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Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Williamsburg Beauty

I have been asked – what is next when the Postage Stamp Border is finished – well I bought a quilt kit from Craftsy sometime back that I have not started on  – it is a flannel quilt which I have never worked with before.  I know most say to wash flannel first but Craftsy recommends not washing  before as the pieces are measured for what is needed – all the pieces are the same kind of flannel so it should all shrink the same – and if you want enough fabric to make the quilt – I say listen to them even if it ends up being smaller after washing is done!!  This is the pattern – and I bought the same line of fabric from another location for the backing – so the quilt will be made with all the same kind of fabric from front to back.  Finish size is 84 x 96 – before washing and drying – I wonder what it will end up being LOL – I really don’t mind shrinkage – this might be a good one for the end of the couch on cold winter days/nights and to toss in the camper when we travel.  I will machine piece and probably hand quilt so it would be for next year not this year.  This one is called Murrieta Stars.


Here is a better photo of the colors – had to do better – the colors were looking too dark!


The other quilt that will get more work done on it is the Williamsburg Beauty.  This will be a mixture of hand and machine work.  So I really have plenty to keep me busy once the Postage Stamp quilt is finished.  I have one quilt waiting in line to be quilted that I finished a month or so ago – and I think I will be machine quilting it – I just hadn’t had time to get started on it – Hopscotch.  And of course continue the hexies on Handful of Scraps, the Retro Air Ship Propeller Blocks which I will be tossing more color into to make it brighter and not boring – And always a quilt on the frame for hand quilting – I think that is enough for now – and of course if I ever get around to it I will be back to work on Love Entwined one day – maybe!  The next quilt on the hand quilting frame after The Final Frontier is finished will be the Postage Stamp quilt.


Of course showing all this work means I didn’t get any work done yesterday and that is right – I was back to the Retina specialist for my eye  again  – problems, problems they just don’t want to go away.  First I had the retina detachment in February on my right eye – then the cataract grew super fast so I had to have the cataract removed – from that I was one of the 20% that had complications of course – I had a gray area grow on the back of the lens – that was removed with a laser treatment about 3 weeks ago – from that I ended up with swelling in the retina area – so back to the specialist Friday and was informed that it was two problems scar tissue from the original retina surgery and swelling from the laser treatment – first thing we try is a month or two or three of steroid eye drops 4 times a day and one drop of something else for a month to get the swelling down so I have better vision in my right eye  – if that doesn’t work we go to the next step and go from there.  As long as I wear my glasses my left eye is doing a good job and I keep on sewing and whatever and my close up vision is pretty good on it’s own and I don’t need glasses for that.  I can see fine to drive – I have a little trouble with reading but not enough to slow me down – it is not creating a big problem right now.  So lets keep our fingers crossed that the eye drops do the trick!

Anyhow the eye problem is why we have not planned any trips this fall – I have been asked why we have not been traveling like we usually do in the fall and we keep waiting to see if this eye problem is going away and it hasn’t – there has been a lot of running to the various eye doctors this year – we might go to some state parks in Arkansas this fall instead which means October and November (good months here at home that should no longer be hot)  could be a little traveling time here and there and be close enough to home to see the doctor if needed.  Lots of parks in Arkansas to see that we have not seen and Melanie & Ric are close by to move in and house sit when needed, they live just down the road a couple miles from us with his mom so are available when needed.

And Happy 64th Birthday to me today – glad I am still around for another year!! 

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  • Kaholly Sep 24, 2016

    Happy Birthday! Another September baby! I’m sorry about all your eye issues! Boy, you haven’t skipped a beat, though! Have a wonderful day. Pamper yourself! You deserve it! XO
    Kaholly recently posted…Bag It 2016 and a Give AwayMy Profile

  • Gretchen Sep 24, 2016

    Happy Birthday Karen! I hope it is a peaceful day with some fun surprises thrown in. Sorry about all the eye problems and hoping the drops take the swelling out. It will be fun to take some short trip to parks you haven’t visited yet. This way you can keep the quilting needle going. Blessings, Gretchen
    Gretchen recently posted…Two Finishes & Vintage Candy Cane SnowmanMy Profile

  • Marianne Sep 24, 2016

    So sorry to hear your eye problems are continuing. That must be scary and annoying. Glad you can still keep sewing, reading, driving, etc. And exploring closer to home may have its own benefits. Wishing you all the best!

  • Barbara Sep 24, 2016

    Have a wonderful birthday Karen. So sorry to hear of your eye issues; I hope they clear up soon. I love that flannel quilt that you have on your list, the colors are delightful and the star pattern perfect for dreaming under a cozy quilt.

  • Liz Sep 24, 2016

    Yay Happy Birthday. Hope,you have a wonderful day!

