Bigger Hexagons

Handful of Scraps, Williamsburg Beauty

Well this time I did cut out the right size hexagons for Handful of Scraps – two sets and got them thread basted.  Now they are ready to sew.  I will try to get at least one of them sewn today.  The dark blue is hard to sew through.  I think I will need to rethink some of the fabric I put in this project box.  The darker blue and some of the other colors in that bundle were hand dyed that I had won – I have come to realize they are something like batiks – closer woven and harder to do by hand.  I think I will do this one as I already have it basted but put the others back on the shelf and save it for a machine project instead.  I have a lot more that I can mix in for Handful of Scraps and most are easy to hand stitch through.


Other than that I got a the last part of that yard of fabric cut – I needed the smaller print cut out and then I need to piece these into four strips for the next step.  First I need to square up the brown border – slightly uneven on one side.  Some measuring was done and I have found the middle is a little wider in width then the top and bottom!  Must fix that first before more borders are added.   Nothing else yesterday in the sewing room was done yesterday.  I am linking to Quilt Story: Fabric Tuesday today and Esther’s Quilt Blog.


I was busy helping Mike outside yesterday and when not I was enjoying the porch in the morning – then in the afternoon it got too hot and I went to the grocery store.  By Thursday big difference in temps!  right now it is in the 80’s daytime and back to high 60’s at night – later in the week – 67/42? something like that.  The heat might come on to chase the chill out Friday morning and Saturday morning.  I don’t care how early it is in October if it gets cold in the house the heat comes on to get the chill out.  It might be for just a morning here or there but why not?   I’m afraid I do not understand when people say they do not turn the heat on until a certain date – why? if it gets cold use it.  Also if we get a much warmer day than normal and very, very humid in December or January or whenever I put the air on for a little bit to get the humidity lower.  I guess I always figure if you have central air and heat use it that is what it is for – unless you really really want to save a few dollars on your utility bill that is.

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  • Kathleen Oct 18, 2016

    I agree with you on if you have it, use it. Our grandparents probably wish they did in times they didn’t have it.
    I too am looking forward to consistent fall weather.
    Kathleen recently posted…What’s Up 10.17.16My Profile

    • Karen Oct 18, 2016

      fall is coming – just a couple days away!!

  • Summer Oct 18, 2016

    Hi Karen! The hexagons are looking pretty. Happy Tuesday 🙂
    Summer recently posted…Beach DateMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 18, 2016

      thanks Summer!

  • AmyscrapSpot Oct 18, 2016

    Your hexie’s are super cute! Love your color choices!
    AmyscrapSpot recently posted…Trimming the Blocks!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 18, 2016

      thanks Amy I like these colors too

  • Belarmina Oct 18, 2016

    Karen tus hexagonos son muy bonitos
    me gustan los colores
    en casa la calefacción ya funciona todos los días
    al menos dos, tres horas para caldear un poco

    • Karen Oct 18, 2016

      thank you Belarmina – I have come love hexies very much would never have thought I would in years past I could have cared less for them.

  • Kathi Oct 21, 2016

    Loving your handful of scraps hexies… esp that hand dyed blue… that teal shade is one of my fave colors and hard to find!!! But I do understand about it being hard to handsew from. Glad you have plenty of quilting fabrics that will go with this fun project that will be easy to EPP. Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Happy Sunday Catch Up!My Profile

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