Postage Stamp Border

Postage Stamp Quilt

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes and concern for my eye.   Had a great lazy day and got some stitching done – besides the other stuff we all do no matter if it is a birthday or not!

Working with wool can be fun – if you haven’t tried it you might want to give it a shot.   It is so much easier and faster then needle turn applique which I normally do.  The second border is nearing an end!!!  What a long journey this one has been – somehow I thought I would be done with it by now – but that is ok because the quilting frame will be occupied for another couple months so it will just be put in the “waiting in line box” anyhow – but it will be nice to have it finished soon.

The two Postage Stamp side borders – when I get done with the last two clusters of flowers I will go back and look it all over and possibly add a little more here and there if after it is sewn on the quilt top if it looks a little bare – that well be decided later but before it goes on the quilting frame.  I am mainly looking at the corners when I say this.


The area just finished I might add a little more embellishment to the two flowers on the right.


The book I get my inspiration from


One of the birds in the book.  What I do is select the wool I want and just start to cut into it – I don’t bother to trace out designs because I don’t want the extra work and it is ok if they are different then what is in the book.


I will add antenna to the butterfly and legs and an eye to the bird.  I might cut out the tail feather just a little bit to make it look like several feathers.     For the bird first I cut a body – it might need to be adjusted a time or two by cutting small amounts off to get the shape right.


Then I cut out the green “feather” and then the small blue area on top of that.  If you want to try free form cut a little larger than you really want it to be so you can trim little areas out here and there and have it not get too small.  Make sure to save your scraps!!  little bits are used here and there, I save the tiny bits in a ziplock bag and tuck it in with the bigger pieces – little pieces make good eyes and the butterfly accent etc.  I will be linking to Kathy’s Quilts: Slow Sunday Stitching today and see if I can get the stitching on the bird and butterfly done.  I am also linking to Quilting is More Fun Than Housework and Monday Making.


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  • Gretchen Sep 25, 2016

    You are really flying through the Postage Stamp border. It will nice to have it completed and ready to go when you complete the Final Frontier. Blessings, Gretchen
    Gretchen recently posted…Two Finishes & Vintage Candy Cane SnowmanMy Profile

  • Kaholly Sep 25, 2016

    Are there no end to your talents? Beautiful border! XO
    Kaholly recently posted…Bag It 2016 and a Give AwayMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      Aw Shucks – thanks Karen

  • Liz Sep 25, 2016

    Another morning of beautiful eye candy! And I got to see the piggie!! Woohoo.
    Liz recently posted…Weekend UpdateMy Profile

  • Marianne Sep 25, 2016

    Amazing that you cut that bird out freehand! Mine don’t look like birds when I do that, and I’m afraid to waste any wool. I’m doing the “Be My Neighbor” Moda BOW and there’s a bird in a few of the blocks. Think I’ll use wool for those. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      I guess I have an eye for the shape, I had thought at first that I would be tracing the pieces out on fusible, iron, and then cut but I tried cutting a flower first like this and then another and so it began – there have been a couple mistakes that went back in the wool bag to cut into something else believe me!

  • Deb Sep 25, 2016

    So pretty! Love, love, love the wool applique. It will be stunning!

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      thanks Deb, I think this will be one unique quilt when I get it finished – wool applique with close to 3,000+ tiny 1 inch squares!

  • Kathy S. Sep 25, 2016

    Love your border for the postage stamp quilt. The little bird is really cute. Thanks for referencing the book you are using for the project. Happy slow stitching.
    Kathy S. recently posted…Slow Stitching Willow TreeMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      have had several ask me what book I was using so thought showing the cover would help

  • Sandra Sep 25, 2016

    I will be starting a wool project soon. I’ll try your idea of cutting things out freehand…thanks for the idea!

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      as long as you want your pieces to be unique and not exact replica’s it works great for me.

  • CathieJ Sep 25, 2016

    Those borders are beautiful. I like how you aren’t strictly following the pattern but just getting inspiration. I rarely allow myself to do that and I really should. I love your bird. What pretty colors.
    CathieJ recently posted…Autumn is Here!My Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      thanks Cathie – a lot of times I follow a pattern exactly but the wall hanging in the book that gave me the idea was much smaller – about a third of one of these borders and was really packed with flowers – I didn’t want the border to be that full so decided to wing it

  • Barbara Sep 25, 2016

    Wow, those borders look fabulous. I love wool applique and find I always want to add more bits and stitches. Often I have to force myself to call it complete and move on. I’m looking forward to seeing this quilt put together, it will be beautiful, and best of all your own creation!

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      I keep thinking that maybe a few more French Knots or one more little flower or leaf – LOL – I have a feeling I might add a little more before I call it done

  • Sarah Sep 25, 2016

    What a great project and I admire you for just going for it free hand!
    Sarah recently posted…60 degree diamondsMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      thanks Sarah

  • Cynthia Brunz Sep 25, 2016

    So beautiful! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap! I can’t wait to see it all together.
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! : Scrappy QuiltingMy Profile

  • Kathi Sep 25, 2016

    Happy Belated birthday dear friend… sorry I missed your post on that !!! Thanks for sharing how you are staying inspired to be so fun and whimsical on these borders… looks like a good book for sure! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your birthday weekend!!! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Whooping it up on a Friday!!! 😉My Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      thanks Kathi – yes I love the wool

  • Diann Bottrell Sep 25, 2016

    I might need to look for that book! It looks like a good reference. I’ve only done a little bit of wool applique, but would like to do more! Yours is beautiful and fun to see up close!
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…Happy Mail!My Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      the book is great fun and lots of patterns for funky looking flowers and animals

  • CARLA Sep 25, 2016

    Your garden borders are really growing. I haven’t tried wool yet but I did find a mantle scarf in an old quilting magazine I want to try. I think it is just done in felt which may be the way to try this since the wool seems so expensive.
    CARLA recently posted…TrapuntoMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      wool is expensive I had bought some for this project and I will have a lot left over to mix in with a box of wool that a reader sent me that she had felted from wool clothing – that is the best way to get felted wool – from goodwill type of stores and such – 100% wool – we do not see that so much here in the south though

  • Mari Sep 25, 2016

    That’s a lot of work but so worth it! Looks beautiful!
    Mari recently posted…Leaves of fabricMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      thanks Mari

  • Deb Sep 25, 2016

    Love how your borders are coming along…. it is inspiring me to pull out my midget appliqué which is waiting for some special appliqué in their borders. Yours are truly beautiful.
    Deb recently posted…Slow Stitching Sunday…My Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016


  • Monica Sep 25, 2016

    I think it is quite possible that whatever time you save on needleturn, you make up for with embellishment! But, it is gorgeous, so who cares about the time? I have this book too, it is very inspiring. Great job!
    Monica recently posted…And Some DotsMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      it is a great book isn’t it

  • Kate Sep 26, 2016

    The borders are beautiful. It’s going to be a gorgeous quilt.
    Kate recently posted…Weekend Stitching: Blooms for a Rainy DayMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 26, 2016

      thanks Kate, I am loving this quilt

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