quilts! And the ones with those teeny tiny hexis really are an amazing display of perseverance & love!
    Linda Dutch recently posted…My star-a-day quiltMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 18, 2016

      Yes the perseverance to get it done is really awesome

  • Kate Sep 18, 2016

    Thank you so much for your comments on my hexie quilt, and for showing it on your blog.
    It was made not long after my mum died, and it overtook my life, every spare minute I had was spent on it. I think my mum was urging me on. It was made in her honor, and is called “Remembering Ruby “.

    • Karen Sep 18, 2016

      I just love it!! did you have a pattern for it or did you design it yourself – we have all been amazed at the work!!

  • Kate Sep 18, 2016

    I started with some 5″ squares and a pack of 1/2″ hexies, and made some flowers. They looked so nice that I knew I had to do something with them. I looked on Pinterest and saw a few star designs, and I went from there. It is a combination of several designs. I am not a very orderly quilter, and would make a section, put it down next to the completed piece and see if I liked it. If it looked ok I would continue. I had lots of bits that didn’t end up in the quilt.

    • Karen Sep 18, 2016

      that sounds a lot the same how I make some of my quilts – the hexie quilt I am making is from a pattern though by Edtya Sitar – I won the book the pattern is in and hexie papers to go with it – that is how I got started with mine.

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