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I have kind of gotten in the groove of wool applique this week and pleased to make progress.  I really want to get the Postage Stamp quilt finished  – it is so close to it after all.  The second cluster of flowers is finished and I have a bird cut out and in place ready for stitching this weekend.


Yes you might laugh – yes those are staples holding the wool in place – several have told me that is what they do or people they know do and it is so much easier than fusing and standing over the hot iron.  I thought I would give it a try – I did put glue drops on back of the eye, heaven’s knows if it will stay in place but I will stitch it first before it has time to fall off.



The Final Frontier from Thursday night – Melanie was over until about 8 or so  – I didn’t sit as long at the frame as I do sometimes.


I had to water plants last night we had so much rain in August and now the past 2-3 weeks barely any.  The zinnias are tall as can be.  I had put a row of seeds in when some of the vegetables where finished, a short row of purple cone flowers next to them – I will see what comes back in the spring and transplant to other areas – one can never have too many purple coneflowers.


Every time we have a heavy rain it washes out the mulch along the edges of the raised beds so I shoveled it all up into the beds this week and just have it on top of the empty beds for now – next spring I will recycle it but we get heavy rains in the winter so I want it up for now so I don’t have to rake up out of the grass later.  I will leave it in between the beds as you see as it doesn’t wash out there and I can’t get the lawnmower in between but I can do the lawnmower around the edge.


The only vegetable left in the garden is this mess of sweet potatoes – I had the wire over it to keep the deer out and as you see they have grown so much the deer could very well eat them if they wanted to but they have been leaving them alone.  I dug around one to see how the veggies were doing   – they were way too small to use still- I think the deer had eaten the leafs down so much in the early part of summer that it stunted the growth – they can stay in the ground until Thanksgiving – I will check them in November and see what is there!


This is the area we are redoing.  A cement step will be around this whole area of deck/porch to keep water from flowing under the porch.  You can see it is a lot of work and we will be working on it for awhile.


Maybe you can tell how much I have been digging plants out!  I have dug this whole area except for the one area of green left that you can see while Mike was removing rotting railroad ties and rocks.  You can see how hard that ground looks and it got dryer and dryer the past two weeks, it was easy to work in at first but now! We could have wetted it down some but really not worth getting this whole area muddy – that is almost harder to work in.


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  • Deb Sep 10, 2016

    That little bird is a cutie. Your flowers look beautiful ! You guys really have been hard at it in regards to this outdoor project. Hope you get some needed rain. We got a wee bit of very light rain yesterday off and on but the day held the worst humidity yet this summer ; in the 90+% all day. This morning feels the same thus far.
    Deb recently posted…Applique can be like little kids’ football sometimes…My Profile

  • Kaholly Sep 10, 2016

    Wow! That’s a lot of outside work! I don’t think I’d be up to it anymore! I’m just loving your wool work. I haven’t ventured into wool….yet! XO
    Kaholly recently posted…In My Humble OpinionMy Profile

  • maxine Sep 10, 2016

    The Postage Stamp quilt is intriguing.. I like the contrast of shapes.. and textures… angular and round… smooth and fibrous… and is this your own devising… ? Those coneflowers are always performers in the garden… and aren’t they attractive to beneficiaries?

    • Karen Sep 10, 2016

      I saw a drawing of the postage stamp with no border – no pattern anywhere that I know of. I just did my own measurements and then decided to add a wool applique border to it after seeing a photo of a wall hanging in a book by Wendy Williams that I thought would be perfect longer as a border

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