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Other than machine stitching the brown border down on Williamsburg Beauty – see yesterdays photo– I was doing hand work off and on all day – in between some house cleaning and laundry – I do that stuff no matter if it is Sunday or not – it all just depends on if it needs it.  Now it means less of that stuff needs to be done today.

First off I decided I was going to cut some new hexies for Handful of Scraps which right now is laying over the quilting frame –  I’m just moving it as needed.  Well  that idea didn’t last long.


If you all remember the hexie die that I got to use for this project  is actually the 1 inch die (Handful of Scraps uses 7/8 inch hexies) – and it has the paper cutting area too –   I needed to cut the fabric hexies from the big die so they can wrap around my odd size 7/8 inch hexies for this quilt  – well I used the wrong size  and cut fabric on the small die – they are one inch in size meant for cutting the papers – it is barely bigger than the 7/8 inch papers that I have – not big enough to wrap about those papers!  I had been cutting the fabric from the smaller size – Ooops!  Luckily I had only cut out enough to do two of the large hexie flowers!


But seeing as I have the half inch papers I could cut that fabric down slightly and make more of the 1/2 inch hexies – now if you recall these little hexie flowers were going to be for the Williamsburg Beauty but that idea didn’t work out – or maybe it will later on I don’t know – but in the meantime I am not one to waste fabric so I thought why not just start a real scrappy collection of half inch hexies and do something with them later – maybe a very scrappy half inch hexie quilt!!  What I have laid out is here  – I can see using all sorts of colors in this – a layout  to be determined later.


Also done yesterday was a little work on the snowman winter wall hanging – the cake stand is finished and the bird is part way – thought I’d work on the red while I had that color thread in the needle.


Thank you all so much for the compliments on the quilt yesterday – I think everyone agreed that it is looking good and working out better – for now!  I am linking up to Em’s Scrapbag: Moving it Forward and Love Laugh Quilt:Monday Making and Beth’s Cooking Up Quilts MCM#43 and The Patchwork Times and A Quilting Readers Garden – Angie is giving away some hexie papers – if you want in on it click above the pineapple on the top right side of her sidebar.

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  • Teri Dingler Oct 17, 2016

    Love the snowman- in stitching down this panel are you needle turning all the edges or since it is the felted wool are you just stitching down the edges?

    • Karen Oct 17, 2016

      just use a whip stitch or buttonhole stitch no needle turn is needed with wool

  • Deb Oct 17, 2016

    Oh whatever their size it is fun to see your pretty hexies 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Slice of Life Mid-OctoberMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 17, 2016

      I need to get the right size cut now to make more on the bigger hexies

  • Thimbleanna Oct 17, 2016

    Oooh, those little hexie flowers are adorable! I can’t wait to see what you do with them. And I really like the new direction you took with your Williamsburg Beauty!!!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…Blue SocksMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 17, 2016

      Thanks! I’m not sure what the little hexies are going to end up being but I kind of like them in the scrappy look they are in right now – wouldn’t that be fun to have a great big huge quilt with so many little pieces – kind of like a postage stamp quilt but with a different shape

  • Vivian Oct 17, 2016

    No block ever goes to waste, your plan to hold ono them for a future project is a good one. It’ll be so exciting when they “find their place”!!
    Vivian recently posted…Move It Forward Monday: The T-shirt Quilt Is Almost Done!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 17, 2016

      especially with hexies – so easy to save these and keep making more

  • Angie in SoCal Oct 17, 2016

    I remember working on 1/2″ hexies. Those are teeny. Should be a cute quilt top.
    Angie in SoCal recently posted…Design Wall MondayMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 17, 2016

      right now I am kind of thinking of making more over time and then put a scrappy hexie quilt together later – they are cute and so many fabrics could be used.

  • Sandra B Oct 17, 2016

    Love those little mini hexies!! I think they look great…and I love your idea to just keep making them until you can do a postage stamp style quilt…that would be a lot of work….thousands of these little hexies, but you would have an amazing quilt when it was done….cannot wait to see where they finally end up!

    • Karen Oct 17, 2016

      they are cute aren’t they – wonder how many it would take to make one to fit my bed LOL

  • Kate Oct 17, 2016

    Fun Hexie projects! Those are some little pieces!
    Kate recently posted…Weekend Stitching: Blocks and ButterfliesMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 17, 2016

      Yes they are – I know I won’t be working every day on these!

  • Kat Oct 17, 2016

    Bummer about cutting the wrong size but sounds like you are taking advantage. I made a small quilt with the 1/4″ hexies. You’ll have fun. I too like the change in the Williamburg top. Looks so much better.
    Kat recently posted…What’s Up 10.17.16My Profile

  • Melanie Goad Oct 18, 2016

    Love the snowman, Mom. Adorable!

    • Karen Oct 18, 2016

      thanks Mel – I need to get back to work on it – it has been sitting aside for several days now and no progress on it!!

  • Beth Oct 19, 2016

    More fun with hexies! My project has stalled a bit, but it’s on my end table when I’m ready. 🙂 So sorry you cut your pieces too small, but I’m happy you’re going to find a use for them!
    Beth recently posted…MCM #43 – The Countdown is On…My Profile

    • Karen Oct 20, 2016

      yes I like these little hexies

  • Kathi Oct 21, 2016

    Just catching up on your blog posts with my coffee in hand! I am in love with those 1/2″ hexi flowers… will get the die next month and give that a go to see if my cuttlebug will work with the die ? Thanks for being a steady rock during my cleaning storm! Lol. Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Happy Sunday Catch Up!My Profile

  • beth Oct 21, 2016

    Those whoops moments happen to me ALL the time! 😉 Love that snowman!

  • Patricia Oct 22, 2016

    I love your hexie projects! You know what I believe Kung Fu Panda said, “There are no accidents!” LOL! I’m sure your 1/2″ hexies will become something beautiful! Your snowman project looks fun! That cardinal is sure curious about the snowman, isn’t she? 🙂 Such lovely stitching projects! They are so very precious! Thank you for sharing!

    • Karen Oct 22, 2016

      thanks Patricia – these tiny hexies will probably become my favorite project just like my postage stamp quilt was – and it will soon be on my quilting frame!

  • Lee Nov 28, 2016

    Love the hexies. When you quilt over them, do you use the one colour cotton or various. I am working on a hexagon scrappy quilt by hand and wondering how to hand quilt on it afterwards. Thanks, Lee

    • Karen Nov 28, 2016

      I’m not sure how I will quilt the hexies – that is still a ways off, I’ve been taking a break from them while I finish up some other things – back to them soon! I usually use a variegated thread not a solid color

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