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Postage Stamp Quilt, Quilty 365 – The Final Frontier

I managed to get a little bit done yesterday – another nice day here weather wise – I think early fall has begun – early fall here means daytime temps 75-80 (and usually low humidity) and nighttime in the 50’s mostly – windows open and fresh air arrives!

I got another cluster of flowers and a bird attached to the Postage Stamp border – I was just pinning in place while I was cutting and designing – I will staple later.  The bird is partway stitched in place – still need to do the wings and look for a closer color thread to go with it.  One more cluster to do after I finish this grouping.  I am linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict ,  Sew Fresh Quilts and Quilt Fabrication and My Quilt Infatuation.


The sewing table is cleaned off – guess that means it is time to mess it up again but I really want to concentrate on the Postage Stamp border so I might just hold off on anything else for a week or so other than quilting.


A little more quilting on Monday night – I notice a crooked line here and there – oh well guess I better go back to using the ruler and forget about eyeballing!  Some mentioned that I could find an Ott replacement bulb at JoAnne’s – true – but closest one it is 90 miles away and I’m not driving that far to get one and then possibly they wouldn’t have the right one.  I totally forgot I had another Ott light that I can use it is hanging above the cutting table if I really need it I can move it temporally.


Hadn’t shown our outside project in awhile – we are on to cement work, a new long step in place – a few boards had to be taken up while we worked and will be put back down, more cement work still needed and drainage put in – well be working on this for awhile – getting some manual labor exercise in.  Mike mixes the cement with the mixer and pours it and then I smooth it out – I think he has the harder part of the job.


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  • Deb Sep 28, 2016

    All of your projects including the cement work are progressing nicely 🙂

    • Karen Sep 28, 2016

      thanks Deb, I must say now that the digging of the plants is out of the bed I just assist now and then!

  • Kathi Sep 28, 2016

    Wish my cutting table was clean!!!! Very jealous of that view for sure!!! I love the wide step you and your hubby have made… will look forward to more “manual labor” pics as this progresses…
    I just love your progress quilt wise and miss open windows but we got rain last night here and I woke to a cool morning! Yippee!!!!

    • Karen Sep 28, 2016

      I’m sure the table will be messed up again before you know it! I do love windows open but always have to throw an extra light quilt over my legs

  • Gretchen Sep 28, 2016

    If you reread my comment, what I suggested was going ONLINE to JoAnn’s for your replacement bulb. The bulb # is on the bulb. You could have gotten 20% off your first purchase.

    • Karen Sep 28, 2016

      I have ordered on line from JoAnne’s before so would not have gotten the first time customer discount. I am have a Amazon Prime membership so I get free shipping on most that is why I use it so much – the light was free shipping but not available to the fast shipping.

  • Summer Sep 28, 2016

    Hi Karen? I love the sound of open windows and fresh air! Love seeing the progress on your outside project too.

    • Karen Sep 28, 2016

      I love open windows and take advantage of it in the fall. Most of the spring the windows are shut because of heavy pollen and we both have allergies – fall and a short time in very early spring/end of winter are about the only times we open them – the rest of the year is just too humid although that doesn’t both me as much as DH

  • Thimbleanna Sep 28, 2016

    Now there’s a contrast — cement work and quilting LOL!!!

    • Karen Sep 28, 2016

      yes I am nothing but contrast 🙂 crawling around in the dirt, work with wood and cement and then take the gloves off and work with fabric and thread

  • Bonnie in Va Sep 28, 2016

    Nice progress has been made.

    • Karen Sep 28, 2016

      thanks Bonnie – I will be glad to get done with the postage stamp border

  • audrey Sep 28, 2016

    Love that applique work! So inspiring.:)

    • Karen Sep 28, 2016


  • Susan Sep 28, 2016

    Amazing how those home projects get in the way of quilting! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

    • Karen Sep 28, 2016

      thanks Susan, I have pretty much learned how to work in the stitching around working outside – we always have outside or inside projects going – amazing how much you can get done while you are on a break from the physical stuff!

  • Vicki W Sep 28, 2016

    Your outside project is moving along, just like all of your inside ones! My outside project is also moving along in between rain dounpours.

    • Karen Sep 29, 2016

      I think it is supposed to be dry here all week, next week though – who knows we might have some delays – right now the delays are aching muscles lol

  • Kate Sep 28, 2016

    Pretty projects. I love the bold colors in your hand quilting project. The black really makes them pop.

    • Karen Sep 29, 2016

      thanks Kate fossil ferns does make bold colors!

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