Halloween Cat and Quilting

Handful of Scraps, Quilty 365 – The Final Frontier, Stitchery

Melanie (our daughter) was over last night and she is working on a Halloween stitchery – awfully cute! Not done yet as you can see – the pattern is by Satsuma Street located here. (not affiliated, just thought some of your stitchers might like to see where the pattern was from)  It sure will be cute when it is done.


I got one more of the hexie flowers done for Handful of Scraps and I have moved the dark one along with it to the top of the quilt and I might work from the top down now? Not sure just an idea.  I am linking to Tweety Loves Quilting today.


This area of The Final Frontier was worked on Wednesday night


And this part on Thursday night and where I picked up last night after Melanie went home.


I don’t know how many of you use your kindle or Ipad for Quilting books from Amazon  but I found a nice one that I loaded onto to my Ipad – if you get the paperback it is just under $23 but if you get it for your kindle but load it to your Ipad for viewing it is $9.99.  Most quilting books I have found like this have a link in the book to tell you where to go on the computer to print out the patterns and this one is no different – you go to the link and you can print your pattern from it.  The photos on the Ipad are nice and clear and so is the print.  You take your Ipad when you travel and you have access to your quilting books to look through and read.  I do not have a lot like this but I have found them to be much more in my price range.  Again no affiliation – just a great idea.  This book has some great small quilts to use wool applique or applique of your choice – some of the patterns are just right to frame and hang on the wall – about 20 x 20 inches.  I know books on kindle or Ipad is not for everyone but when you can print the pattern out from it – well it works for me!  EDITED: 8:28AM — I had not printed any of the patterns out to see how well they did so this morning I printed out one of the applique patterns in the book – it printed out 1/8 inch smaller than the scale and I could not get it to change to 100% — this doesn’t bother me as it is applique and all the pieces would be printed 1/8th inch smaller than they are supposed to be.  A person could cut pieces out a tad larger or just leave as it is printed making for a slightly smaller pattern.  There are no pieces to print to cut for the piecing of blocks for that it says cut a square such and such size – cut in half to make triangles or whatever so that would not give you any trouble at all.

A Change of Seasons: Folk-Art Quilts and Cozy Home Accessories by [Sullivan, Bonnie]

(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Barbara Oct 8, 2016

    Thanks for the Ipad/Kindle tip. I have never purchased quilting books that way because I wondered how one would print the patterns. Good to know there are links. I too like having important instructions in the cloud, they are available on every device and anywhere one has internet connections. Very convenient for traveling.

    • Karen Oct 8, 2016

      I think the first quilting book I got was one that they called a “sample” you got the first chapter of the book so you could see if you liked it – I got it on my kindle to look at it free and then transferred it to my Ipad when I saw there was a link to print out the patterns.

  • Ria Vogelzang Oct 8, 2016

    Hi Karen, great to read your blog again!
    I love those scrappy quilts; hexagonquilts. All made from little pieces.
    They are the most interresting. I think.
    Have a lovely weekend. Greetz from the Netherlands, Ria.
    (so good to be back in “blogland”..)

    • Karen Oct 8, 2016

      glad you stopped by Ria – great to hear from you. Love looking at your blog from the Netherlands and see what all of you on the other side of the ocean are doing.

  • Sandra B Oct 8, 2016

    Love Melanie’s stitchery, Karen…. Thanks for sharing!
    You are really making progress on both Handful of Scraps and on the Final Frontier quilting…. I am enjoying following along!

    • Karen Oct 8, 2016

      yes progress but hexie’s after awhile get tiring so I’m getting a small project ready to alternate for hand work

  • Belarmina Oct 8, 2016

    Karen tus hexágonos avanzan muy bonitos
    el gato de tu hija fantástico
    buen fin de semana

    • Karen Oct 8, 2016

      thanks Belarmina – Melanie does lovely stitching doesn’t she

  • Melanie Goad Oct 8, 2016

    Thanks Sandra B. and Belarima on my kitty cat that I’m stitching. Hexagons are looking awesome, Mom.

    • Karen Oct 8, 2016

      thanks Melanie – I forgot to take a photo of the jar for coffee cream and will put that on tomorrow’s post – along with a new project I am going to start- just a little one!

  • Alida Oct 8, 2016

    Your hexagon looks amazing and the cross stitching project is so cute!! I also like to look at pattern on a computer and just print what needed, but I never bought a quilting book electronically, it could be a good idea for Xmas 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

    • Karen Oct 8, 2016

      I have about 5 or 6 quilt books on my Ipad now and happy with all of them

  • Cynthia Oct 9, 2016

    The cat stitchery is so cute. Having something to read/browse through on your tablet/Ipad is so good.
    Cynthia recently posted…2016 Finish Along Q4 ListMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 9, 2016

      I think so too – I always take my kindle when I travel but books and magazines do not show up well on it – but they show up great on the Ipad

  • Gabriele Stabel Oct 10, 2016

    I’m in love with your Final Frontier quilt. May be I would like to make such a quilt. Could you tell me the size of the circles. I like the colors and I am searching for a handmade project.


  • Afton Oct 10, 2016

    Wow! The Hexie Flower project is amazing. Excellent suggestion about online books. I should look into that.
    Afton recently posted…AGF Stitched with Kimberly: TimberMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 10, 2016

      thank you Afton – online books do not work out for everyone but I find they work for me – the main thing I need to do is learn how to bookmark pages on the Ipad so I can find my pattern selection easy and not have to keep flipping pages for it LOL

  • Kathi Oct 12, 2016

    Melanie’s stitcher is SO CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing that… and now with the wide view of handful that coral hexi flower does look soooo nice! Really loving this project for you…. and in all the clean up and reorganizing we are doing I found a 10 x 14 x 3 high box with locking lid Rubbermaid style I could use for a hand project!!! Yippeee!!! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Happy Sunday Catch Up!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 12, 2016

      hope you arrived back in Florida with no problems and that your power was on

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