Done With The Wool Border

Postage Stamp Quilt

Yes! finally done – this took way longer then it should have and now that I have experienced wool I know I will be making bits and pieces in the future – small wall hangings? table runners?  Working with wool is so easy – now I must learn to take better decorative stitches but I know it can come to me, I have a Craftsy class on stitching and numerous books of stitches.  I can’t link to the class right now as Craftsy is developing a new site and it is temporally  unavailable right now – next week everything will be there again – if you have tried to get to a class or whatever don’t worry it is still there!  (edited @ 7:45 AM – Craftsy is up and running now so it might be up for good – last night when I wrote this post they might have been down for updating the new site)

Next up is to press the borders well, measure the tallest point of each border so I can figure how much to trim down in width and then get busy attaching borders.  Here are the two borders spread out on the floor.  I really doubt I will add anymore to them.


The last two clusters of flowers that were added this past week.


And a close up of the last cluster.


Here is one half of each border


And the other half – I’m glad I decided to finish off the Postage Stamp this way with this type of border – a really different look then with cotton applique.


I don’t know if I will get the borders completed this weekend – nice weather here and we are busy working outside too – but once I get going it should not take long and I will show it completed as soon as I can.

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  • Summer Oct 1, 2016

    Yaaay! Congrats on finishing the borders, Karen. They are very pretty. Have a wonderful day ?

    • Karen Oct 1, 2016

      thanks Summer it is a good feeling to be done with them

  • Kathi Oct 1, 2016

    Congrats on such a great finish on these borders for your postage stamp top…. soon it will be a flimsy waiting anxiously for it’s time on the frame 🙂 Glad you have some nice weather over this weekend! Enjoy a job WELL DONE on this project 🙂 I am on my last block of my daughter’s quilt I have worked on since the end of February… I will be happy to post a finish for it in the near-ish future! hahaha Kathi

    • Karen Oct 1, 2016

      it takes a long time to get a quilt done right doesn’t it Kathi – congrats on getting your quilt to the point it is now!

  • Deb Oct 1, 2016

    They look just wonderful together! 🙂

    • Karen Oct 1, 2016

      thanks Deb!

  • Celia Oct 1, 2016

    These borders really set off your Postage Stamp quilt beautifully, love the wool applique as well. I’ve recently bought a kit to make a wool applique quilt, new experience for me so I was very interested to see how well yours has turned out.
    Enjoy your outside work while the weather is kind.

    • Karen Oct 1, 2016

      wool is so very different to applique then regular quilters cotton – I have found it very easy to work with

  • Barbara Oct 1, 2016

    Wow, it looks wonderful and your decorative stitching is so imaginative. I use this book for reference for stitching: The Right-handed Embroiderer’s Companion: A Step-by-step Stitch Dictionary by Yvette Stanton and there is a Left Handed one too. Sue Spargo also has a good little book that opens flat. Anyway, I love your border and it will look fantastic on that quilt-a brilliant idea to do add it!

    • Karen Oct 1, 2016

      thanks Barb – there are many wonderful stitching books and classes available, I have a small handbook to keep with my threads to refer to now and then but mostly I just make up as I go

  • Gretchen Oct 1, 2016

    Very pretty borders! They will look great on the postage stamp center. Blessings, Gretchen

    • Karen Oct 1, 2016

      thanks Gretchen

  • Swooze Oct 1, 2016

    Looks great! Do you know how you plan to quilt it already?

    • Karen Oct 1, 2016

      just finished putting the borders on it today – more photos tomorrow – I think yes I decided awhile back on the quilting very simple straight lines in the rows of blocks and maybe a grid on the borders around the applique and outline around the clamshells in the same shapes that they are.

  • Belarmina Oct 1, 2016

    Karen se ven muy bonitas las aplicaciones
    sera un precioso edredón

    • Karen Oct 1, 2016


  • Glenda Oct 5, 2016

    They look so adorable Karen, so so many hours of sewing but my gosh they look stunning. I keep looking at all those lovely clam shells to. It sure is a stunning border and a great journey to travel with you. Glenda
    Glenda recently posted…5th Oct 2016 Mens Tie shoulder bag finished.My Profile

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