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Sunday was another great day and although I spent most of the day outside working on the dismantling flower bed project I must admit I took a lot of breaks on the porch reading.  Two days of windows open – back to closed tonight but you can’t have the fall weather all the time in Arkansas in September.

So here are the Postage Stamp borders next to each other so you can see how they look,  The third cluster is not stitched down.  Can I stick it out working on this border so I can get this quilt top finished and have one down and out of the way so I can get back to work on the Williamsburg Beauty?


All ready for stitching and the staples holding the pieces down instead of fusing or pins is working out great – thanks for those that had mentioned it to me.  As long as you are careful with removal it works out great – I was very careful with removing them from the bird and not a problem, could not see where the staples had been at all.


Saturday night with the windows opened my legs got chilly in the middle of the night and I got Wagon’s West which is a light weight quilt and put it over the legs and then kept it there for last night too!  My legs get chilly fast and then I wake up with cramps in them so that is where it will stay.  So nice to get some use out of this small couch size quilt – I really hadn’t used it since I finished it and I do believe I forgot to put a label on it so I guess I better check and get one made for it.


I haven’t shown The Final Frontier in the whole length in awhile – I rolled it down last night and got started on the left side.


I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure that the yellow square on the left side there is the halfway point.  This quilt has now been on the frame for about six weeks so that is pretty much about where I think it should be if it takes me 3-4 to quilt it like it usually does for a queen.  About 60 hours of work so far.  I will be linking to The Patchwork Times today and Em’s Scrapbag: Moving it Forward Monday and Cooking Up Quilts: MCM#38 and it looks like Beth is getting into the hexie craze!  I’m linking to a new to me blog today also called Love Laugh Quilt: Monday Making and Mrs. Sew & Sow.


I will shameless plug my sister-in law Dr. Greta Marlow’s newest book –  Our Present Suffering – this is the 3rd in a series that she has available on Amazon paperback – also available in Kindle format.  Greta is married to my brother Jeff and they own the blueberry farm that I mention every summer – Greta teaches at a local college besides sharing responsibility of running their farm, be a mother and she writes in her spare time (what spare time, she is running crazy all year round!!)

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  • Marianne Sep 12, 2016

    So funny – when you mention having the windows closed, I assume you are talking about times when you have the AC on? We had to close our windows last night because it was cold out – in the 40’s. Just left the bedroom window open a little bit while we slept. But there is a real nip in the air these days and trees in our neighborhood are beginning to turn.

    Love the way the borders are turning out. Can’t wait to see them attached to your quilt!

    • Karen Sep 12, 2016

      yes windows closed for A/C April through September

  • Kathi Sep 12, 2016

    I love to sleep under several quilts at night also! Esp in the fall/winter/spring.. my arthritis in my lower legs makes them ache if they get cold! Love seeing your Wagon’s West on the foot of your bed.. do you have an idea for your label yet for that quilt???
    I love the staple idea on your wool applique… excellent tip you got and I love the visual you shared… keep up the good work on final frontier too!
    Hope your SIL’s book does well! I am reading a series about a yarn shoppe currently and enjoying the friendships that are made.. kind of like quilting is I think! 🙂
    Kathi recently posted…Hope you had a Safe Labor Day weekend!!My Profile

    • Karen Sep 12, 2016

      I have some of the yarn shop books as well, for labels I do nothing fancy, name of quilt, date finished, who made it and laundry instructions.

  • Carolyn S Sep 12, 2016

    i love the Postage Stamp quilt borders you’re working on! Can you please tell me which product you use to fuse the wool applique. Thanks.

    • Karen Sep 12, 2016

      I am not trying to fuse – I did for awhile but I do not like it – I staple the piece in place with one staple and remove it carefully when finished – several readers in Australia recommended this and then a reader in US told me a friend of hers does it like that too. – see todays post for a photo

  • Deb Sep 12, 2016

    Those applique borders are so cheery and whimsical….look great when you are showing them together

    Nice cool weather here this morning as well.

    I will check out the link! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Applique can be like little kids’ football sometimes…My Profile

    • Karen Sep 12, 2016

      cool here this morning too. Yes I like seeing the applique borders together too!