    Go sew something.
    Liz recently posted…A Few More Bear Paws and ….My Profile

  • Carolyn S Sep 24, 2016

    Happy birthday and I hope your eye problems are soon resolved!

  • Donna Sep 24, 2016

    Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! We have heat and humidity here in Iowa – unusual for this time of year. But then this whole year has been unusual. Good luck with your eye problems. Everything we do takes sharp vision. I sure like the border you’re putting on the postage stamp quilt.

  • Celia Sep 24, 2016

    Happy birthday, Karen, hope you have a lovely day and that your eye problems are soon resolved. Your Postage Stamp quilt is looking really good and it will be interesting to see how you quilt it.

  • JoanG Sep 24, 2016

    Happy birthday Karen! If you get this much done with eye problems, just think how turbocharged you’ll be when they clear up. I love checking in on your blog each morning. You always have such a wonderful variety of quilts on the go. Take care of those eyes and keep inspiring us.

  • Deb Sep 24, 2016

    oh I hope the drops work / i know that you are so over this ; so frustrating !
    Deb recently posted…End of Summer Slice of LifeMy Profile

  • Swooze Sep 24, 2016

    Happy Butthday Karen. Good luck with the eye issues. I have many myself but just do not talk about them.
    Swooze recently posted…Razzle Dazzle Block TwoMy Profile

  • Wanda Sep 24, 2016

    Happy Birthday!!

    My left eye has to compensate for my right eye too and so far, so good.
    Wanda recently posted…Preparation……..My Profile

    • Karen Sep 24, 2016

      I have been lucky so far that my left eye is doing that too – I just hope the vision gets cleared up enough so that if anything ever happens to the left eye that I will still see enough to get around with glasses!

  • Karen Sep 24, 2016

    thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

  • LisaS Sep 24, 2016

    Happy, happy birthday! I hope you enjoy your day.

    I made an all-flannel quilt a coup,e of years ago from a kit. It looks like the same brand that you have. I had no problems with it and it didn’t seem to shrink up too much. I loved working with it.

    • Karen Sep 24, 2016

      that is great news to hear on little shrinkage Lisa thanks for the info

  • Debbie B Sep 24, 2016

    Happy Birthday, Karen! So sorry to hear of your continuing eye issues. Hope they are resolved soon. I’ve been out of the loop for a couple of months, so I’ve been reading previous post to try and catch up. You have been very busy and productive. I’m on my way to Bentonville in a few weeks to celebrate my Dad’s 90th birthday with 4 of my 5 brothers. It was my Dad’s wish to go fishing in Arkansas, so that’s what we are going to do. I hope the weather cooperates. Take care of yourself and thanks for sharing.

    • Karen Sep 24, 2016

      thanks Deb – have fun with your visit to your dad

  • Sandra B Sep 24, 2016

    Happy Birthday, Karen!!
    I am sorry to hear that your eye problems are ongoing….hope the eye drops will help you get closer to the full recovery….
    I remember when you got that kit for the flannel quilt….I just love those colors. Makes me think about my favorite season….fall!! Our weather in Virginia is very fall like right now. Beautiful sunshine, little to no humidity and a crispness to the air….I think we are supposed to continue like this, and maybe get a bit cooler, for the next few days…I wouldn’t mind at all if it stayed like this … I love this type of weather!!
    Wishing you a very happy birthday…and many, many more!!

    • Karen Sep 24, 2016

      thanks- i think the flannel quilt will be a great one for winter

  • Kate Sep 24, 2016

    Happy birthday. I hope your birthday present to yourself is that your eye problem sorts itself out. My partner had a similar problem but after a couple of operations is much better, so fingers crossed you won’t take too long. Just keep on sewing, and let the eye sort itself out.

    • Karen Sep 24, 2016

      thanks Kate- I sure hope these eye drops work – vision is something you take for granted until you start to have problems!

  • Vicki W Sep 24, 2016

    Happy Birthday! I hope you eye problems subside soon. I never worry about what you will do next. I know there’s always something!

  • Béatrice Sep 24, 2016

    Joyeux anniversaire Karen XXX
    Béatrice recently posted…Summer Solstice Quilt A LongMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      thanks Beatrice

  • Kathi Sep 25, 2016

    Here is an official belated Birthday Wish to you Karen! I love your blog and love following your quilting 🙂 Hope you are able to keep it up with your eye issues… glad close work isn’t being hindered for you!
    Kathi recently posted…Whooping it up on a Friday!!! 😉My Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2016

      I have always been able to see close up really well, even the tiny print on medication bottles without glasses

  • Cindy Sep 26, 2016

    Happy Birthday Karen. Sorry it’s late. Don’t check my e-mail on the weekends. Look forward to reading your posts. Always check them first.

    • Karen Sep 26, 2016

      thanks Cindy –

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