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Joseph’s Coat, Postage Stamp Quilt, Quilty 365 – The Final Frontier

Yes I am determined to get this quilt finished over the next week or so – I’m ready to put it aside – two more flowers in this cluster and then I can make the last cluster.


This part to do on Final Frontier before it gets rolled down again.


Do you switch quilts out on your bed frequently? I do – I like to change it up and I have a lot of bed size quilts that I have made over the years and can do that.  Back on the bed after quite a break is one that I hand pieced and hand quilted called Joseph’s Coat – I made this one back in 2011 and 2012 – over 300 hours of work in it.  Very much a rainbow out of Hoffman Water Color Batiks – and yes it was hand pieced and hand quilted – batiks can be done by hand it just takes a little more effort and sharp needles.  I call this one of my fall/winter weight quilts – the batting is the 2nd thickness of Quilters Dream batting  called “Select Loft”.


I have a tutorial from back then that I did on how to hand piece a Joseph’s Coat quilt on the side bar to the right.


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  • Gretchen Sep 29, 2016

    Your quilt is beautiful! Sad to say, it is getting time to get heavier quilts on the bed. Your wool applique is so nice, it won’t take long to sew the borders onto the quilt top. Blessings, Gretchen

    • Karen Sep 29, 2016

      Most of my quilts are lightweight, I have two I consider heavier and Final Frontier is with wool batting so that one might be a fall/winter quilt too don’t know?

  • Marianne Sep 29, 2016

    I change our quilts about every other month, too, although we changed to a queen-sized bed a few years ago, and I “only” have 3 that fit. Still, it is fun to bring out old friends. They feel new all over again. I love your Joseph’s Coat, especially the scalloped edge. Thanks for showing it again.

    • Karen Sep 29, 2016

      thanks Marianne – most of my quilts are lighter weight and I have only a few that are heavier – sometimes in winter even so I will put two on the bed

  • Deb Sep 29, 2016

    I love this quilt….for a minute there I thought ‘orange peels’ then realized that it was the other pattern. Absolutely stunning!

    • Karen Sep 29, 2016

      very much like orange peels though, I always have to look closely to see which they are on line.

  • Liz Sep 29, 2016

    Love that quilt!

    • Karen Sep 29, 2016

      thanks Liz

  • Vicki Sep 29, 2016

    So happy to see Joseph’s Coat again! I love that quilt!

    • Karen Sep 29, 2016

      I do too – I use it mainly in the winter so it hadn’t been out for awhile

  • Jen R. Sep 29, 2016

    What a beautiful quilt! I can almost imagine the heavy comfort of it.

    • Karen Sep 29, 2016

      yes it is a nice warm quilt

  • Sandra B Sep 29, 2016

    Karen, your Joseph’s Coat quilt is amazing!! You made this one before I started following your blog, so this is the first time I have seen it….Beautiful!!
    Virginia is caught up in a rainy weather pattern! We got nearly 4 inches of rain yesterday and overnight! And, it is raining again today, although, thankfully, it is a light rain… Hopefully it will end soon….

    • Karen Sep 29, 2016

      thanks Sandra – I love this quilt and it comes out every cooler season. Sounds like you are getting a lot of the rain that we had all summer – it was a much rainier summer than usual for the most part.

  • Astrid Sep 29, 2016

    Missed a lot in blogland again and I see you have been busy as always. Love your JC quilt, looks beautiful on your bed.

    • Karen Sep 29, 2016

      Astrid have not heard from you in ages – hope you are doing well!

  • Mary Ann Sep 30, 2016

    Your Joseph’s Coat is a beautiful quilt. Love the color range of batiks you chose. The wool applique borders are lovely. Will be exciting to see them attached to the quilt. I only have a couple of quilts that fit a king sized bed but I do have a large quilt hanger in the dining room to display quilts. I change out the quilts with the seasons.

    The vegetable garden is coming to an end. Although I don’t look forward to cold weather, the garden has taken up most of my time since May. Looking forward to being creative again in my sewing room.

    • Karen Sep 30, 2016

      thanks Mary Ann, I do love this colorful quilt. I have sweet potatoes and herbs in the garden. I need to check the potatoes and see how they are doing, the last I checked they were still quite small – the deer had feasted on the leafs in the early summer so I think it stunted their growth

  • JoAnna Sep 30, 2016

    Love your quilts! You are able to get so much done! I don’t see any tutorials on the sidebar? I would love to see how you made this quilt.

    • JoAnna Sep 30, 2016

      Karen, I must be blind -found it, thanks!

      • Karen Sep 30, 2016

        didn’t read the second comment before I had answered your second – glad you found it.

    • Karen Sep 30, 2016

      On the side bar under categories – if you are using an Ipad or phone that might not show up – possible you would have to scroll to the very end. If you can’t find it let me know and I will send you a link

  • Cindy Sep 30, 2016

    Love that Joseph’s Coat quilt. I had not seen this one either. Will be looking at that tutorial for sure, but think it’s probably beyond my ability. You are so talented and creative!

    • Karen Sep 30, 2016

      thanks Cindy – I’ve been quilting for over 25 years so I’m sure there are alot that y’all haven’t seen!

  • Glenda Australia Oct 5, 2016

    What a treat Karen it is stunning. Thanks for sharing, I think every quilter loves seeing quilts like this after they have been stored away, its like finding a treasure as you have for gotten how lovely they are. Cheers Glenda
    Glenda Australia recently posted…5th Oct 2016 Mens Tie shoulder bag finished.My Profile

    • Karen Oct 5, 2016


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