  • Ramona Sep 12, 2016

    Your borders are so wonderful with the wool and scallops. Great combination and it’s so fun! I need to start hand quilting a top that my great-grandmother made, but I am so intimidated by hand quilting. Seeing your frame gives me inspiration!
    Ramona recently posted…Amanda’s Christmas tree skirtMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 12, 2016

      just relax with your hand quilting and give it a try – no need to worry about stitch size or anything like that – I bet great-granny would just be looking down at you from heaven glad that someone finally finished her quilt top!!

  • Summer Sep 12, 2016

    Pretttty as usual, Karen! And thanks for recommending your sissie’s book. I hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs?

    • Summer Sep 12, 2016

      Oh! That was supposed to be ? not ‘?’

    • Karen Sep 12, 2016

      thanks Summer

  • Beth Sep 12, 2016

    Those borders are so lovely, I’m looking forward to seeing them on the quilt. I love that you are appliquing borders! And yes, that hexie bug has bitten me, I’ve been stitching some up this morning. 🙂
    Beth recently posted…MCM #38 – It’s a Double Crush WeekMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 12, 2016

      thanks Beth, will be glad to get these borders done!

  • Sandra B Sep 12, 2016

    Love how the appliqué garden is growing on the second border for the Postage Stamp quilt! And I really like the addition of the birds….thanks for telling us about the staple idea. I haven’t done any wool appliqué, but I am going to give it a try with regular quilting weight fabrics….sounds like it would be a lot faster than glue basting the pieces in place, and, if something needs to be repositioned, pulling the staple out will sure be easier than trying to move a piece that has been held in place with a dab of glue….thanks again for the great tip!
    We have had another wonderful day here in Virginia….windows are still open. We love it, and our kitty loves to sit on the window sills when the windows are open….
    Like another commenter said, it is great seeing Wagons West at the foot of the bed!
    And thanks for telling us about your sister-in-law’s book…I am always on the lookout for a good author! I have read some of the yarn shop books, as well…

    • Karen Sep 12, 2016

      let me know how the staple idea works on regular fabric – I have not tried that – you might want to try it on a scrap piece first to make sure it doesn’t leave holes that won’t go away. We had another nice day here as well but won’t be cool enough for windows open tonight.

  • Belarmina Sep 12, 2016

    Karen me encantan esos bordes con las flores aplicadas.
    ¿los libros de tu cuñada están traducidos al español?
    buena semana

    • Karen Sep 12, 2016

      Belarmina I do not think the books are in Spanish – you would have to check your Amazon to see if it is – as far as I know they are just in English – she is self publishing

  • Rhonda Sep 12, 2016

    All your handwork is just lovely. I love the borders for the Postage Stamp quilt.
    Rhonda recently posted…DWM: So Simple Baby QuiltMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 12, 2016

      thanks Rhonda – I really like working with wool – this is my first try at it

  • Carla Dean Sep 13, 2016

    Oh my stinkin heck…historical fiction based in Arkansas? Score!! I will have to read those books soon! Thanks for sharing!

    • Karen Sep 13, 2016

      she does a pretty good job at them I think and puts a lot of time into her research –

  • Paige Sep 13, 2016

    What progress on your borders, just beautiful!
    Paige recently posted…Elephant Baby Quilt Inspired by FabricMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 13, 2016

      thanks Paige – I really want to get these borders done and attached to the quilt top by the end of October for sure – I want to get back to another quilt that has been on the back burner for awhile

  • Nicky Sep 13, 2016

    Hope you keep going as those borders look great. Thanks for the tip about stapling and for linking up to #scraptastictuesday.
    Nicky recently posted…Scraptastic Tuesday – September Link UpMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 13, 2016

      I learned of the staple trick from a couple Australian bloggers that do wool work – it works!

  • Diann Bottrell Sep 13, 2016

    I love the birds on your applique border! The staple to hold your pieces on is a great idea! I’m sad to see summer winding down, but do love the time when we get to use our quilts more.
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…A September MiniMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 13, 2016

      cuddly up under quilts is the greatest!

  • Emily Sep 16, 2016

    I absolutely adore these borders!
    Emily recently posted…Quilty Hug ParadeMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 16, 2016


  • Cindy Sep 20, 2016

    Love the postage stamp borders.

    • Karen Sep 20, 2016

      thanks Cindy – I hope this will really add to the quilt

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